Laying Handicap Favourites : Day 3 (21/02/13)

Laying Handicap Favourites

Laying Handicap Favourites

Two out of three successful lays yesterday, but once again none of them were actual qualifying bets.
This is already looking like a very slow burner for us!

Your first 30 days for just £1

I’ve family business to attend to this afternoon, so I’m putting these up a little earlier than I would normally
and I’m not sure if any of the four potential selections will be qualifying bets for…

Day 3: 21/02/2013

2.00 Huntingdon: Strongly Suggested : 15th at 9/1 : NO BET
2.30 Huntingdon: Master Milan :  PU at 50/1 : NO BET
2.30 Huntingdon: Oscar Davy : 3rd at 4/1 fav : +£19.00
5.30 Kempton: Kaylee : 5th at 11/2 : NO BET

Today 1/1 : +£19.00
Overall 1/1 : +£19.00


Your first 30 days for just £1
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