Betting Mole Review: Scam Betting System

Betting Mole Review

Betting Mole

Betting Mole: Should have gone to Specsavers!

The Betting Mole system is not very good. In fact, the Betting Mole system is rubbish. It is a 13 page ebook, only two pages of which concern themselves with the system rules.

The rules are as follows (without giving the game away)…

  1. Use these racetracks with Betting Mole, but don’t use these other ones (even though there is no logic for not using the other ones)
  2. The horse should have won one of its recent races to be a Betting Mole qualifier (even though there is no consideration of more recent form)
  3. Of all race types, we’ll ignore this specific one for Betting Mole purposes (purely and simply because it didn’t make a profit – no logical reason otherwise)
  4. Don’t bet in low class races (this one is a fair rule, and I have nothing negative to say about that)
  5. Only bet if the horse ran within a certain number of days (again, fair enough)

And that’s it. Five rules, three of them hopelessly back-fitted and destined to send Betting Mole users back to Specsavers to help them see a bad betting system next time.

Claimed results for the system are as follows:

-          Strike rate of 84%

Your first 30 days for just £1

-          6687 selections

-          Profit of 33 points per month

-          Profit overall in last 23 months of £76,242 using £100 level stakes

Unfortunately, the results quoted winners (and therefore losers for this laying system) at SP, rather than Betfair SP or any other meaningful barometer.

If I’d ignored the back-fitted elements of the system, and used Massey’s interpretation of Betfair SP (a guesstimate but a reasonable one), I’d have had the following results over the past two years:

-          Strike rate of 82.2%

-          8906 selections (or 13.5 selections a day!)

-          LOSS of 21 points per month

-          LOSS overall in the last 23 months of £46,621 using £100 level stakes

So, to recap, the Betting Mole is rubbish. Big losses, and literally hundreds of selections per month.

Avoid like the plague.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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