An Open Letter To The Geegeez Community…

I’m moved to follow Gavin in, dear reader, and send an open letter to the minority. Of course, I should bite my tongue, but I’m not going to… so…

To those who are so quick to throw stones when a race passes without the winner being found,

Please read the following, and consider two things:

1. Do you honestly think you have any chance of winning at horse racing?

2. Is it worth your time reading the blogs at Nag3 and Geegeez?

The reality is that what Gavin and I try to do is to educate, as well as entertain.

If that sounds a bit pompous, it’s not meant to. It’s just that we feel that some people who are perhaps newer to the game simply don’t understand that betting is – as Terry said very well in his comment on Nag3 – a long term battle, where you can look a complete monkey on any given day, and a genius the next.

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The key is to come out in front over the medium- to long-term. I think Something Wells (33/1), Ogee (25/1), and Niche Market (33/1) would put people 91 points up, even betting at SP (and probably double that if using betfair).

If that doesn’t justify a loser or two following the same approach, then nothing does.

To those who sent Gavin a stroppy email, shame on you, and feel free to unsubscribe or apologise. There is absolutely no reason to crab a man who spends his time giving you something for nothing. It’s lazy and pointless and, worse still, it’s upsetting.

If you can’t accept a loser (or six!) with the same good grace that you can ‘tolerate’ a 33/1 winner, then there is very little here to interest you. You see, we’re horse racing stats people. We follow trends. Trends, like any other approach to great puzzle of a horse race, are fallible. The key is not to win every race, but to come out in front overall. I will happily lose £100 today, if it means that – using the exact same principles – I’ll win £200 tomorrow.

The rationale was set down for all to see in every race preview Gavin gave away. It was free, you could see the working out behind the selection. Then you decide – do I bet this, or not? Personal accountability. It is the responsibility of every one of us to decide whether we want to make a bet and whether we can afford to lose. If the answer to either question is ‘no’, then I don’t need to tell you whose fault it is if problems ensue.

Gavin, you have no need to apologise for the trends selections. You followed the exact same principles that gave the big fat juicy winners previously, and that will provide us with more of the same in the months to come.

You are rightly recognised as one of THE trends men online now, and you’ve earned that reputation. Keep doing what you’re doing.

I’m very proud, as I know you are, that we’ve built a community of predominantly well-educated bettors here. Most of them were already savvy punters long before they joined us. Some have written to say they’ve benefited from the scribblings here and at Nag. I’m flattered by that, and delighted.

To the nay-sayers and doom merchants, I ask you to think seriously about whether you really want to continue using this site (and that at Nag3). If you don’t, I encourage you to click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email that told you about this post.

Yes, I realise it’s a strange thing for me to say. I appreciate that I’m going to suffer a reduction in the number of people registered for Geegeez. But here’s the thing: it’s MUCH better to have a smaller group of people who all ‘get’ what we’re trying to do, and enjoy it for what it is (a decent free service that sometimes gets it wrong – shock, horror), than to have a bigger group of people, not all of whom are pulling in the same direction.

To the majority, your continued support is hugely valued, and I thank you – again – for that. It’s humbling actually to have so many intelligent, upstanding people share their thoughts, via comments or emails. And both Gavin and I consider ourselves extremely fortunate for that.

To the minority, I wish you well, but this site may not be for you.

All the best,

Your first 30 days for just £1
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