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This Week at Geegeez...Just a quick line to share the ‘menu’ with you for this week here on Geegeez. I’m actually going to be away for a few days, but I don’t want you to miss out on some excellent content here on the site, just because you didn’t get an email from me pointing you to it! 😉

So, before I tell you what’s happening this week, let me also tell you what I’m up to right now…

As regular readers will have noted, I have been posting slightly less frequently than usual since Royal Ascot. This has been mitigated by the excellent guest writers that have joined the site providing winners galore. 🙂

The reason for my absence is not because I’ve stopped writing for you. On the contrary. I’ve actually finally started writing the book I mentioned earlier in the year. At the moment, I’m not sure how deep the scope will be: it may cover an array of betting angles, or it may just focus more tightly on tote pools (a neglected profit area that I personally love for it’s potential to turn a small stake into a large payout).

At the moment, I’m writing the tote part and it’s moving forwards nicely. But… life is getting in the way this month! I’ve had the great (dis)honour to be in attendance at three stag weekends, two weddings and a music festival between mid-June and the end of July, so my normal ‘day job’ activities have had to be shoehorned in around those abnormal social engagements.

As I say, it’s not normally like this, and normal service will be resumed in a few weeks. However, by that time, you might have forgotten about me anyway, after the excellent debuts of guest writers, Andy Newton and Mal Boyle.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Andy’s Trainers in Form features, which appear here every Thursday, have been showcasing the talents of a number of trainers who have continued to pay dividends to punting followers. Especially notable from last week were Heather Main (who?), who had a short priced winner and a 16/1 2nd from just four runners; Roger Charlton, who knocked in 6/1 and 2/1 winners from six runners (as well as two 2nd’s, one at 16/1); Noel Wilson, whose two runners yielded a 16/1 winner (!); Roger Varian, who added four winners from ten runners, including 9/2 and 6/1 shots; Jeremy Gask, whose only runner of the week won at 9/2; and the redoubtable Peter Bowen, whose five runners yielded two winners, at 9/4 and 8/1!

Andy also put up Sir Michael Stoute (2 from 15, -5.5 points) as a cold trainer, along with Tom Dascombe (1 from 13, -9 points).


Seriously, this is a column not to be missed and, whilst it’s going to be tough to maintain that sort of stellar strike rate (about 25 points profit!), there will be countless more winners coming from Andy’s highlighted trainers in future editions, so make sure you tune in each Thursday for that!

As if that wasn’t enough, along comes new boy Mal Boyle, and introduces himself with winners at 10/1, 8/1, 10/3, and a number of smaller priced ones, from his inaugural ‘Well I Declare’ feature. That feature will appear every Wednesday, with a take on races from Wednesday to Sunday each week.

And finally, we’re trialing a Saturday TV race preview feature, which will continue if enough people are in favour of it.

So… although you won’t receive emails from me to notify you, here’s the ‘menu’ this week:

Wednesday (tomorrow) – ‘Well I Declare’ by Malcolm Boyle
Thursday – Trainers in Form by Andy Newton
Friday pm – Saturday TV Race Preview

And, as if that wasn’t enough, I’m hopeful that next week I’ll be unleashing a new content writer to the site, details to be announced; and I’ll also have news of a (very) few shares in the Geegeez Racing Club horse, Khajaaly, as we move into our 2011/12 club year. He ran a close up 4th yesterday in what was a reconnaisance mission in many ways, to see if the track would suit, and we are very pleased with how competitive he’s generally been for us (two wins, including 25/1, and seven times in the first four, from eleven starts in colours).

If you might be interested, keep a look out for that!

That’s it from me today. ‘Well I Declare’ will be here in the morning, and Trainers in Form on Thursday so, as Shaw Taylor would say on Police Five, ‘keep ’em peeled’! 😉


Your first 30 days for just £1
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