Trainer Stats: 9th Feb 2012

AW Keeps The Show On The Road

With the NH action a bit thin on the ground at the moment Andy Newton gives you a batch of AW handlers that are worth keeping on your side……..


JAMIE OSBORNE (7 wins from his last 13 runners, 53% strike-rate): There is probably no hotter yard on the AW at the moment and with another two winners on Tuesday then there doesn’t seem to be any sign of this good run letting up. Yes, Roedean makes up three of those recent 7 wins, and he’s entered again on Thursday at Wolverhampton, but the yard look to have a fair bit of strength in depth at the moment and all their runners should be respected. Connections had to go to around £8,000 to make sure their Tuesday Selling winner Drawnfromthepast didn’t change hands and the way he won suggests he can go in again very quickly too. Leading owner Dr Marwan Koukash is one of the big reasons the yard is getting back to winning ways and providing the good doctor continues to support the Osborne team then they could be in for some exciting times this summer. They are now on 11 wins for the season and remarkably that’s only 13 less than they managed for the whole of 2011 – they do, however, still have some way to go to better their best-ever tally of 61 which they achieved in 2007.
Upcoming entries and track stats: (Wolverhampton (23 from 213, 11%) & Southwell (19 from 80, 24%)

DAVID SIMCOCK (5 wins from his last 10 runners, 50% strike-rate): 17 of their last 24 runners (71%) have finished third or better. Four of those recent winners came at Lingfield (2) and Wolverhampton (2), while jockey Martin Lane has ridden two of those successes. Big things are certainly expected for this yard this term and after hitting 44, 49 and 46 winners in the last three years then they will be pushing hard to break the 50 winners in a season. In 2011 they managed 16 AW winners from 113 sent to post, but what is interesting is that they seem to do well across all age ranges with 11 two-year-old winners, 15 for their three-year-olds and 20 for their four+year-olds. Obviously they’ve no Dream Ahead to fly the flag this season, so they will be hoping another superstar can emerge from the ranks but being a relatively new operation (started in 2004) they are certainly a team on the up.
Upcoming entries and track stats: Kempton (22 from 197, 11%), Southwell (3 from 16, 19%)& Wolverhampton (23 from 165, 14%)

DAVID BARRON (3 wins from his last 7 runners, 43% strike-rate): Three wins from just 16 runners so far in 2012 means this solid yard have made another promising start to the season. Since 2000 they’ve fired in at least 40 winners each year, with the most being 76 in 2006 and more importantly from a punters point of view 4 of the last 6 campaigns have ended in a positive level stakes profit.  Of the four AW tracks they do well at Wolverhampton, Southwell and Lingfield – tracks they boast 20+% strike-rates and positive level stake profits at, however, in contrast be a be wary of their Kempton runners – in the last 5 years they are 0 from 21 there!  They fired in 22 AW wins in 2011, mainly at Southwell, while when the turf flat season kicks-in keep an eye on their Leicester runners – they are 4 from just 13 (31%) there! Finally, they also did quite well with their juveniles (12 winners) and 3 year-olds (19 winners) in 2011, so with those horses being a year older now there is a good chance they will be in for another good season with their 3+ year-olds in 2012.
Upcoming entries and track stats: Wolverhampton (33 from 145, 23%) & Southwell (50 from 209, 24%)

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JOHN GOSDEN (2 wins from his last 6 runners, 30% strike-rate): Being extremely selective with their AW runners at the moment, but anything they do run you should be having on your side. They’ve only sent 15 horses to post in 2012, but with 6 winners and a staggering 13 of those (87%) finishing third or better then the ones they are running clearly mean business.  Jockey Nicky Mackay is getting the bulk of the rides with their number one, William Buick, over in Dubai – and having had a few lean seasons in the saddle he could be a pilot to look out for in 2012. Last season they sent out 99 winners in all competitions in the UK, with 23 coming on the sand surfaces. The only downside is, like I said, they are being selective at the moment and looking at the entries they have only one on the horizon, and that’s at Wolverhampton next Monday.
Upcoming entries and track stats: Wolverhampton (18 from 87, 21%)

TOM DASCOMBE (2 winners from his last 7 runners, 29% strike-rate): Another winner at Kempton on Tuesday means that’s 4 from just 13 runners in 2012 for the Manor House Stable. Michael Owen’s backing and Black Panther running so well last season really put them on the map and they are a yard we can expect big things from in 2012. They’ve sent out 42, 58, 36 and 51 winners in the last four seasons, but they will be hoping to push well beyond the 50 winner mark this term and the way they’ve started the season they are very well placed to achieve that. Jockey Richard Kingscote was a model professional last season when he got replaced on Black Panther and in a funny sort of way it’s probably done him some good as he’s riding out of his skin at present. They had 21 AW victories in 2011, while you can expect them to have a decent time with their youngsters too – of their 51 winners last season a massive 45 came with their 2 and 3 year-olds. In could be significant that recent Wolverhampton winner, Cool Hand Luke, has two entries back at the track in the coming days (Fri & Mon), while of the four AW tracks they have the best record at Lingfield (30 from 113, 27%)
Upcoming entries and track stats: Wolverhampton (47 from 256, 18%)

