One-A-Day Wonder – Day 8

Another trading opportunity yesterday, as Shopfrontspecial was backable at 2.14 in the morning. There was a 10% deduction for a non-runner, but that would have taken 2.14 down to 2.026. The horse had a Betfair SP of 1.78, having been as low as 1.68 in the pre-race  market. It won at an industry SP of 4/6.

So the story goes like this, to date:

Your first 30 days for just £1

Daily Total +£6.67

Overall -£4.67

Three winners from five selections and still a small loss tells its own story of the likely long-term profitability of the OADW system. However, there is a clear and emerging pattern in the shape of the market around the selections, which is underpinned by sound logic. I expect that pattern to be upheld, but time will tell on that score!

It’s fair to say also that backing at Betfair SP would have put the overall tally at break even, after allowing for commissions.

Minturn (5.30 Redcar) is the selection today, currently at 3.5 to back on Betfair.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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