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“What’s the best football tipping service?” is a question I get asked at least three times a week in the main football season months. And no wonder. There’s literally hundreds of systems and services claiming to be good, great, or the best. I’ve reviewed some here on Geegeez and there are a few that I really like. And scores that I don’t.

But today I want to tell you about a guy who eats, sleeps and breathes football stats. There’s no question he can readily outstat Statto. The man’s like a walking Carling Opta database!

He’s been providing football tips for various high charging services for a good few years now, and he came to one of my training workshops last year. And now he’s recently launched his own service. Not before time! [I’ve been urging him to do this for about twelve months now…]

Anyway, to tell you a bit about this ‘football brain’, and his service, he and I hooked up on a telephone call, and I recorded the whole thing so you can get the story straight from the horse’s mouth. Just click the link below:

Footy Plans Interview with Geegeez

If you don’t want to listen to the audio (or have problems with it – you’ll need something called Quicktime installed on your computer), you can read below for a summary of this brilliant football tipping service.

The Service

Footyplans, as the service is known, is delivered via email straight to your inbox. You’ll receive an email like the one below each day there’s a bet:

Example email from Footyplans

Example email from Footyplans

As well as an email before the matches (usually the night before), Kevin also sends an email after the matches with a summary of actual performance against expected performance.


The summary results are thus:

Your first 30 days for just £1

Last season in test, the service turned a 50 point £5,000 bank (i.e. £100 a point) into over £20,000. Even betting a tenner per bet would have netted you over two grand last season.

This season, since go live, the bank is already up 25%, and the service is only really hitting stride now. In real terms, a bank of £5,000 is already at £6,245. Or put another way, if you’d signed up for the season and were only betting a tenner per tip, you’d have already more than paid for your subscription.

All results are updated on the Footyplans results page here.

What’s the Cost?

Somewhat remarkably for a service with a proven track record, such as Footyplans, the cost is accessible to anybody who wants to get involved. You can elect to sign up on a monthly basis, or for the full season. Naturally enough, if you go for the full season, you’ll be instantly rewarded with a tidy discount.

The monthly cost is just £19, which is about 25p per tip! If you elect for the full season, to mid-May, you will make a one off payment of £99. So that’s seven and a half months for the price of five.

You can sign up here.

What if I don’t like it?

Kevin has been around the block, and he hates the crooks and scumbags as much as I do. As such, he’s prepared to give you a full 30 days to try the service out. If you don’t like it, for whatever reason, just send him an email – he usually replies within a couple of hours – and he’ll sort you out. No problem.

He’s (quite rightly) both proud of, and confident in, his statistically-rich and proven football betting service, and he’s prepared to put that pride and confidence where his mouth is to offer that unequivocal guarantee.

My advice is that you use at least some of that period to paper trade – to see if the service is for you. Once you’re happy that it is, get your bank together and kick on. If you’re not, let Kevin know and he’ll do the necessary.

What’s the catch?

No catch. You go to this page to sign up (or from there have a look around the site to make sure you’ve got all the info you need), then you’ll start getting emails with the tips in them.

Actually, there is a very slight catch. And it’s this. Kevin is new to running his own service (even though he’s an old hand at providing tips for other people’s services), and he’s a little uncertain about the admin side of things. So he’s restricting access to a hundred spots.

As always with Geegeez, when I say or promote a service that says that, it’s not hype. It’s the way it is for the reasons outlined. Now Kevin might open up again later on, when he’s happy he can deal with the enquiries etc. But if you want to get in from (almost) the start, now is the time.



In summary, I’ve known Kevin for a couple of years. He’s done lay system trials and reviews on the Geegeez blog; he’s attended one of my seminars; and, I’ve been receiving his tips (through other people’s services) for over a year.

Kevin is a genuine bloke – a Yorkshireman born and bred – and he’s totally focused on his football. And he’s bloody good at it.

He’s offering Geegeez readers ‘first dibs’ to get his tips, and he’s capping it at 100 subscribers.

Kevin is retired and makes his money from betting football. And he guarantees you can make money from betting football too… though not the retirement bit! 😉

This is quite simply the best football tipping service I’ve seen. I’ve been following his advice, and I strongly recommend you do likewise.

Be one of the ‘happy hundred’ by signing up here.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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