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As many of you will have noticed, this part of the season is a busy one. Not only because of the beaks, buffoons and brats who are bumbling and stropping their way through the introduction of new whip use legislation, but also because of various new products and services which hail the arrival of the new jumps season proper.

Obviously, I only ever mention those products and services which I believe will benefit you (as long as they fit in with your personal style of betting). My own favoured approach is primarily stats-based, as a means of whittling down racing to a viable subset of contenders; and then often trainer- and occasionally form-based thereafter.

It’s worked well for me, and continues so to do, which is why I love many of the products that emerge at this time. One that I wanted to mention last week but couldn’t was Ben Aitken’s Narrowing The Field (NTF) service. It’s quite hard to pigeonhole the service, actually.

In fact, you might have downloaded some of the freebies that Ben had put together from an email I sent you a couple of weeks ago.

Whilst ostensibly NTF is a dosage profiling tool – dosage being a surprisingly effective measure of a horse’s likely stamina based on several generations of breeding – there is much more to it than that.

Narrowing The Field

Narrowing The Field – does just that!

Ben also looks at trends on his key races, and likely run style, and a few other elements, before pulling it all together and offering a ‘tip’ in the summary at the end.

In fact, it’s easier for me to show you than to tell you. So you can download this season’s first report here.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a great dosage profile race. Fortunately, Ben has a way of measuring that, and added greater weight elsewhere this time, leading him to a strong fancy for the winner in his summing up.

He reckons the next nine races on his schedule are all robust dosage races, so we should get a better feel as things move forward.

Ben is a published author, and I believe this is now the third season of his Narrowing The Field service, the first only being available in bookshop print.

Comments on his latest offering have been unsurprisingly glowing, such as Terry, who said:

Hi Ben

Great start, the selection was a class or two above anything else in the race or is that a dosage or two!? Anyway, your method certainly highlights some significant ingredients that I for one have not been using in my own selection process.

Cheers – Terry

And that I think is the key facet to NTF. I would never have the time, nor probably the inclination, to go through that information. But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in it. I am.

And you might be too.

Now you’ve probably read from quite a few of the likelier suspects in recent days about this. Ben is well regarded, and the ‘right people’ have been promoting his latest service for obvious reasons.

The service comprises the following:

  • In-depth race analysis for around 145 of the major races in the 2011/12 National Hunt season (including all major festivals)
  • Detailed 90+ day NTF trainer guides for each month of the service
  • NTF Stat-Attack guides for a number of the major meetings
  • National Hunt sire analysis guides
  • Jockey and Trainer analysis guides
  • NTF Trend horses
  • Other exclusive NTF angles, analysis and guides throughout the season


That’s quite a lot of kit, and will certainly help to keep you entertained/informed throughout the winter and spring.

I thoroughly recommend Ben’s Narrowing The Field, and am already a subscriber. It’s one of a handful of products that I consider indispensable for the Winter game.

Ben says he’s about to draw stumps on his offer, which is why I’m telling you about it on a Monday (of all days). Because I do feel this is the type of info that sets the clued-up punter apart from ‘the rest’. In a nutshell, this is info that is not in the public domain, and so it gives its users an extra edge.

Obviously Ben doesn’t pick every winner, and nor will his dosage profiling. But it finds some lovely value plays, like

13/11/10 MIDNIGHT CHASE 8/1 (9.99 BFSP)
30/12/10 REALT DUBH 10/1 (13.61 BFSP)
09/01/11 FINAL APPROACH 6/1 (16/1 when advised in email sent out the evening before, before Pricewise got his hands on it)
29/01/11 NEPTUNE COLLONGES 11/2 (11-1 when advised in email sent out the evening before)
20/02/11 SILVER BY NATURE 10/1 (13 BFSP)
16/03/11 SIZING EUROPE 10/1 (13 BFSP)
23/04/11 POKER DE SIVOLA 11/1 (13.03 BFSP)

If you like to bet in the big races over the jumps, Narrowing The Field is a fine weapon to have in the arsenal and, like I say, I heartily recommend it.

Get Narrowing The Field here.


Your first 30 days for just £1
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