Daily Stat Pack, 11th October 2013

Daily Stat Pack

Daily Stat Pack

FRIDAY 11/10:



Number of races at Carlisle: 39
Favourite stats: 15 (39.5%–includes joint and co favourites & one non runner)
Odds on ratio: 4/7 (57.1%)

Leading trainers of winners at Carlisle in 2013:
4–Alan Swinbank (6/1-10/1-11/10*-6/4*)
3–Tim Easterby (3/1**-15/8*-8/1)
2–Brian Ellison (11/4 & 7/2*)
2–Chris Grant (5/2 & 9/4)
2–Jonjo O’Neill (9/2 & 11/10*)
2–Nicky Richards (1/8* & 10/1)
2–Pauline Robson (Evs* & 5/2)

34/39 winners scored at odds of 12/1 or less

Trainers of most beaten favourites:
4–Donald McCain (4/9-4/6-7/2-4/1)
3–Lucinda Russell (3/1**-5/2-6/4)
3–Sue Smith (4/1***-9/2-9/2)
2–Andrew Parker (11/4 & 9/4)
2–Alan Swinbank (5/2 & 6/5)
2–John Wade (9/2 & 3/1)

Class 4 seventeen furlong novice hurdle event scheduled for 5.00: Four-year-olds have won four of the last six renewals whist six favourites have prevailed during the last twelve years. Eleven of the last twelve winners have been returned at 13/2 or less.

Bumper event scheduled for 5.30: Donald McCain held one option (Plan Again) at the time of writing in a race he has secured twice in the last six years. Four and five-year-olds have won the last ten renewals (‘juniors’ lead 6-4), though just two favourites have won during the study period, which is a poor ratio in terms of bumper contests.

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Newton Abbot:


Number of races at Newton Abbot: 123
Favourite stats: 47 (38.2% of races–includes joint and co favourites)
Odds on ratio: 18/26 (69.2%)

Leading trainers at Newton Abbot in 2013:
13–Jonjo O’Neill (4/1-3/1*-6/1-5/4*-4/1-2/1*-9/2-5/2*-6/4*-11/8*-9/2-9/4*-9/4*)
8–Philip Hobbs (11/4**-12/1-11/1-15/2-11/1-4/11*-11/4*-10/1)
5–Martin Hill (8/1-5/1-9/1-16/1-11/4)
5–Evan Williams (8/1-9/4*-6/1-2/1-7/2*)
4–Jim Best (5/6*-4/6*-7/2-5/6*)
4–Paul Henderson (11/4-11/1-5/1-9/1)
4–Paul Nicholls (1/2*-2/5*-9/4-12/1)
4–Colin Tizzard (2/1**-11/4-11/2-5/2)

115/123 winners (93.5%) to date were returned at 12/1 or less

Trainers of most beaten favourites:
10–Paul Nicholls (9/4-6/4-2/1**-2/7-Evs-5/2**-7/4-11/4-5/2**-8/11)
7–Peter Bowen (11/4-5/4-3/1**-11/10-2/1-3/1-3/1)
7–Jonjo O’Neill (5/2**-7/5-11/4-3/1-2/1-3/1-4/7)
5–Colin Tizzard (2/1-9/4-3/1**-6/4-9/4)
4–Philip Hobbs (4/1-4/1-15/8-9/4)
3–David Pipe (11/8-15/8-2/1)




Number of races at York: 101
Favourite stats: 27 (26.7%–includes joint and co favourites + 1 Non runner)
Odds on ratio: 3/5

Leading trainers at York in 2013:
10/63–David O’Meara (5/2-5/1-11/2-11/4*-3/1-6/1-3/1-25/1-8/1-7/1)
8/51–Kevin Ryan (9/2-4/1-14/1-11/4-7/4*-7/1-5/1-3/1)
7/33–William Haggas (4/7*-3/1-10/1-11/4*-4/9*-9/1-3/1*)
7/120–Richard Fahey (10/3*-7/1-25/1-4/1-17/2-7/2*-33/1)
5/14–Sir Michael Stoute (4/6*-13/8*-3/1-15/8*-5/4*)
5/6–Dean Ivory (8/1-11/2-9/2**-5/2-3/1*)
4/30–David Barron (7/1-9/2-8/1-13/2)
3/8–Ian Williams (15/2-14/1-13/2)
3/18–Saeed Bin Suroor (11/10*-4/1-4/1)
3/22–Richard Hannon (9/4*-7/2-2/1*)
3/29–Brian Ellison (8/1-7/1-6/1)

84/101 winners (83.2%) were returned at odds of 12/1 or less

Trainers of most beaten favourites:
13–William Haggas (5/1-7/2-15/8-4/1-2/1-2/1-6/4-3/1-6/1**-15/8-4/1-4/1-9/4)
8–Richard Fahey (5/4-9/2**-11/4-5/2-5/1-6/1-11/4-6/1)
4–Mark Johnston (13/8-3/1-7/2-3/1)
3–Mick Easterby (7/2-4/1-5/1**)
3–Richard Hannon (8/13-11/4-6/4)
3–David O’Meara (7/2-5/2-3/1)
3–Sir Michael Stoute (4/1-6/4-7/2)
3–Saeed Bin Suroor (9/4-4/5-6/4)

Nursery event scheduled for 2.00: Just one favourite has prevailed via the last ten contests. The last five winners have carried 8-12 or less.

Class 2 mixed vintage handicap scheduled for 3.05: Saeed Bin Suroor held six options at the time of writing in a race he has won twice in the last five years, without a representative in two of the ‘missing’ contests.



I have been banging the Keith Dalgleish drum relating to racing at Dunstall Park for some time now, especially as Keith’s 19% strike rate (via thirty three winners) have realised a level stake profit of twenty seven points. It’s worth noting that although Keith has held entries over the last few weeks at Wolverhampton, none actually ran whereby his next runners at the track could be worth following.


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