Portfolio Powerhouse Review

Portfolio Powerhouse Review

Portfolio Power House

I often get asked the question “Matt, how do I build a good portfolio of horse racing systems?”   Well, my views on that topic change from time to time, but with the breaking news I have for you here, I have to say that there is no better way than to start right here!

I’ve know these two guys collectively for about four years. They’re top men. I don’t just mean they’re great racing guys, with a strong handle on the numbers (although
they unquestionably are).

I mean they’re top men. They’re great guys who happen to like racing, betting, and systems, like me.

Avail yourself of the fruits of their collaboration here (free). I’ve known Matt for around three years now.   He lives near me, is an inspiration to me, and a confidante for me. We bounce ideas off each other all the time.

What I admire most about Matt is his JFDI attitude. [If you don’t know, this is ‘management speak’, based on the Nike ad, which told us to ‘just do it’. You can figure out what the ‘F’ means for yourself!]

His focus on the numbers, and on getting the job done, is admirable.

Your first 30 days for just £1

And of course, his FP System is the first system I recommend to people when they ask which one product they should buy.

Chris is a newer name to me, thought not to many of you. He’s a hard core systemite, and has been reviewing systems for eons over at Graham Laurie’s excellent Cash Master blog.

As such, he knows what’s what when it comes to a good system. In fact, better than that, he’s demonstrated consistently that he can deliver his own good systems.

Chris believes in micro-systems – in other words – systems that cover a specific scenario (probably at a specific time of  year). A bit like the Novice Chase system I showed you yesterday.

His Laying Season Profits series, has done what it says on the tin, delivering consistent monthly profits for as long as  I’ve been tracking it.

Anyway, to the chase (somewhat belatedly)! Chris and Matt are releasing a service called the Portfolio Powerhouse. It’s a group of 24 systems which, in combination,
have delivered profits every month for FIVE YEARS!

Grab a 30 day free trial of the Portfolio Powerhouse now.

There’s no payment details required, just a plain old ‘no strings’ trial.

Of course, if you like what you see in the trial (and Matt and Chris are bullish about the fact that you will, which is why they’re making such an up front offer), then you’ll be given the opportunity to register for the long-term.

If not, no sweat, and no charge. This is one of those few and far between ‘no risk offers’.

As ever, the purpose of a trial period is to paper trade the selections. I always advocate this approach with a new service, and this one is obviously no different.

Take a look at  the video on their page.  It is as cheesy as any I’ve seen. It’s like a cross between ‘The Secret’ and ‘Star Wars’ – worth a watch for that in itself!!

Grab a 30 day free trial of the Portfolio Powerhouse now.

Enough said for now, I highly recommend you give this a whirl.


Grab a 30 day free trial of the Portfolio Powerhouse now.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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