Daily Dabble Update, 22nd to 28th July 2013

Daily Dabble: Update

Daily Dabble: Update

Daily Dabble Update: 22/07/13 to 28/07/13

The last week just had to be better than the previous one. Mind you, with a 0/7 record to beat, it couldn’t get any worse!

As it was, my selections performed better than of late and 5 winners and 3 places from 12 runners isn’t too bad at all. Unfortunately I coupled two of my winners with two runners-up and another with an unplaced horse, meaning that despite an improvement in form, only one double was landed.

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This meant a small loss of 1pt over the week and leaves us in grave danger of failing to make profit this month.

Selections & Results : 22/07/13 to 28/07/13
(1pt win doubles)

22/07: Won at 11/8 & 2nd at 2/1
23/07: Won at Evens and Won at 6/4 (double paid 4/1)
24/07: Two non-runners (but Mandy The Nag won at 11/4 two days later)
25/07: Both runners unplaced
26/07: Won at 5/6 & unplaced
27/07: Won at 11/10 & 2nd at 100/30
28/07: 3rd at 7/2 and unplaced

22/07 to 28/07:
5 winners from 12 = 41.67%
8 placers from 12 = 66.67%

1 winning bets from 6 = 16.67% for a loss of 1pt over the week.

Since switching to the 1pt straight win doubles, we’re now at 2/17!
P/L: -6.4875pts
ROI: -38.16%



Your first 30 days for just £1
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