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Social media?

Do you use social media?

Six quick questions relating to ‘social media’ today if I may. As we use t’internet more, so we’re getting more immersive in our usage. In simple terms, we’re doing – and sharing – more stuff online.

But I don’t want to know about ‘we’, I’m only interested in ‘you’. So, six simple questions on that subject, which should take no more than sixty seconds to complete.

Your time starts now…

[Note, if you see the bars on the first question, that’s because you already answered it. No need to reply again to that one, but do answer the others below it if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks.

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Just choose your answer, and click ‘vote’ after each selection. You’ll then see the combined results in real time. Woohoo, very slick! ;)]

1. [poll id=”33″]

2. [poll id=”34″]

3. [poll id=”35″]

4. [poll id=”36″]

5. [poll id=”37″]

6. [poll id=”38″]

Thanks a lot – as always, I don’t ask questions for academic research purposes. Rather, they inform the way the blog is shaped and help me to provide you with more of what you want, and less of what you don’t.

I’ll let you know the results next week!


p.s. in the meantime, feel free to ‘like’ this post! 😉

Your first 30 days for just £1
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