2yo TrainerTrackStats Preview

2yo TrainerTrackStats TTS

2yo TrainerTrackStats TTS

The Guineas meeting marks the ‘official punting start’ of the season for many flat enthusiasts, including my good mate and eminent trainer statto, Gavin Priestley, who has chosen the start of May as the ideal time to release his latest work of statistical brilliance.

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For many of you, Gavin will need no introduction as you already read his regular ramblings over at Nag3, my old blog now so excellently stewarded by Mr P.

If you don’t know who he is, I would say that he’s one of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable and battle-hardened betting bloggers on the planet. You see, Gavin didn’t fall into horse racing having seen the online silver dollar, like so many who write a moderate game but wouldn’t know one end of a horse from the other until something smelly emerged to give them a clue!

No. Gavin is the son of a bookmaker, and owned betting shops more than twenty years ago, when I first met him. He’s always been a punter, and a fairly heavy one at that. He’s a man who studies form, formulates an opinion, and backs his judgment accordingly.

And he’s also the author of two of the best trends related products available for UK horse racing, Festival Trends and Trainer Track Stats.

Anybody who has ever taken either of these publications cannot fail to be impressed by the sheer depth of number-crunching that’s been undertaken. Every angle is covered in the Festival Trends manuals, and readers are regularly rewarded with betting bank ‘top ups’ courtest of our friends, the bookies (or the exchanges).

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TrainerTrackStats is a different sort of stats guide. As the name strongly hints, it isolates those trainers who target certain tracks with specific runners. This time around, Gavin has focused on two-year-old races, which are a rich source of habitual trainer traits.

There’s 39 different trainers featured across the various flat tracks in UK, and all of them have rewarded close scrutiny in recent years. I support Gavin’s notion that they will do so again. And that’s why I endorse his latest offering, 2YO TTS. Although that might look more like a car registration plate than a product name, it does of course stand for ‘Two Year Old TrainerTrackStats’.

2YOTTS has two varieties: one for the quite lazy / time constrained, and one for the extremely lazy / time constrained. 😉

The first version, which costs a whopping £27 for the whole flat season (about a pound a week), grants subscribers a downloadable manual (in the by now familiar pdf format) containing all of the concentrated trainer goodness that was left after Gavin had blended so many formbooks with racing databases and more than a smidgen of burnt midnight oil.

It also includes a members’ area to which subscribers can login daily, where the selections have been identified in advance, saving one the time and trouble of fathoming this for themselves. Of course, if you’d rather do it yourself, say because you’re only interested in the ‘higher star’ trainers (each trainer gets a star rating depending on how many of the ‘bars’ have been cleared), then you can do that, no problem.

If you’re more time pushed, or prefer the use of robot software to make the wagers on your behalf, then there is also an automated membership offering. This includes the manual and the members’ area, but also gives you access to a piece of software that pops the bets on for you (according to your wagering preferences, naturally).

That membership level is a ‘set and forget’ solution for those who are more interested in making money than the fun of backing horses, though both do of course impart their fair share of fun. 😀

As you’d expect with the automated version, it is a little dearer, and costs £77, which works out at about £12 a month.

As well as the 2yo TTS, you also get (in both membership cases), some bonus research, the qualifiers from which are also noted in the members’ area. These reports are:

Top Ten Two Year Old Trainer Stats to Note – a report that does what it says on the tin. These runners are few in number, but normally run. They’ll be worth keeping a VERY close eye on as the season unfolds.

Late Spring Handicap Springers – just four trainers, to be followed in handicaps in the months of May and June, again this is hyper-targeted trainer research designed to weedle out the happy habits of the top horse-y handlers in the land. And this quartet should again more than pay their way.

This is a service that is sure to give your flat season punting a lot more fun and a bit more profit. Every TTS release has shown a profit, some small, some large, but always fun and always profit. That’s what the game should be about, isn’t it?

If you like that sort of thing – you know, fun and profit from horse racing – then go grab your copy now. There’s a handicap trainer with a runner this afternoon, and he might just pay for the entire year before 4.30pm.

Click here to register. [Note, there is no sales page for this. The only way to get a copy is by invitation. As a friend of mine, you’re invited!]

🙂 🙂



Your first 30 days for just £1
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