KEITH DALGLEISH (4 wins from his last 14 runners, 29% strike-rate): No luck with their three runners at Wolverhampton on Tuesday, but don’t let that put you off – this yard is still in cracking form! This is just the second season for this former jockey’s yard and with a cracking 39 winners in his rookie season then they really did hit the ground running. 8 winners already from 35 runners in 2012 means they have started the year where they left off and in jockey Joe Fanning, Keith’s old riding chum at Mark Johnston’s, being booked as much as possible then his runners are getting every assistance in that department too – he’s ridden all of those recent four winners. They had the bulk of their winners (24) with their 4+year-olds in 2011, but despite a fledgling yard it was also good to see them send out 7 juvenile winners. They are still looking for their first Kempton AW win, while surprisingly they are only 1 from 16 at Southwell too. However, they have won 16 times at Wolverhampton, while if they send one down to Lingfield take note – they are 3 from 7 (43%) there!
 Upcoming entries and track stats: Wolverhampton (16 from 68, 24%) & Lingfield (3 from 7, 43%)

BRIAN BAUGH (3 wins from his last 11 runners, 27% strike-rate): Not a name many will be familiar with, but for the past 3-4 seasons this Staffordshire-based yard have been slowly going about their business and should be a stable to note going forward. For each of the past four seasons they’ve bettered the previous year’s total – 13, 15, 19 & 25 – and although they’ve only fired in 4 successes this year so far they will have that 25 ‘best-ever’ tally as their target. The other thing worth noting is that the yard is obviously still going under the radar when it comes to the bookmakers as apart from last year their end-of-year level stakes profit read as follows – 2008: +£144, 2009: +£64, 2010:+£77 (they are currently +£19 for 2012). In terms of jockeys keep an eye when Russ Kennemore rides – he gets most of the yard’s mounts and has been on 2 of their last 3 winners. Finally, of their 25 winners in 2011 a huge 24 came with their 4+year-olds and that trend is continuing in 2012, while you’ll find most of their AW runners at Wolverhampton.
Upcoming entries and track stats: Wolverhampton (30 from 360, 8%) & Southwell (5 from 67, 7%)

IAN WILLIAMS (4 wins from his last 20 runners, 20% strike-rate): A yard that does well over both codes but for the purpose of this week’s feature we’ll just focus on his AW runners and record. They’ve had their horses in great heart for a number of weeks now and another Wolverhampton winner on Tuesday cemented their place on the hot list. Like the Osborne yard, they are another outfit that top owner Dr Marwan Koukash supports and with Jamie Spencer back from Dubai and his association with the Dr then they often get his expertise too. Stevie Donohoe, whose recent riding figures for the yard read 4,4,2,3,1,2,3, is the man that takes advantage most if Spencer is not available. So far they are on 10 winners, and they look bankers to surpass their flat tally of 41 in 2011 and make this their best-ever season on the level. If there is one word of caution it’s that they’ve only had a couple of juvenile winners from 58 runners in the last 5 seasons.
Upcoming entries and track stats: Kempton (17 from 105, 16%), Wolverhampton (33 from 230, 14%) & Newbury (0 from 31)

MARK JOHNSTON (5 wins from his last 27 runners, 19% strike-rate):
Bidding for their fourth AW trainers’ title on the bounce and with 15 wins so far they are more than on target. They are currently operating around the 28% mark with their runners, while a monster 74% of their 53 runners so far in 2012 have finished fourth or better! Jockey Joe Fanning has ridden all of their last 4 winners, so although they do offer rides to others it’s clear Joe gets on the ones with the best chances. They are also sending a few over to Dundalk, so keep a look out there – but they are 0 from 5 so far this year at the Irish AW venue. Of the four domestic AW tracks they do equally well at Southwell, Lingfield and Wolverhampton (all three over 20% strike-rate), while if there is one tiny negative it’s their Kempton record – they are only firing in the winners at around 14%, while have a -£113 level stakes loss there.
Upcoming entries and track stats: Kempton (46 from 324, 14%), Southwell (65 from 278, 23%), Dundalk (IRE) (7 from 27, 26%), Lingfield (70 from 340, 21%) & Wolverhampton (81 from 370, 22%)

RICHARD FAHEY (5 wins from his last 26 runners, 19% strike-rate): Okay, not mouth-watering figures, but the signs are clearly there that this yard could be ready to burst into life. Aside from their 5 recent winners, 7 of their last 8 have finished fifth or better and with the two-time champion jockey, Paul Hanagan, making the effort to come back and forth from Dubai then they will have his services more often than not too. In 2011 they sent out 33 AW winners and ended the year with 151 overall successes. As we all know they are a yard that has plenty of runners, so following them all blind is a big No-No! Apart from 2009 their over level stakes profit/loss read like this – 2007: -£327, 2008: -£285, 2010: -£273, 2011: -£260! Of the AW tracks you might want to be wary of their Kempton runners – they are only 10 from 140 (7%) there in recent years, but although we are a bit early for the 2 year-olds when we do see them in a few months keep an eye on any juveniles they run at Lingfield (AW) as they are 7 from 16 with their juveniles at the Southern track.
Upcoming entries and track stats: Wolverhampton (55 from 444, 12% +£28)


This Week’s Cold Trainers………………………….

ALAN BERRY (167 days and 89 runners without a winner)

MICHAEL MULLINEAUX (113 days and 70 runners without a winner)



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