Two Free Offers You Should Accept…

In today’s video post, I’ve got two free offers you might well want to take advantage of. Both are high quality content, and both have no charge. Watch the video to learn more! [Apologies for the Mr X type webcam shot bottom right – it’s very bright this morning!]

Get Tony’s Free York Ebor Micro Systems Here

Get Carl’s Free Value Betting Book Here

If you can’t listen to/watch the video for any reason, here’s a loose transcript.

Hi, it’s Matt Bisogno here, and firstly, apologies for any noise you might hear in the background on this video. I’m recording it at home – a rare ‘work from home’ day out of the office – but unfortunately I seem to be living in a permanent building zone just now.

OK, now then, I wanted to tell you about a couple of things that you can get hold of for free today, both of which I think are excellent and will help you with your betting.

Your first 30 days for just £1

The first is a set of micro-systems designed especially for York’s Ebor meeting, which starts tomorrow. It’s been put together by Tony McCormick of, and you can download the overview of each of them for nada here – show the pdf page and then the amember signup page, and mention to choose the top ‘free’ option.

You’ll then receive a download link in an email, and each day between Wednesday and Saturday this week, Tony will email you the qualifiers. It’s up to you if you back them, and which ones you back, but it’s always good to have information to hand.

The link to download these is beneath this video, so do help yourself.

The second thing I want to tell you about is a book, which I’ve been reading through, and which I think is very well put together. It’s called Value Backing, and this is it in physical format. Show book.

I haven’t got to the end yet – in fact, I’m little more than a third of the way through – and I’ve already found an angle which has made its way into my systems test incubator. It looks a very interesting one to follow, and has very few rules. It seems to be simply a prejudice in the market.

Show the page and the angle in horseracebase

Although there are one or two typos, and the grammar is a little hit and miss, I’d encourage any fellow pedants to see past that because it’s a really useful book and there is a ton of good sense around the subject of value and how to sniff it out.

But here’s the kicker – you can get it for free just now! It’s on Amazon as a Kindle download and, even if you don’t have a Kindle or other e-reader device, you can download a free piece of software that will allow you to read these on your PC, Mac, or tablet. Even on your mobile phone (if it’s an Android or iPhone).

The link to download it is below this video, and you can read it on the way to work or wherever. It’s free, and it’s got really good information in it. So why wouldn’t you?!

Get Tony’s Free York Ebor Micro Systems Here

Get Carl’s Free Value Betting Book Here

Have a great day.


Your first 30 days for just £1
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