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I’ve been monitoring the bookie offers for a while now, and there’s quite a few that are worth availing yourself of. But, I have to say, our ‘dear friends’ at Paddy Power have outdone themselves this time.

Let’s put it like this, if you think Barcelona have a good chance of winning the Champions League in normal time, this is the classic ‘no brainer’ wager.

Paddy’s are promising to refund all losing bets in their correct score, first or last scorer and scorecast markets if Barca win in normal time. To put this into context, Barca are odds on in many bookmakers’ lists, so you’re essentially getting to bet odds against for free!

So… if we believe this is a good offer (personally, I think it’s a great offer, and I understand that PP believe Manchester United will more than give them a game), then how do we play it?

Well, clearly, Paddy is making sure that you have to earn your ‘upside’ return. In other words, the markets this offer extends to are all quite tricky to land.

But there are plenty of routes in. Let’s start with the correct score market…

Say you think that Barca will probably win but it could be a draw. You don’t really fancy United’s chance. In that case, you could split your stake between a 1-1 and 2-2 draw, with a ‘saving wager’ on the 0-0 (unlikely but, obviously, not impossible).

PP bet 5/1 on 1-1 and 13/1 on 2-2, with 0-0 a 7/1 chance. So, staking the max allowed for the concession of a hundred pounds or euros, you might place a £15 on 0-0 to return £120 (including stake), £60 on 1-1 to return £360 and £25 on 2-2 to return £350. Clearly, a 3-3 draw is a problem, so maybe you chuck a cheeky fiver on that at 70/1 as well.

Your first 30 days for just £1

If Manchester United win in normal time, you’ve done your money. Boo hoo. But if Barca win, you get your dough back, and if it’s a draw, you’re picking up some nice money in the most likely scenarios.

Follow me in here.
(After clicking this link, just click the Champions League banner you see on the PP page).

Here’s another approach.You could cover every scenario of draw from 0-0 to 3-3, and every Man United win up to 3-2 and have a book that’s about 35% in your favour (in other words, guarantee a return of £35 on a £100 investment) if you stake it up correctly. That way, barring some biblical scoreline, you’re looking to collect or be refunded whatever happens.

If you have a view on first scorers or scorecasts, you can have some fun there, but… one thing to bear in mind is that to keep the odds in your favour you really should be playing a bet which includes the 90 minutes correct score.

This is a classic loss leader, plain and simple, where Paddy’s are likely to get their hides tanned on the game – unless Barca fail to win in ninety minutes. But they know this (naturally), and are prepared to take a chance on future business, which is fair enough and probably to be applauded.

I’ve played this, and you can see how I spread it out below (including the mouth-watering prospect of getting weighed in on a 3-3 draw!!!)


Best Champions League offer ever?

Best Champions League offer ever?

Obviously, we can lose if Manchester United win in 90 minutes. But playing the draw like this means we have a good chance of collecting if the game is competitive – which it should be – and we’re odds on to get our money back at the very least.

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(After clicking this link, just click the Champions League banner you see on the PP page).

This is the best bookie offer I’ve seen since the Cheltenham clamour for business, and I love it when the odds are in OUR favour for a change, especially when it’s on a game many of us will be watching from the pub / sofa / wherever. It’s a great one to gloat about when your mates have done their money and you’ve got yours back! 😉

Let me know if you’re on as well by leaving a comment.


p.s. here are the conditions which apply to this so you’re fully on board.

– Applies to singles placed before kick off only.
– Applies to 1st/last goalscorer, correct score & scorecast markets only.
– Applies to win part of each-way goalscorer bets only.
– Barcelona must win in normal time, i.e. after extra time or penalties does not count.
– Max Refund E/£100 per customer.
– Paddy Power football rules apply.
– Does not apply to customers whose language of registration is Spanish.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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