Geegeez Is Three: Happy Birthday to Geegeez

Happy Birthday Geegeez: Three Today

Happy Birthday Geegeez: Three Today

After a less than fun morning traipsing through code and files trying to find the underlying problem causing to show virus warnings, and having resolved that unfortunate pickle, I’m now pleased to report that all is well again, and that we can blow out the candles and cut the cake to celebrate the third birthday of geegeez!

Yes, three years to the day ago, I registered the domain, installed the blog infrastructure, and started scribbling about horse racing and betting systems.

Since then, the site has been a content hub for those of us interested in UK horse racing (predominantly) and betting. Here are a few facts and figures that you didn’t know you didn’t want to know! 😉

– 26 different authors have contributed, be they writing news, betting articles, system trials or long form editorial (that would be me!)

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– There have been 1,657 individual posts to date, with a total word count of 1,132,544. That’s roughly eleven 250-page books! (Or one 2,750 page tome)

– Each post has averaged 683 words, and we’ve published on average 47.3 posts per month.

My thanks go to all of the writers and contributors who have helped to make grow in the way it has. And my special and sincere gratitude goes to all of you readers, many of whom over time have read most of those eleven books’ worth of content on here.

It might sound trite, but it’s absolutely the case that without you, there would simply be no point to geegeez. So, from all of the team here, and especially from me, THANK YOU for your support.

I know there are any number of websites out there that do some of what geegeez tries to do, and I truly appreciate your loyalty in coming here for your racing ‘fix’.

Here’s to the next three years!


p.s. as it’s Wednesday and the Wednesday prior to Premier League kick-off Saturday, allow me to point you at two posts of interest today:

1. Join the Geegeez Super League in Fantasy Football here – over 150 already registered.

2. Check out this week’s notable declarations here (winners in waiting).

Your first 30 days for just £1
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