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Geegeez Survey 2011

Geegeez Survey 2011

Your test results are back, dear reader… And you’ve been given the all clear! 😉

Seriously, many thanks to the 918 of you who took the time to complete the survey and share your thoughts, good and bad, on betting, systems, geegeez, me, and a few other things besides.

As promised, here is a summary of the main things you said. The survey was broken down into three sections, the first of which was specifically about and you.

I started by asking how long you’d been coming to the site, and was surprised (and extremely gratified) to learn that two thirds (592, 64.7%) of you have been visiting for more than a year, and over 80% for six months and more.

I’d like to sincerely thank you for that loyalty, which I hope means some things here are of utility. 🙂 There’s always room for improvement, of course.

The flip side of this question was that I was slightly concerned to read that less than 7.5% of respondents had been reading for three months or less. That means I really need to work on bringing more fresh faces to geegeez, to hopefully enhance their enjoyment of racing too.

And you can help with that. Feel free to spread the word, if you like what’s going on here, or if you think a specific post will be of value. Send the link on to your friends, family, neighbour, associate in the bookies. (And thanks in advance).

Next question – which bits of the site do you read more than once a month? My waffle-y posts and tipping posts were most read – at 73.53% and 78.32% respectively – followed by the system trials and reviews, which commanded a 72.66% monthly attention.

Less well read were the guest posts and comments, which only around a third of you regularly read. I think this is most likely due to the fact that you receive an email from me when I post, but not when a guest post appears. That won’t change, but I’d encourage you to take an occasional deeper look at the site, as you might be surprised at what you’ve missed! (And, of course, you might not).

Question 3 asked how much of stuff you’d like to see  in the future, and your responses are below:

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>More        –      Same as now    -  Less       –   None
My general waffle on the blog     13,6% (117)    77,7% (669)    8,2% (71)      0,5% (4)
My tipping posts on the blog     55,0% (487)     42,4% (376)     2,0% (18)      0,6% (5)
System trials and reviews           46,5% (409)     45,6% (401)     7,0% (62)      0,9% (8)
Guest posts from other writers 16,6% (133)     68,4% (548)     12,5% (100)    2,5% (20)
Other people’s comments           10,0% (79)     69,7% (553)     14,8% (117)     5,5% (44)

[Apologies for the formatting in the above]

Incredibly (to my eye at least), 97.4% of you – basically, everyone – wanted the same amount or more tipping posts on the blog. Well, OK, I hear you. Actually, if I don’t listen to a virtually unanimous reply, then I must be ‘survey deaf’.

So, you asked for it… I will promise to offer more tipping pieces. Be warned though, I’ll only do this for big races / meetings, and even then only when I have a view. In other words, I’ll not just tip for the sake of it. I’d be more likely to give weaker information that way, and it doesn’t really serve anyone’s purpose. But… more tipping posts it is. 🙂

The vast majority of you were happy with the general level of bluster posts from me, so that won’t change, and nor will guest posts and your excellent comments (which, although I’m biased, I have to say are some of the most informed and considered comments anywhere in punting cyberspace – thank you again).

Finally, and another eye opener for me, 92.1% of you want the same, and generally more, system review content on here. Again, I’m listening and Paul and I will be responding to this directly.

I then asked you what you might like to see on geegeez in the way of new additions to the site. I was obviously most relieved to see that 66.8% – almost exactly two-thirds of you – were keen to see live best odds comparison on geegeez.

Relieved because I’d recently spent a sizable four figure sum plugging that functionality in at!

That tool there has odds comparison data for all of the major bookies, including Ladbrokes (which Oddschecker does not have), and offers you the opportunity to get straight to the bet you want.

A quick side note, in the interests of total transparency. You may or may not be aware that if you sign up for a new account through this function, I will receive a small commission from the bookmaker with whom you register.

This is part of how I can make geegeez retain its viability from a business perspective going forwards, and I hope that a) you don’t mind this (seeing as I will be making you aware of the best concessions, free bets and other unlikely bookie offers), and b) you might be happy to support geegeez in this way if you were going to open a new account in any case.

[NB If you don’t bet online, or have no intention of opening further betting accounts, that is totally fine! But if you do bet online and do occasionally open new accounts, it would be great if you did it via :)]

What else did you want to see on geegeez in the future? Well, the results were remarkably similar with around two thirds of you split between ‘definitely’ and ‘maybe’ in favour of racecards, results, ‘name’ guest writers, and bookmaker specials.

I’m on the case on all these things. Some are quite difficult to introduce, but will I feel make geegeez a much more valuable resource going forwards, so I’m working through that to try to bring them on board. Actually, I’m really excited about being able to offer you a ‘one stop betting shop’, alongside tons of informed (hopefully) editorial content, and a retained independence which other sites do not (and because of their ownership, cannot) have.

I then asked if geegeez was easy to find your way around. 97.16% of you said it was. So what did I do? I went and changed the look and feel! Well, I hope that you’ll still find geegeez easy to find your way around, and – in case you don’t – I’ll record a short ‘navigational video’ for you in the next few days…

And finally, interestingly, the last question I asked in this section was when you visited geegeez, and more than half of you only visit when I email you to tell you about something. That’s fair enough, because I do email whenever I add something that I think will be interesting to many of you.

But, again, in the future when there is more content appearing here all the time, I hope that many of you will come to the site as a matter of course to check results, odds, guest posts, and so on. Obviously, if you don’t, we’ll still be friends. 😉

Eye-opening stuff for me, and most instructive in helping geegeez to be the resource you want it to be.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a full rundown of your betting habits and what I learnt about you personally, so stay tuned for that, if such demographic expose’s float your boat!

Bye for now.


Your first 30 days for just £1
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