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If you’re a fan of betting on horse racing, it’s long odds on that at some point you’ve dreamt of ‘cracking the code’ to form study or race reading, and becoming a fully fledged horse racing expert.

Of course, reality is not quite as straightforward as that, which in itself is part of the deep beauty of the sport. But it is certainly possible to learn more about the game, and begin to eliminate the foolish wagers that blight all of our log books… and of course to start making the occasional inspired play which more than covers those… ‘errors of judgement’!

Step forward my very own Horse Racing Experts product. I bet you didn’t see that coming! On the other hand, given the title of the post, maybe you did. 🙂

So what, in a nutshell, is Horse Racing Experts?

Horse Racing Experts is a membership site which aims to show its members how to be better at betting. Whether it’s with staking advice; hints and tips on how (and) to research betting systems; with the ready-made systems there; or, the forum where others share their latest ideas (some of which end up being commercially available services)… Horse Racing Experts has something for everyone.

Horse Racing Experts costs a stupidly low £47, and that’s currently a one-time fee.

Obviously, I’m biased, but I truly believe this is the best value member site on UK racing. Let me tell you a little about why. Or rather, what.

Here’s a short video that outlines the main features and benefits of your Horse Racing Experts membership.

So that’s what it does, but what are people saying about it? Well, over time I’ve had masses and masses of extremely positive feedback, but as you’ll probably know by now, I’m not very good at saving all those soundbites up to gloat publicly (although I do occasionally gloat publicly!)

But luckily, I received two comments just yesterday – one from a fellow website owner who is not even remotely prone to hyperbole and normally pans stuff online (though he’s a jolly nice chap usually!), and one from a user who had instant success with it.

So, here’s Paul Ruffy of

The facts to me are clear-

Your first 30 days for just £1

The Horse Racing Experts membership package CAN show you how to make profits off your own back, removing the need to buy systems or tips.
AND it CAN show you how to make systems that are suitable for sale.

You still need to do the work, but the rewards for those that are prepared to do so are quite literally life changing.

Now to get access to this information I wouldn’t say that Matt was over charging if he where asking several hundred quid.
But when I saw Matt a few weeks ago I had to question why on earth he was selling this at such a low price! The £47 Matt is asking for HRE membership represents an opportunity for everyone to get access to this information and if you’ve even a vague interest I suggest you sign up.

He offers a 100% money back guarantee -  so basically you can review this content at your leisure without risk.”

Thanks Paul – very kind of you. (And yes, he actually did ask me why I was selling it so cheaply, over a beer a few weeks ago).

Now here’s Ed, an existing member of Horse Racing Experts, who got cracking with the multi-bet ticket builder software straight away:

Hi Matt,

Not sure this the correct place to post this but feel free to cut and paste this if you so wish! 

Having looked at your multi-bet builder over at Horse Racing Experts and obviously getting involved with the placepot over the last week (which is still going well by the way!) it dawned on me the actual power of it! 

I don’t actually agree with promoting multiple bets, especially those that are engineered towards lining the pockets of the bookies, however I have always enjoyed my forecast doubles and have enjoyed a few big payments in the past. 

I tend to focus my attention on handicaps that have 12 or less runners in them and see where I can get the favourite beat. If I feel this is achievable I then look at the rest of the field, ascertain the value and find my singles or dutches. If it looks like the lower end of the market is over-priced I’ll go for the forecast or Exacta. If on certain days I find 2 to 3 races representing what I perceive to be value I then have combination forecast doubles. 

This however can be costly for example: 

In the 3 handicaps today I found 4 horses in each race that I wished to dutch at decent odds. To perm these horses in c/f/c doubles it would have been 432 bets, in 10p this would have been £43.20p 

So I moved over to your bet builder and took 2 in the A line and 2 in the B line. This meant that I now had 12 bets in reversed forecast doubles. To cover all permuatations I had 7 tickets costing me in 10p a much more comfortable £8.40p 

Here is the good news! I won £634.24p and as a result will now be looking to get monitered with my local betfred!! 

I’m sure you can see the maths here works un-less I have missed something but if you are going to promote this then please feel free to use me as a testimonial! 


A very happy punter,


I love stories like this. Basically, I see my job predominantly as trying to empower readers to a) understand when they’re being sold crap by systems peddlers, and b) understand how to bet better.

If that sounds a bit self-righteous, then I’m sorry, but that’s pretty much the ethos of geegeez and Horse Racing Experts (empowerment, not self-righteousness!)

Horse Racing Experts is cool, there’s lots there if you’re happy getting your hands dirty and doing some analysis yourself… and there’s a £100,000+ jackpot rollover at Folkestone today. It would be the most amazing thing if a member used the bet builder to land the ‘pot!

I’m having a crack, and I’d love to hear of any success stories from your efforts.

Oh, I almost forgot – here’s the  link to check out Horse Racing Experts. (The cute little kid with me is my nephew, Ryan. He is a top young man!)

Have a great day!


Your first 30 days for just £1
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