Geegeez February Survey Results

The results are in, dear reader, on the seven question survey I asked for your input to last week. And interesting reading it makes too.

I’ve copied the details at the link below:

It’s worth pulling out a couple of points, I think:

– As we know (or might guess), most of you lovely people are male (92.6%), and most are aged 36+ (93.3%).

In fact, three fifths of you are 50+, so we have an experienced audience.

– Almost 80% of you have been reading my ramblings for four months or more. Thank you! :o)

– Your rating of how experienced you are was extremely interesting, with a linear scale running from 1 (complete beginner) to 7 (pretty experienced). There was just one person who claimed to be a complete beginner, then 6 (2), 8 (3), 15 (4), 22 (5), 30 (6), 41 (7). Thereafter, there is a smaller community who in the experienced category.

I find it interesting (and slightly flattering) that two thirds of you consider yourselves to be reasonably experienced or better, and read my regular scribbles.

– As for reasons to bet, again this was very interesting (to me at least). Whilst – perhaps unsurprisingly – 85% of you listed ‘to win money’ as a reason to bet, this was only the primary reason for betting in 58.7% of cases.

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So why else do you bet? Well, just about half listed ‘I love to watch horse racing’ as your #1 or #2 reason, and a third of you wanted to ‘solve the puzzle’ for choice 1 or 2.

– I asked what, if anything, you do with trends information with regards to betting, and 43.6% of you said that you factor it into your overall form study. 14.1% of you were hotter than this on trends data, using it as a primary betting pointer; meanwhile, 40% of you rarely or never use trends info. This was quite surprising to me personally, as it’s a key tool in my betting and has been for many years.

– Finally, I asked the somewhat leading question: what do you expect from a betting system? Whilst 10% expected to win a lot of money (this is possible if you stake a lot of money with a good system), a whopping 78% said you expected to win a little money. I salute your good sense!

Summary: So what did I learn from these numbers?

Well, firstly, the demographics of age and gender are consistent with previous surveys I’ve done. Nothing extraordinary about that.

One of the more interesting things that dawned on me as a result of this survey is how closely aligned the ‘average’ reader is to myself! I am a 36+ year old male, and I consider myself to be a 8 on the knowledge scale. I bet to win money, to solve the puzzle, and because I love watching the bloody things race! I factor trends into overall form study, but usually major on the trends (i.e. it’s one of the most important study aspects for me); and I expect to win a little money from any system I buy.

The overall impression I got from this little questionnaire was, and excuse my sycophancy, what a well educated and realistic lot you are. I’m very proud to have such a smart /savvy bunch perusing my epistles, and it makes my job easier, because it means I can just write what I think, mindful of the fact that – generally, at least – you’ll be on a similar wavelength.

Fascinating indeed! (For me, anyway).


Thursday today, so a spot of Thursday Fun is in order. A little known (and little cared for) fact is that I went to school with stroppy Batman actor, Christian Bale. Indeed, I was in the year above him at school, and a prefect (briefly, before my naughtiness saw me stripped of that privelege, but that’s another story). I put Bale into detention, because I could, which is pretty shameful behaviour and a measure of the petulant young tw*t I was at that age.

I’m not sure if you heard about Bale’s on set tirade when he was interrupted during a scene. If you have, you’ll probably love this spliced version, taken from the marvellous Family Guy TV series.


Finally, on the subject of horse racing (yes, we do occasionally talk about that on here), I’ve got two things to say:

1. It was very interesting to read Paul Nicholls’ opinion that he may not have Denman ready as he’d like in time for Cheltenham’s Gold Cup. I reckon Denman is the only one of Nicholls’ three that can win the race so, knowing this, I will be looking for something trained by someone else as a decent value alternative. More in a day or two.

2. I was emailed by betfair to tell me that they are doing a special promotion currently, which you may want to take part in. Basically, you click the ad top right on this page, open a new account, then bet up to £25 on a selection. If your selection loses, they give you your money back. That is a ‘no catch’ free bet. And I tested it out. Now, of course, like me, you’ve probably already got a betfair account. I’m not suggesting you open another just to get a free bet. But it is possible to do that. Not suggesting it, just saying it’s possible. ;o)

Enough already!

I’m off to check my advanced review copy of Gavin’s brilliant Cheltenham Festival Guide. Top drawer stuff!



Your first 30 days for just £1
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