Daily Stat Pack: 28th March 2013

Daily Stat Pack: 28th March

Daily Stat Pack: 28th March

Ffos Las, Ludlow and Wolverhampton play host to racing today, so here’s a quick reminder of Mal Boyle’s racing preview for…


Ffos Las:


Number of races at Ffos Las: 28

Favourite stats: 10 (35.7%–includes joint and co favourites)

Odds on ratio: 2/4


Trainers of winners at Ffos Las in 2013:

6–Rebecca Curtis (11/2-4/1-16/1-7/2-4/1-11/10*)

4–Evan Williams (7/1-7/2-9/4-20/1)

2–Jonjo O’Neill (9/2 & 3/1)

1–Kim Bailey (4/1)

1–S.L. Bevan (5/1)

1–Michael Blake (4/5)

1–Tom George (3/1**)

1–Nicky Henderson (4/9*)

1–Philip Hobbs (11/10*)

1–Susan Johnson (10/3*)

1–Richard Lee (15/8*)

1–B. Llewellyn (66/1)

1–Neil Mullholland (3/1**)

1–Paul Nicholls (9/4)

1–David Pipe (3/1)

1–John Spearing (3/1*)

1–Tim Vaughan (4/1)

1–Nick Williams (4/1)

1–Richard Woollacott (10/3**)

25/28 winners were sent off at odds of 7/1 or less


Trainers of beaten favourites:

2–Evan Williams (7/2 & 9/4)

1–Kim Bailey (5/6)

1–Michael Blake (9/4)

1–Peter Bowen (11/4**)

1–Keiran Burke (7/2)

1–Rebecca Curtis (11/4)

1–Jackie Du Plessis (9/4)

1–David Evans (3/1**)

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1–John Flint (5/4)

1–Sue Gardner (7/2)

1–Debra Hamer (3/1**)

1–Philip Hobbs (11/8)

1–Martin Keighley (6/4)

1–Charlie Longsdon (5/4)

1–Graeme McPherson (7/4)

1–Paul Nicholls (4/6*)

1–Jonjo O’Neill (11/8)

1–John O’Shea (3/1)

1–David Rees (10/3**)

1–Michael Scudamore (11/4**)

1–Tom Symonds (2/1)




Number of races at Ludlow: 35

Favourite stats: 14 (40.0%–includes joint and co favourites)

Odds on ratio: 3/7 (42.8%)


Trainers of winners at Ludlow in 2013 (stats include one dead heat):

4–Venetia Williams (2/1*-9/1-7/2*-13/2)

3–Nicky Henderson (4/5*-7/2-7/4)

3–Richard Lee (4/1*-10/3-11/10*)

2–Paul Nicholls (11/2 & 7/4*)

2–Tom Symonds (2/1* & 17/2)

1–Martin Bosley (3/1*)

1–Henry Daly (11/2)

1–Claire Dyson (9/2)

1–Tom George (5/4*)

1–Nick Gifford (5/6*)

1–John Groucott (7/1)

1–Philip Hobbs (7/1)

1–Martin Keighley (5/6*)

1–Alan King (8/1)

1–Charlie Longsdon (14/1)

1–Andrew Martin (12/1)

1–Neil Mulholland (25/1)

1–Dr Richard Newland (16/1)

1–Jonjo O’Neill (11/2)

1–Hilary Parrott (7/4*)

1–David Pipe (6/4)

1–David Pritchard (5/2*)

1–Mrs P. Robeson (9/1)

1–Phillip Rowley (5/2*)

1–John Spearing (12/1)

1–Tim Vaughan (14/1)

1–Evan Williams (17/2)

30/36 winners were returned at odds of 9/1 or less


Trainers of beaten favourites:

4–Venetia Williams (11/4-15/8-11/8-3/1)

3–N. Henderson (6/4-10/11-9/4)

3–Evan Williams (10/3-4/1**-10/11)

2–John Ferguson (5/4 & 2/7)

2–Donald McCain (4/1** & 3/1)

1–Henry Daly (7/2)

1–Chris Down (3/1)

1–David Evans (11/4)

1–Philip Hobbs (7/4)

1–Paul Nicholls (5/2)

1–Ollie Pears (4/7)

1–Jeremy Scott (10/3)

1–Richard Woolacott (15/8)

Novice chase event scheduled for 3.00: All three favourites have won this event to date.

Three mile novice hurdle event scheduled for 3.35: Five favourites have won via eight renewals during the last decade during which time, the biggest priced winner was returned at just 5/1.  Five of the last six gold medallists carried a minimum burden of 11-1.

Two and a half mile handicap chase due to be contested at 4.10.  Five of the last nine winners were aged in double figures with seven of the last eight gold medallists carrying 11-1 or more.  Five of the nine winners during the last decade started at odds of 4/1 or less, three of which were returned as market leaders.

Class 3 handicap hurdle event over the minimum trip scheduled for 4.40: Although only one (7/2) favourite has won via the last seven renewals, six winners have scored at 6/1 or less during the study period.



Five furlong maiden event scheduled for 2.05: The only favourite to finished in the frame via three renewals was the (7/4) 2011 winner.  Three-year-olds come to the gig on a hat trick this time around.

Class 6 one and a half mile handicap scheduled for 3.15: Four of the five market leaders have secured toteplacepot positions, statistics which include two (3/1 & 5/4) winners.

Nine and a half furlong class 5 handicap due to be contested at 4.55.  Both favourites have prevailed thus far.

Class 6 mixed vintage handicap scheduled for 5.25: Five-year-olds have won two of the three events whilst all three gold medallists have carried a maximum burden of 9-3.


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