Laying Handicap Favourites Update

Laying Handicap Favourites

Laying Handicap Favourites

These were the horses that qualified during my holidays:

08/04: Sam Spade won at 7/4 (-1.73pts)

10/04: Erodium was 3rd at 5/4

12/04: Araldur won at 2/1 (-2.39pts)
12/04: Ulys Du Charmil won at 15/8 (-1.90pts)

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14/04: If In Doubt was 3rd at 5/4

16/04: Irish Buccaneer was 2nd at 9/4
16/04: No Loose Change won at 11/4 (-2.95pts)

19/04: Lieutenant Miller was 2nd at 7/2

21/04: Railway Dillon was 3rd at 3/1

04/04 to 21/04:
5/9 for -4.22pts (-£84.40 to £20 stakes)

24/33 (72.73%) : +6.45pts (+£129.00)

To make almost 6.50pts in two months is admittedly hardly earth shattering, but this strategy has netted me some 18pts so far this year, thanks to a strike rate of 39/48  (81.25%).

I’d hope to make somewhere between 45 and 50pts this year from these and I think that they’re a handy low-risk addition to my betting portfolio.


P.S. If you’re happy to increase your liabilities by removing my 4/1 ceiling, the profits are currently over 42% higher so far this year and the strike rates are still very high at 47/56 (83.93%), yet the largest SP has been just 6/1.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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