Sam’s Lucky 9 Lays Review

Sams Lucky 9 Lays Review

Sam's Lucky 9 Lays

Sam's Lucky 9 Lays

Sams Lucky 9 Lays is a low odds  laying service with Sam being the owners name and  the number 9 refers to the maximum lay odds.The service costs £9.99 weekly and would appear to supply 1-2 selections daily.

The service uses the Betfair SP (BSP) and it would be possible to set up using a bot.

The service is promoted and  maintained by Betfan by their Bet Management Service. When you have signed up you will receive login details for the website.

Every morning an email is supplied which states the selections for the day.

The previous results are available on the website.

One point is that no deductions are made for either Betfair deductions or for the service.

I will record the selections for a 1pt stake with 5% deduction for 45 days.


Day 1 Sams Lucky 9 Lays -13th January

Southwell 13:00 Sharp Shoes BSP 4.50 Lost

Profit  0.95 pts  Total = +0.95 pts


Day 2 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 14th January

No Selection


Day 3 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 15th January

Lingfield 14:00  Franco Is My Name  BSP 2.71 Lost

Profit  0.95 pts  Total = +1.90 pts


Day 4 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 16th January

No Selection


Day 5  Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 17th January

Fakenham 15:30 Ray Mond  BSP 6.58 Won

Loss 5.58 pts Total = -3.68 pts


Day 6 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 18th January

Southwell 14:00  Bari Bay  BSP 5.20  Lost

Folkstone  15:40 Portrait Royal 3.60  Lost

Profit  1.90 pts  Total = – 1.78 pts


Day 7 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 19th January

Lingfield 15:40  Dare It and Smile  BSP 8.11  Lost

Profit  0.95 pts  Total = – 0.83 pts


Day 8 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 20th January

Lingfield 12:50  New Den  BSP 4.43  Lost

Wolverhampton  16:20 Kenswick 3.80  Lost

Profit  1.90 pts  Total = + 1.07 pts


Day 9 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 21st  January

Lingfield 15:05  Lord Lansing   BSP 4.48  Lost

Profit  0.95 pts  Total = + 2.02 pts

So far we have had nine selections with eight losing for a strike rate of 88.89% with average odds of 4.82.


Day 10 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 22nd January

No Selection


Day 11 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 23rd January

Kempton 14:10  Broughtons Day BSP 5.00  Lost

Profit  0.95 pts  Total = +2.97pts


Day 12 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 24th January

Wetherby 15:40  La Pantera Rosa BSP 5.22  Lost

Profit  0.95 pts  Total = +3.92pts


Day 13 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 25th January

I always find a selection like this impossible to lay.What can beat it, favourite 1.67 would have if it had not fell, but the next in the betting was 10.50 and then 19.0. If you believe that the favourite should win then back it not lay the clear second favourite in a race like this. Four meetings and this is the best lay of the day, in my opinion a very poor selection.

Leicester 13:40  Extremely So BSP 4.80  Won

Profit  -3.80 pts  Total = +0.12 pts


Day 14 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 26th January

Today we had three selections resulting in one loss and two wins for a small loss. As with yesterday a lay was chosen in a race where the favourite was odds on and a very clear second favourite was laid.

Lingfield 15:25  Peace Corps  BSP 3.56 Won

Kempton 16:35  Sheila’s Star BSP 3.80  Lost

Kempton  19:05 Stirling Bridge BSP 2.80  Lost

Profit  -0.66 pts  Total = -0.54 pts


Day 15 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 27th January

One winning selection today to bring us back into profit.

Southwell 15:45  Mediterranean Sea  BSP 4.81 Lost

Profit  +0.95 pts  Total = +0.41 pts


Day 16 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 28th January

One selection today but unusually it had a maximum lay of 4.5 and not 9.0, so it is not a bet as the BSP was 5.45. I contacted Betfan as they have recorded this selection as a win because it was below 9.0, despite the email?


Day 17 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 29th January

One losing selection today.

Cheltenham 15:40 Grand Crus  BSP 3.05  Won

Profit  -2.05 pts  Total =  -1.64 pts


Day 18 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 30th January

One winning selection today and because of non-runners was a short price favourite.

Kempton  15:15 Super Frank  BSP 2.01  Lost

Profit  +0.95 pts  Total =  -0.69 pts


Day 19 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 31st January

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One losing selection.

Wolverhampton  15:15 Memorabilia  BSP 2.36  Won

Profit  -1.36 pts  Total =  -2.05 pts


Day 20 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 1st February

One losing selection and two other selections >9.0.

