A Glorious Week of Racing…

Dermot Weld: Tony's Galway Nemesis

Dermot Weld: a man to follow at Galway

It’s one of the most glorious weeks of racing in the whole year, dear reader, whichever side of the Irish Sea you call home. Here in Blighty, we have a meeting so glorious they put it in the title: Glorious Goodwood; while over in the west of Ireland, they’ll be going bonkers from today until Sunday, which is a very long time in bonkers mode.

In today’s post, I’ve got news on Goodwood and Galway, plus a tipping league update, free money, and a time out for yours truly.

Let’s start with Galway, seeing as that one begins today. As I’ve said, they’re racing all week, and that’s a heck of a lot of racing. As a consequence, it’s difficult to sustain a high quality threshold across fifty-plus races. Galway, to its credit, doesn’t try! It mixes flat with jumps, good with moderate, maidens and novices with handicaps with Graded action.

And, naturally, it’s all stirred up in a dangerous cocktail of booze and craic (that’s Irish craic, not to be confused with that other type of crack, which I’m given to understand is not nearly so much fun).

There’s a few things to say about Galway. Firstly, if you’re betting, take care not to get carried away in every race. You’ll do well to get to Wednesday evening in such context! Note that the course has some quirks (understatement) and that a draw close to the rail and a prominent run style are useful. Also be aware that those trying to make all generally come unstuck.

If you want some more help, then let me point you in the way of two excellent information sources, one where you’ll do some digging yourself, and one where it’s all done for you.

Firstly, Tony Mac of Irish Big Race Trends has put together a killer system guide for Galway Festival 2013, and you can download that free of charge here:


If trawling through the numbers isn’t your thing, or even if it is, you might well be interested in Nicky Doyle’s Galway advice service. The great thing about this is that it’s rolled into his monthly service, which has been performing very well indeed since launch last December.

Last year, he found both the Galway Plate and the Galway Hurdle winners, as well as a couple of other 16/1 winners.

And, better still, you can join for a month for just £15. For that, you’ll also get his Goodwood selections plus his regular service picks for the rest of the month.

It’s excellent value, and you can read more about that here. (p.s. Nicky was one of my buisness mentoring students and has provided an excellent service to his clients, both in terms of selections/results, and in terms of customer service/support).

I’ll be having a crack (craic?) at the Galway placepot this afternoon too, so stay tuned for that later on. There’s a €40,000 guaranteed pool and it’s likely to rise a good bit higher than that.

If you’re following @geegeez_uk on twitter, you’ll get a message as soon as that’s posted. And you’ll get a message as soon as any new content is posted here, including SotD, Daily Dabble, and all of the other regular goodies.

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Your first 30 days for just £1


Next up, Glorious Goodwood. Yes, the best racecourse in the UK (in my humble opinion) hosts five days of flagship high summer racing and, for the first time in ages, I won’t be able to get there. Pressures of writing full previews allied to the fact that I’ll be out of the country for the last two days (rank bad planning!) have conspired against me, alas.

But no matter. I shall still be watching and punting from my office bunker here in darkest Hackney.

I’ll have the first day’s preview in full for you tomorrow morning – or maybe late this evening (you’ll hear it first if you’re following geegeez on twitter!) – but in the meantime, here are a few pointers for you.

To get you familiar with the course constitution and draw bias – both really important at Goodwood – as well as the trainers to follow, check out this Glorious Goodwood 2013 preview post.

Secondly, if you want some expert opinions (and mine!) in a TV show format, sort of, then try this 45 minute show we recorded on Friday evening. If you have watched it, or you do watch it, please leave a comment and let me know what you thought. It’s something that could be introduced to geegeez at some point if enough people find it interesting/entertaining enough…

Below is Friday’s Glorious Goodwood TV preview show, featuring timeform, geegeez and Racing UK pundits.

There will of course be a placepot offering for this Glorious meeting every day from Tuesday to Thursday, and a few strong hints for Friday and Saturday too.

Finally, good old BetVictor have another excellent big meeting concession for punters. They’ll refund all losing bets as a free bet if your horse finishes second to the SP favourite. If you fancy one, but fear the jolly, this is a very good offer, and well worth availing of. I make no apology for plugging Victor. They are consistently the most innovative of the major players at the big meetings, in my opinion.


Onto the tipping league, and it’s been a truly excellent first month’s full competition, with 191 players contesting the prizes (a share of £200 between the top three).

Trendy Guy has been having a fine tussle with Odiemax, and Sports Quiz is within hailing distance too. That trio, whose performance has been staggeringly good, is clear from kendot and the rest this month, and it would be an impressive finishing kick to see anyone else trouble the leaders.

Between the top two in the last week, they’ve nominated some incredible winners: 33/1 Galician, 20/1 Naledi, 20/1 Yeager, 20/1 Mr Dream Maker. And that’s since last Wednesday!!!

Of course, it’s hard to maintain winning picks at that level and price, but if you want to see what they’re backing today, and you’re a registered geegeez user, just click ‘League’, and ‘July’ and then click the tipster’s name.

There will be a new monthly competition starting on Thursday (1st August), so why not get registered now and have a practice before Thursday?

You can register for the tipping league here.

Just one point to note: in order to to win a prize you’ll need a BetVictor account, as they are the competition sponsors, bless ’em! For the reason highlighted above, you should get one anyway if you’re betting at Goodwood. 😉


Now then, as some of you will have noticed, there are a few things which registered users can get access to that unregistered users cannot. One of them is the tipping league, and another is our exclusive automation tool that takes the legwork out of getting bookie free bets.

As well as that, I’ve now published – and you may already have downloaded and read – a free report explaining how to turn bookie free bets into guaranteed cash, with zero risk. It’s quite a straightforward method, once you get your head around it, and it could make you over £400 for just a few hours ‘work’.

You can download the report without registering. But if you want us to help you with the faff of account opening, you’ll need to register, which is a five minute job max, and will save you up to an hour of tedium subsequently.

The report download is here.

Click here to register.


Phew! That’s a whole lot of links to other stuff today. I hope at least some of it is useful to you, and adds value to your betting in what will be a test for even the most robust of wagering constitutions if you’re playing both Goodwood and Galway.

Finally, I just want to remind you that I’ll be taking a few days off from the end of this week until Monday week. You’ll still find plenty on the site while I’m away, but there won’t be any placepots and there won’t be any waffles from me on a Monday or a Friday. (You may very well be relieved to read that!)

It does also mean that I’ll only be providing an ‘urgent’ email service, as I’m trying to stick to one hour a day while I’m away (on pain of death from Mrs Matt).

Best of luck with your G G and G wagers.


Your first 30 days for just £1
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