Short Leg Charlie System Review

Short Leg Charlie System Review

Short Leg Charlie System Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these one off reviews, but I’m afraid dear old Charlie and his short leg are going to get both barrels today. As bullshit goes, this is top grade.

OK, eyes down, and listen up if you’re STILL buying this kind of rip-off crap. (Apologies if this is you, but you need to catch yourself!)

Short Leg Charlie System Review

1. If you see this at the top of the page, you can be pretty sure it’s from a Manchester mob called Circle Media. They are extremely slick marketers but not very nice people, who don’t care about a) taking your money for the product, and b) you losing a lot more money because the product is absolute crap.

Credibility borrowed but not deserved...

They use the names you’ve heard of to imply credibility and authority, but this is a cheap trick. Don’t be fooled.

2. The classic fake screenshots from Betfair are there. Check out this puppy!

'Proof' they know where the Betfair editor is...

Let me show you how you too can make one of these… go here, and have some fun!

But stop believing the graphic designers who have either used this tool or ‘photoshopped’ a betting statement (i.e. doctored it).

3. The system is six pages long. Nothing wrong with that per se, but it’s what’s in the six pages.

For this system you need to use NON-handicaps only. Interesting then that their example is a ‘nursery’ race, which any intermediate punter will tell you is a two year old HANDICAP!!!

4. The rules are basic beyond simple beyond stupid. They WILL  lose your money. And if they do, you have yourself to blame. (Sorry again, but it’s time to take responsibility here).

Your first 30 days for just £1

5. The way they try to set themselves apart in the marketing spiel is offensive. They say,

And to be honest…

I’ve been really disgusted with what I’ve seen:

1. An infinite stream of 40-something amateurs acting as betting gurus…

2. Hired freelance actors pretending to be self-made betting millionaires…

3. Untested systems being sold to gullible punters as genuine sources of incomes…

Let me get something off my chest…

You already know this…but you are “hoping” that there might be a diamond in the rough.



I say that this group of production line marketers are as unscrupulous as they come, and clearly don’t care whether you lose money or not. It’s a Clickbank product, so if you’ve bought it, here’s what I urge you to do:

1. Find the email from Clickbank – it looks like the one below – and note your ‘order id’.

Note the order number which is in the email title and body

2. Go to

And fill in your order details, like this:

Alternatively, you can click the link at the bottom to speak to someone directly.

3. Hit submit. Then click the support link on the next screen, like so:

4. Now choose the ‘More Options’ dropdown on the next screen:

5. Now, choose ‘refund request’, and a reason why. Then add any info you’d like to, and click ‘send’. Your refund is normally processed in 48 hours.

6. You will receive confirmation that the ticket has been submitted, as I have below for my refund request of the terrible ‘Short Leg Charlie’.

Do note that the ticket is sent to the vendor as well as Clickbank, so it might not be a matter of simply waiting for Clickbank to return your funds. You may in some cases have to engage in a short discourse with the seller. Ultimately, if you’re not happy, go direct to Clickbank and tell them, using the ‘If you prefer to speak to a customer services rep, click here’ link in the above.


So that’s my ‘review’ of Short Leg Charlie, just one of the atrocious products currently snaring unsuspecting punters. Those unsuspecting punters need to be more careful, and to avoid anything which has those tell-tale signs above.

Hopefully the Clickbank refund tutorial will enable at least a few of you to reclaim lost gold. If it does, have a drink on me this weekend, and vow not to be so gullible in future. 😉

Thanks to Sam, for suggesting adding a line on how to unsubscribe from Circle Media’s emails (and anyone else who recommended this product to you), simply scroll to the very bottom of the email, and click the unsubscribe link, like so:

Good luck!


p.s. if you want ‘real’ winners, you’re in the right place. Mal Boyle put up 12/1 winner Mr Demister, and followed that up with 14/1 scorer, Lexington Pearl, in his Well I Declare column. How’s that for value for your no money…?!

Geegeez is the place to be, so stay tuned and enjoy the fun. Don’t let the scumbags steal your cash.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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