Fantasy Football: Join The Geegeez SuperLeague

With just four days to the Premier League kick off, it’s that time again. Yes, we’re all managers and have the opportunity to spend a hundred million quid of pretend money on jumped up, over-paid prima donnas (and the occasional hard-working pro) in order to accrue enough points to claim bragging rights over everyone else.

In other words, Fantasy Football is here again! Last season’s Geegeez Super League had over 175 entries, and maybe this time we’ll have even more.

Fancy it? Join our Fantasy League?Last year’s League winner, Colin Metcalfe, bagged a bumper bunch of books – racing books, to be precise – for his efforts, and I’ll be offering a similar racing related prize for this football related competition…. well, it made sense to me at least!

So, what’s the score? Right, well it’s simple enough. You’ve got the aforementioned hundred million to pick a squad of fifteen of the Premier League’s finest. Each of your nominated starting line-up will score (or lose) points for various achievements (or misdemeanours), such as clean sheets, goals, assists, and – on the negative side – goals conceded, yellow or red cards.

All the details are here:

Your first 30 days for just £1

If you’ve played before, or have already registered a team for this season, then simply log in and enter the following league code to join the Geegeez Super League:


It’s fun, it’s free, it’s football, and there’s prizes to be won! (Woohoo!) 😉

1. Register here:

2. Choose your team

3. Click the ‘Leagues’ tab (fourth from the left), and enter the code 1344017-300774

And good luck!

Remember, it all starts on Saturday at 3pm, so don’t dilly dally on this one.

May the best team win…


p.s. click the ‘Like’ button below to tell your friends/family. The more the merrier! 🙂

Your first 30 days for just £1
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