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Betting School - Together we can win

I’ve been a member of the Betting School Insiders Club for about two years now and, in my opinion, it is one of the most comprehensive horse racing and betting membership sites out there.

So what exactly is the Betting School Insiders Club?

Well, in a nutshell, it’s a monthly service run by two great guys – Darren and Steve – who invest a large chunk of the subscriptions into procuring great features and articles for the printed newsletter that all members receive each month. As well as the newsletter, there is a packed members’ area online, which contains all sorts of ‘archived’ materials as well as daily updates, such as tips and so on.

There is also a well-run (and they are very hard to come by!) members only forum where people swap ideas and the like.

What do I get for my Betting School Insiders Club subscription?

New members will receive a welcome pack containing the latest monthly newsletter (see below), as well as a welcome letter highlighting all of the features and benefits of Betting School Insiders Club, and how to get the best out of them.

Monthly Betting School Insiders Club Newsletter – Inside the newsletter, you’ll find pieces on how to improve your betting; angles to look at in more detail; trainers in focus; football approaches; value betting techniques; and lots more.

Each newsletter runs to 50+ pages and there’s always something in there of interest. Just picking a couple of editions up at random – the January and February issues – shows an impressive list of authors from the world of betting. David Renham, Ben Aitken, Matthew Walton, Carl Nicholson, Mark Foley, Steve Carter, and a certain Gavin Priestley!

Funnily enough, I’ve never been asked to write a column. I think they think they can’t afford me! 😉 Or maybe it’s more straightforward than that… 🙁

In any case, I find many of these articles thought provoking or at least interesting as a refresher. Of course, they are not all of interest to me every week, but that is no different from any newspaper or magazine.


Bet Scheduler software

The Bet Scheduler software is cool and free to members

Betting School Insiders Club Members Area – As I mentioned, the online area is a hive of activity. You can download betting systems, past reports, some software tools (including a cool little thing called the Bet Scheduler, which allows you to place orders into Betfair that get executed at a time dictated by you! Very handy if you have to be out during the day.)

Your first 30 days for just £1

As well as that, there’s a tennis system, which has been proven over a number of years now; a number of other betting systems free to members; some football systems; the KIP bot (a little software in trial which has so far shown over 300 points profit since December last year. Warning: it uses a degree of loss recovery); and a small video training library.


I’ve actually only skimmed the surface of what’s on offer there, and I really do believe that Darren and Steve go to great lengths to ensure that their subscribers are delighted with the amount of top drawer professional content the Betting School Insiders Club has to offer.

Oh, and of course, this is not some ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ operation. The monthly newsletter celebrated its 75th issue in June, meaning it is over six years old. That’s longer even than I’ve been online, and probably the longest standing UK betting newsletter / members club on the ‘net!

The club’s tipping section landed a 33/1 winner in Noble Citizen as recently as July 9th, and that one paid 40.0 on Betfair! Obviously, that’s an extreme example, but equally obviously, the club tips do seek – and sometimes find – big value returns.

In the members’ forum, you’ll find the newsletter authors mingling with regular forumite members, and the authors are encouraged to support their article content with regular posts on the forum. The most active is horse racing stats author Mark Foley who posts most days on a number of different angles such as the Daily Pointers, Trainer Trends, and 2yo’s over 7f.

Mark actually suggested a £1 e/w yankee (£22 stake) back in June, on four horses which fitted his stats. The result?

Flying Applause 2.20 Nottingham Won 3/1
El Wasmi 2.30 Newbury Won 16/1
Polygon 3.40 Newbury Won 17/2
Muzdahi 4.15 Newbury Won DH 7/2

That returned £3,200.69 for the twenty-two quid stake. Now, again, I hope it’s obvious that these are exceptional results. However, you begin to see a pattern of exceptional results forming here. None of these examples are older than six weeks, so there are plenty of good days.

The forum also provides a platform for members to share their own methods, some micro-systems, some ratings machines, and everything in between.

The Betting School Insiders Club really is a most comprehensive and inclusive club, where all-comers and their ideas are welcomed like old strangers.

Betting School - Together we can win

Is there a guarantee with the Betting School Insiders Club?

Yes! Darren and Steve are stand up guys who have been around for a lot of years, providing their members with excellent content. So, as you’d expect, they cover your risk. Here’s how (I’ve taken this directly from their sales page) –

My Personal Guarantee

“It is my firm belief that you will not find a better value, more profitable or more useful membership club any where at any price.

But if at any time you are not satisfied with your membership you can instantly cancel & no further payments will be taken.

If after you receive the first months publication you are not satisfied with it, for any reason or for no reason. Just mail it back to me & I will happily refund you plus an extra £1 to cover your postage costs.

You will not regret joining this club.”

-Darren Power
Betting School - Together we can win

How much does the Betting School Insiders Club cost?

Club Membership is available in three time periods: monthly, quarterly and annual levels. And, as you’d expect, the longer you sign up for the less you pay per month.

So, specifically, one months’ access to the Betting School Insiders Club will cost you £24.97 (about 83p a day), three months weighs in at £59.99 (75p a day), and a year’s worth of this excellent club is £199.97 (54p a day).

If you sign up for a month, and decide you like it, you can change to a longer period of membership from the ‘Admin’ panel in your members’ area.

To read more about the Betting School Insiders Club, and join up if you’d like, click here.



Your first 30 days for just £1
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