Betting Speed Evolution Review

Betting Speed Evolution review

Betting Speed Evolution review

Betting Speed Evolution Review

There’s been a lot of buzz and hype about the Betting Speed Evolution launch in recent days, and this post is my review of the software, rationale and service.

The first thing I have to do is place my cards on the table, so you know from the outset that I’ve been involved in a consultancy capacity with the marketing side of this product launch, and also on the usability side of the product.

OK, with that out in the open, let me tell you about the BSE.

What is Betting Speed Evolution?

Betting Speed Evolution, as the name suggests, is based on figuring out the likely fastest horse in the race, and betting accordingly. I know of a couple of speed rating services which perform very well, and I’m a fan of the concept, which is under-utilised in UK racing. (It’s much more popular in places like the United States, where the Beyer speed figure, printed in their equivalent of the Racing Post, is THE number one selection tool for most punters).

How does BSE work?

Where BSE differs from other ‘speed ratings’ based products or services is twofold.

Firstly, it takes an iterative approach to the ratings, rather than just looking at the highest rating (i.e. fastest single race recorded). This filters out flukes and those performances which are unlikely to be replicated, and instead looks for horses which are on an upward performance curve in speed terms.

Secondly, the BSE software does all of the number crunching for the user. If you want to operate it in simple mode, just click the ‘Get Selections’ button and you’re done! You’ll have a list of horses to back and/or lay (depending on what options you chose, and how you prefer to bet), and you go ahead and back/lay those animals.

How has Betting Speed Evolution performed?

Obviously having a software tool facilitate in the hard work is a wonderful thing. But only if the ‘hard work’ part actually pays dividends. So what results has BSE produced?

Your first 30 days for just £1

In 2012, BSE has recorded a profit of 642 points, so far! That’s absolutely stellar. This figure is derived from back to a low percentage of a betting bank at Betfair SP, and with all commissions deducted.

I’ve personally seen these results being compiled on a daily basis and can vouch for their veracity.

Will BSE continue to perform at this level?

There is only one reason that BSE would cease performing at the level it does, and that is that the number of users backing the same selections pushed the back choices down in price and the lay picks up in price.

This would affect the profitability of the service. This is the precise reason that the vendor (more on him in a moment) has a strict limit on the number of licenses available of 300.

It’s simply not in his interest to over-sell the product as I’ve seen him using it personally on a daily basis.

That said, once he’s sold his licenses, and watched the market for negative impact, if there is little or none, it’s possible that BSE might be offered to a few more people. Possible. But unlikely, knowing Michael.

Who is behind Betting Speed Evolution?

Betting Speed Evolution has been designed and built by Michael Wilding. Michael runs the successful Race Advisor website, and is very well regarded by his peers as well as his website visitors.

He’s been teaching people how to bet better for years, and this is his first major foray into offering a software selection tool. (He has also previously released a training course called Puntology).

I’ve known Michael for about three years, and have worked with him in the past on a couple of occasions. He’s a straight up guy and, most importantly, he really knows his racing onions.

He was involved with a number of the big American betting syndicates earlier in his career, and has brought a lot of that US racing knowledge and applied it to UK racing.

A couple of other things to note, which are probably already apparent from the above: Michael Wilding is a real person, and that is his real name. He’s not one of these actors operating under a pseudonym so they can repeat the dose under a different guise in two weeks time. Michael has been around for ages, and he’s a top bloke.

What does BSE cost, and is there a guarantee?

BSE has two license options: an annual license, or a lifetime license.

The annual license is available for £127 per year, which is about £10 a month. Incredible value for something which has generated over 600 units of profit. Betting at minimum Betfair stakes of £2 would have seen the subscription covered with over £1,100 left over!

Michael only wants to work with people who want to work with him, so he’s offering a full no quibble guarantee with BSE. If you’re not happy with it, or can’t get it to work, or don’t think it’s a great addition to your portfolio, he’ll refund your investment.

You’ve got 30 days – more than four full weeks – to evaluate the software and make your mind up. So you get to try with no risk.

Where can I get Betting Speed Evolution?

As long as there are licenses remaining, you can get BSE from this link:

Again, full disclosure. If you decide to buy BSE from the above link, my company will receive a commission. You pay no more for being introduced in this way, but I just want to be up front and clear about the link above.

I hope you enjoy – and profit from – Betting Speed Evolution!


Your first 30 days for just £1
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