Daily Stat Pack, 10th October 2013

Daily Stat Pack

Daily Stat Pack




Number of races at Ayr: 95
Favourite stats: 28 (29.5% of races–includes joint and co favourites)
Odds on ratio: 5/7 (71.4%)

Leading trainers at Ayr in 2013:
16/82–Jim Goldie (8/1-13/2-10/3*-16/1-5/1-8/1-7/1-5/1-11/4-7/4-7/1-11/1-9/2-10/1-9/1-12/1)
9/78–Keith Dalgleish (4/1-13/8*-9/4*-8/1-18/1-33/1-14/1-4/5*-11/2)
6/63–Richard Fahey (4/1-10/1-7/2-7/1-7/1-25/1)
5/13–John Quinn (8/1-11/4*-5/1**-5/2*-6/1)
4/20–‘Team Burke’ (6/5*-9/2-6/5-14/1)
4/28–Tim Easterby (5/2*-11/4**-7/4*-20/1)
4/34–Michael Dods (9/2-15/8*-7/2*-7/2)
4/35–Kevin Ryan (22/1-3/10*-11/8*-7/2)
3/7–Charlie Hills (5/1-11/2-7/4*)
3/21–David Nicholls (11/8*-5/1**-12/1)
3/26–David O’Meara (7/4*-16/1-3/1*)
3/36–Linda Perratt (8/1-7/2*-20/1)
3/36–Mark Johnston (2/1-1/2*-5/2*)

82/95 winners (86.3%) have scored at odds of 12/1 or less

Trainers of most beaten favourites:
9–Michael Dods (2/1-9/4-3/1**-9/4-5/4-3/1-2/1-5/1**-11/5)
6–Richard Fahey (11/4-10/11-5/1**-10/3-4/1**-10/3)
4–Richard Guest (11/4**-3/1**5/2**-8/1**)
4–Mark Johnston (5/2-10/11-5/4-15/8)
4–Linda Perratt (11/8-5/2-11/4-3/1)
3–‘Team Burke’ (85/40-13/8-7/2)
3–Mick Easterby (9/4-3/1**-5/1)
3–Sir Mark Prescott (Evs-Evs-15/8)




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Number of races at Exeter: 54
Favourite stats: 16 (29.6% of races–includes joint and co favourites)
Odds on ratio: 7/13 (53.8%)

Leading trainers of winners at Exeter in 2013:
5–David Pipe (4/1-4/5*-1/4*-6/1-11/2)
4–Paul Nicholls (5/6*-4/9*-6/5-6/1)
4–Colin Tizzard (7/2-7/2-2/1–11/4)
3–Susan Gardner (9/4-11/2-5/6*)
3–Seamus Mullins (12/1-2/11*-5/2)
3–Oliver Sherwood (11/4*-11/4-2/1)

46/54 winners were returned at odds of 11/1 or less.

Trainers of most beaten favourites:
5–Philip Hobbs (3/1-11/8-6/4-4/5-5/2)
5–Paul Nicholls (7/5-Evs-6/4-11/5-15/8)
2–Emma Lavelle (3/1 & 2/5)
2–Fergal O’Brien (1/2 & 4/5)
2–Jamie Snowdon (4/1 & 7/2)
2–Colin Tizzard (4/1 & 11/8)
2–Venetia Williams (Evs & 3/1)

Nineteen furlong handicap hurdle event scheduled for 2.20: Nine of the last fifteen favourites have prevailed, whilst the Pond House (Pipe) team have secured four of the last fourteen renewals. David held one option (Bathwick Man) for the contest at the time of writing.

Novice handicap hurdle over two miles and five furlongs scheduled for 2.50: Two of the six market leaders have finished in the frame via five renewals, statistics which include one successful (joint) favourite.

Class 4 handicap chase over three-mile due to be contests at 3.20: One clear market leader and one joint favourite have prevailed via four contests. The biggest priced winner was sent off at 6/1, whilst two of the five jollies have finished in the money. All four gold medallists were burdened with a maximum weight of just 10-12 to date.

Three mile beginners’ chase scheduled for 3.50: All five winners have scored at 11/2 or less (one successful favourite).

Class 4 novice hurdle event over seventeen furlongs scheduled for 4.20: Eleven of the last fourteen favourites have won this event, whilst the biggest priced winner during the period before last years 40/1 shock gold medallist was returned at just 100/30. Four-year-olds have won four renewals during the last decade.




Number of races at Worcester: 135
Favourite stats: 52 (38.5%–includes joint and co favourites)
Odds on ratio: 12/19 (63.1%)

Leading trainers at Worcester in 2013:
15–Jonjo O’Neill (9/1-10/11*-9/2-4/1-6/5*-5/1-13/8*-5/4*-4/9*-7/2-6/5*-5/2*-5/4*-11/4-5/2**)
8–Peter Bowen (3/1*-13/8*-20/1-5/2*-5/4*-2/1-13/8*-12/1)
5–Rebecca Curtis (3/1*-8/13*-2/5*-4/6*-2/1)
5–Donald McCain (13/8*-4/1-8/1-9/4-11/10*)
4–Dr Richard Newland (11/4*-11/8*-10/11*-5/6*)
4–Paul Nicholls (11/8*-11/4-5/2-2/5*)
4–Fergal O’Brien (5/1-7/4*-7/1-3/1*)
4–David Pipe (3/1-4/1-Evs*-11/8*)
4–Nigel Twiston-Davies (4/1-12/1-2/1-5/1)

119/135 winners (88.1%) were returned at odds of 12/1 or less

Trainers of most beaten favourites:
14–Jonjo O’Neill (6/1**-7/2-4/1**-6/4-7/4-3/1-15/8-7/4-7/2**-7/2**-15/8-13/8-5/2-3/10*)
5–David Pipe (2/1-15/8-2/1**-Evs-6/5)
5–Nigel Twiston-Davies (4/1-3/1-7/2-11/10-7/4)
4–Peter Bowen (5/2-7/2**-5/4-9/4)
4–Charlie Longsdon (15/8-7/4-7/4**-6/4)
3–Philip Hobbs (10/11-Evs-6/4)
3–Donald McCain (5/4-7/4**-11/10)
3–Paul Nicholls (8/11-10/11-5/4)



To add to the names of Saeed Bin Suroor and Ralph Beckett mentioned earlier in despatches in this article relating to the Sunbury circuit, James Fanshawe deserves plenty of praise for his 23% strike rate via forty six winners during the same period. James very nearly matches Ralph’s LSP reading at the time of writing on seventy two points.


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