Folkstone  16:10 The Bishops Baby  BSP 4.90  Won

Profit  -3.90 pts  Total =  -5.95 pts


Day 21 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 2nd February

Three selections today with two winning bets and one losing bet for another losing day.

Newcastle  13:50 Mighty Magnus  BSP 3.95  Lost

Lingfield 15:10 Ocean Countess  BSP 2.44  Lost

Lingfield  15:40 Beaubrav  BSP 5.78  Won

Profit  -2.88 pts  Total =  -8.83 pts


Day 22 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 3rd February

One selection today but had a BSP of 11.74.

Profit  0 pts  Total =  -8.83 pts


Day 23 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 4th February

Two selections today , one had a BSP of 18.50 and one winning bet.

Wolverhampton 20:00  Baharat  BSP 1.63  Lost

Profit  +0.95 pts  Total =  -7.88 pts


Day 24 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 5th February

One selection today  and one winning bet. I am recording this as a lay as it was possible to lay on other exchanges when Betfair crashed.

Lingfield 14:20  Tagansky  BSP 3.63  Lost

Profit  +0.95 pts  Total =  -6.93 pts


Day 25  Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 6th February

No selection today.

So after 25 days we have had 25 selections with 18 winning and 7 losing for a strike rate of 72% and a loss of -6.93 pts.

The next 20 days will require some winning selections to get out of the red.


Day 26 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 7th February

One selection today  and one winning bet.

Lingfield 14:35  Cresswell Crusader  BSP 2.18  Lost

Profit  +0.95 pts  Total =  -5.98 pts


Day 27 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 8th February

Three meetings today but no selections.


Day 28 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 9th February

Four selections today to produce one losing bet, two winning bets and one selection with a BSP over 9.0. This gave a small profit for the day. I looked through the results on the Betfan website back to the start. It is very uncommon to have four selections and it would appear that as a review on another site is coming to the end, more selections are being made to make the result look better. I have been laying Horses since 2004 and normally laying services make their selections using a method. Looking through the results I could do better using a pin, you cannot lay horses just because it has a low price . To make a profit you have to have some dangers to your selection and most of the time I cannot understand why/how his selections are being made. It would be a better service if reasoning for the selection were given. We have seventeen more days before the end of the review and unless the selections improve it cannot be recommended.

Ludlow 13:45  Kells Belle  BSP 2.28  Won

Carlisle 15:10 Indian Groom  BSP 8.00  Lost

Carlisle 16:20  Do it for Dalkey  BSP 4.66  Lost

Profit  +0.62 pts  Total =  -5.36 pts


Day 29 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 10th February

Two selections today for  one winning bet and one losing bet. The first selection was an odds on shot with very little opposition and won easily. Why not just make one selection?

Huntingdon 15:10  A Media Luz  BSP 1.62  Won

Kempton 19:40  Black Baccara  BSP 4.00  Lost

Profit  +0.33 pts  Total =  -5.03 pts


Day 30 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 11th February

Three selections today resulting in one losing bet, one bet over 9.0(won at 10.36, so a lucky escape) and one non runner for another losing day.

Musselburgh 15:35  Little Hercules  BSP 5.34  Won

Profit  -4.34 pts  Total =  -9.37 pts


Day 31 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 12th February

One selection today and it won at 4.31 for another losing day.

Warwick 15:45  Silver Kate  BSP 4.31  Won

Profit  -4.31 pts  Total =  -12.68 pts


Day 32 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 13th February

One selection today with an odds on shot that won by half the track for another losing day. So far over 31 days we have had 34 selections with 12 winning for a strike rate of 64.71%. Out of the last eight selections five have won there races, with only 13 days until the end of the review it will require a major turnaround to break even and that is without any service charges.

Exeter 14:40 Spirit Son  BSP 1.58  Won

Profit  -0.58 pts  Total =  -13.26 pts


Day 33 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 14th February

Three selections today with one winner, one loser and one non runner.

Plumpton 15:30 Prince Du Seuil  BSP 3.51  Won

Plumpton 16:00 Keki Buku  BSP 1.66  Lost

Profit  -1.56 pts  Total =  -14.82 pts


Day 34 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 15th February

Eight selections today with three over the BSP limit of 9.0 and five losers for a profit on the day.

Newcastle 14:40 Niki Royal  BSP 5.21  Lost

Southwell 14:50 Elusive Warrior  BSP 7.60  Lost

Folkstone 15:00 Mrs Fawlty  BSP 7.20  Lost

Newcastle 15:10 Baltic Pathfinder  BSP 5.01  Lost

Newcastle 16:10 Mister Marker  BSP 4.40  Lost

Profit  +4.75 pts  Total =  -10.07 pts


Day 35 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 16th February

Eleven selections today with two selections over the BSP limit of 9.0 and nine losers for a profit on the day.

