One-A-Day-Wonder System – Day 9

More trading fun with OADW.

Yesterday’s pick, Minturno, was beaten at 7/4 (Betfair SP 2.92), having been available on Betfair yesterday morning at 3.5.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Daily Total -£10

Overall -£14.67

As I’ve said, it’s the trading angle that interests me about this. I don’t think the overall position will go up much or down much, but identifying the daily selection and backing it with a view to laying later, either for a free bet or to ‘green up’ seems to have considerable merit.

So far, we’d have been able to trade profitably on five out of six selections, and break even on the other one. Seeing as not losing is the first rule of trading (be it forex, shares, or horses), this is pleasing enough, although of course it is still very early days.

Today, we’re looking to back / trade Holoko Heights in the 2.55 Stratford. Current odds to back are 1.94 (a fair amount already traded at 2.2 and above).

Your first 30 days for just £1
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