Geegeez Annual Survey 2010: I NEED Your Help!

It’s been a while, dear reader, since I’ve asked for your thoughts more comprehensively than my question of the week… and it’s survey time again.

After the last survey, and your extremely generous responses, I was able to add various elements to the Geegeez website, such as more free systems, racing news feeds, and racecourse information.

I’d really appreciate it then, if you could spend less than ten minutes of your time completing the annual Geegeez survey. Your answers will directly shape how Geegeez evolves in the rest of the year.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Remember, although I mostly write the content on Geegeez (with help from my excellent reviewers), it is YOU who gets to decide WHAT I write about.

So please take a few minutes to tell me. Pretty much all of the questions are multiple choice tick boxes and when I ran through the survey myself it took me around four minutes. Now, of course, I knew what the questions were and you’ll need a moment or two longer to consider your answers. But it really oughtn’t to take more than ten minutes

My sincere thanks in advance to all those who help me out in the job of making Geegeez a better, funner (sic), more usable resource for everyone!

Here’s the link:

And yes, of course, in a couple of weeks from now, I’ll share the results with you so you can see how your responses matched up against those of everybody else. 🙂

Thanks again,


Your first 30 days for just £1
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