Lingfield 14:00 Sofias Number One  BSP 5.37  Lost

Musselburgh 14:20 Soprano  BSP 8.60  Lost

Leicester 14:40 Lordbridge  BSP 6.20  Lost

Musselburgh 15:20 Kai Broon  BSP 6.04  Lost

Lingfield 15:30 Cuthbert BSP 5.98  Lost

Musselburgh 15:50 Pokfulham  BSP 4.04  Lost

Lingfield 16:30 Round Turn  BSP 2.65  Lost

Kempton 17:20 Escard0  BSP 7.76  Lost

Kempton 19:40 Woolfall Soverign BSP 7.42  Lost

Profit  +8.55 pts  Total =  +8.55 pts


Day 36 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 17th February

Thirteen selections today with 1 non runner, 3 over odds range, 1 winner and 8 losers.

Profit = +3 68 pts


Day 37 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 18th February

Eleven selections today with 1 non runner, 6 over the odds range, 1 winner and 3 losers.

Profit = -4 03 pts


Day 38 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 19th February

Eight selections today 1 out of range and 7 losers.

Profit = +6.65  pts


Day 39 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 20th February

Eight selections today with 1 over the odds and 7 losers.

Profit = +6.65 pts


Day 40 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 21st February

Thirteen selections today with 2 over the odds, 3 winners and 8 losers.

Profit = -2 93 pts


Day 41 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 22nd February

Nine selections today with 1 non runner, 2 over the odds and 6 losers.

Profit = +5.70 pts


Day 42 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 23rd February

Six selections today with 1 winner and 5 losers.

Profit = +1.25 pts


Day 43 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 24th February

Seven selections today with 3 over the odds, 2 winners and 2 losers.

Profit = -6.46 pts


Day 44 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 25th February

Thirteen selections today with 4 over the odds, 4 winners and 5 losers. This was the worst set of results since the start and could have been worse as one of the over the odds horses won at 15.50

Profit = -15.14 pts


Day 45 Sams Lucky 9 Lays – 26th February

One selections today with i losing selection.

Profit = +0.95 pts


On the 15th February after receiving selections from the service there was a radical change in the number of selections. 15th 8 selections, 16th 11 selections, 17th 13 selections and 18th 13 selections. I contacted Betfan who send the emails out to the members and asked if sam was still sending the selections:-

I agree that this seems odd and thought the same myself when I sent them out to be honest but it is 100% still Sam sending me the tips. Then later received this from Sam Messenger:-

Hi there

The selection process remains the same.

Before i was narrowing down to try to find the best lay of the day,but was finding we were missing out on many succesful lays.

Any further questions feel free to ask.



It is my belief that any service that radically changes the conditions should inform all the paying customers why.


Sam’s Lucky 9 Lays is a laying service that supplies 1-2 selections a day. It is available at a cost of £9.99/week. On signing for the service you are supplied by Betfan with login details to their website that allows you to see the selections as well as previous results. One small point is that the results do not deduct commission but are at BSP.

Every morning at about 09:00 an email with the selections is received. Betfan send out the selections and answer very promptly any questions that you may have. All my questions were answered within one hour.

The selections suggest a maximum lay price of 9.0.

Including all the results up to the 26th February, over a period of 45 days.

114 selections at an average odds of 5.26.

89 winning selections at an average odds of 5.44.

25 losing selections at an average odds of 4.59.

Starting with a bank of 100points it finished with a loss of  -5.20 points.

A strike rate of 78.07% was achieved.

The service now appears to have returned to the old style of 2-3 selections a day.

The service had its worst period between 29th January- 14th February with 19 selections producing 10 losing selections. It was at this point that the service changed and in my opinion the selector started to “chase” in an attempt to improve the results. This worked until 25th February when four horses won and removed some of the previous gains(it could have been worse as one selection, out of odds range, won at 15.50)

In the short period that the review took place the selections did not appear to form any pattern. It did not select from any particular type of race but did appear to choose horses in the first three in the betting and did at times find some short price winning selections ( some part of this was due to non runners)

With the selections that are being made it requires an 80% strike rate to make a profit.

The results are not good enough to make a profit, the selection process (if there is one) is not working.

With the change  in the number of selections that are being given and with the fact that this change happened without informing the subscribers I cannot recommend the service.


Your first 30 days for just £1
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