Monday Mish Mash (on Tuesday)

Monday MishMashYes, I’m all over the shop after the heavy drinking and gambling gallivant in gay Pareee. My Monday mish mash had to be postponed as we picked through the rotting carcass of so many errant wagers from the Longchamp Sunday.

Still, that now a thing of the past, I’ve a number of t’ings to discuss today, and some questions… as follows:

– Where I am (another terrible video with another awful theme tune – do you actually watch and/or enjoy them?)
– A change of colour. Is it better?
– Fantasy Football Manager of the Month. Are you winning?
– A fair exchange is no robbery. Is this a fairer exchange?

Let’s start with the changing of the font. I’m not sure about you, but that grey text colour played havoc with my (f)ailing eyeballs, and I’ve finally figured out how to change it to black. I think it’s now easier to read, but this is about you guys, so do please tell me what you think.

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OK, so that’s something else I just figured out how to do… so you can expect regular ‘intra-post’ questions from here on in!


Your first 30 days for just £1

Manager of the month in the Fantasy Football is upon us again, and it’s time to say well done to… drumroll… Mr Bob Gates. Come on down!

Bob managed to score 212 points in September with his Lukaura United team, which not only bags him the MotM prize of some free arb alerts, courtesy of our friends at, but also plonks him atop the main league standings, with a very tidy 450 points overall.

Indeed, that’s good enough for 7,298th out of the 2.5 million or so entries in the outright competition. More materially, perhaps, it’s good enough for a 19 point cushion over Robert Henderson’s utdfifer (I’m guessing Robert’s a Scottish Reds fan, no idea about Bob’s allegiance!).

In third is Mark Bassant’s SHARPSHOOTERS 007 (no need to shout, Mark!), with last month’s manager of the month, Jim Kennedy still in there pitching in fifth. (Paul Scott, you are 4th with your Real Salfordians).

Me? Well, marked improvement on my shocking start. I’ve gone up from 135th at end of August to 62nd by the end of September. In truth, I have as much chance of winning the league as West Brom – sorry Baggies fans, I know that comes as a shock… 😉 – but I’m pushing for a touch more respectability and, if you were in front of me and are now behind me, pull your socks up!

All the scores can be seen at the official site, here. Bob, please email me at info[at] so I can get you sorted out.

And on and on we go. Now then, next question. With which exchanges do you currently have an account?

I’ll explain why I’m interested tomorrow, but I need to understand if there’s any point first..!

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And finally in what has been something of a whistlestop mish mash, here’s that dodgy video I promised you. It’s a quick tour of where I’ve been hanging out for the last fortnight (and the next five days or so).

Cheesy sound track, and Blair Witch Project camera work are, as always, the hallmarks of my ‘quality’ production standards. So, with the usual caveats in mind, run VT… (first half is travelogue, second half ‘through the keyhole’, both halves B-Movie)

Back tomorrow – do please take a second to answer the questions, and thanks a lot in advance for your input.


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Your first 30 days for just £1
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