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comingsoonIn today’s musings, we look briefly back and then forwards. First, a quick look at the weekend from a racing and geegeez standpoint, and then onwards, and some important news.

Let’s begin on Saturday, and the first day of the flat turf season came and went. It looked tricky but followers of this post would have sailed through the opening leg of the placepot, the Brocklesby, with Banker Bill’s Paddy Again who was second at 9/1. In the second race, Double Dutch landed the 1-2 from its pair of picks, the winner returning 7/2.

Then came Cammidge Trophy, and a disappointing third for Stat of the Day, Jack Dexter. He, like most other runners trying to come from behind on Saturday, got stuck in the mud and was unable to pick up the pace-pressers.

Using this to advantage were those scouting the pace analysis tab for the big handicap races. Specifically, the fourth race on Saturday, the Spring Mile, and 10/1 scorer, Brae Hill. He was a prominent racer drawn on the right side from a pace perspective, and again his trainer’s early season form was a bonus.

The point of all this? The geegeez racecards have some really valuable tools for flat race analysis, and the pace analysis tool might just be the pick of the pile for big field races. Users can whittle the field using the Race Analysis and Full Form Filter tabs, and then establish whether their fancies are drawn amongst the pace on whichever side of the field they’re situated.

That whole process could find you a selection in a thirty runner sprint handicap in less than ten minutes. It might not win, but you’d know that you were backing a horse suited by going, distance, class, and field size; rated within sight of its last winning mark; and probably drawn in the right area of the track. That, dear reader, is an enormous time saver.

Once you get to grips with pace analysis, it will become a pivotal element of your punting. There is no flat turf racing this week (a little strange after the Lincoln meeting at the weekend), but as soon as we have a couple of big field sprints to go at, I’ll record a video showing how best to look at pace. Hint: we won’t always be looking for prominent racers, but we are always interested in where the most trailblazers are situated!

Another thing to keep in mind when betting on the early season turf flat racing is trainer form. Again, geegeez cards have it covered. Below is one of four trainer reports geegeez displays each day, this one for fourteen day form (the others are for 30 day form, one year course form and course form since 2009).

Today's hot trainers...

Today’s hot trainers…


Trainer form in or of itself is a strong pointer, but when allied to the individual race – and horse – research we’re able to do with the other tools, it’s another piece of the jigsaw which is easily understood.

Incidentally, if you want to know the trainer form for a single horse or race, click the little trainer icon (man with a top hat) on the card. Here’s an example where I’ve clicked the trainer icon in the top menu – that shows the trainer form for ALL runners in the race. If you’re only interested in one or two trainers in that race, click the individual trainer icons next to the horses you’re interested in:

More trainer form...

More trainer form…

As you can see, there are four different takes on a trainer’s form, as per the overall report. So you can see which trainers are coming into form (by comparing 30 day and 14 day figures), and which have the best track records.

Trainer form is always important. In the early weeks of the season even more so.


On Saturday, I also pointed you towards the tipping content on geegeez. We have three tipping pieces a day from Monday to Saturday: Stat of the Day, Double Dutch and The Shortlist.

Stat of the Day fell short with Jack Dexter, as mentioned, on Saturday. But Double Dutch came up trumps with a 14.75/1 double, and The Shortlist nominated winners at 8/1 and 7/1 from five selections. Those are free tips available on the site each day. Obviously, we don’t always do as well as that, but all of our tipping services are in front, and combine fun with profit, which is the ethos of geegeez.

After all, if it’s not fun, we might as well get a job, right? 😉

Your first 30 days for just £1


Enough of the past, and on to the future. Thursday sees the start of the Aintree Grand National meeting and there is a host of fantastic racing across the three days, culminating in the big race itself, the Crabbie’s Grand National on Saturday afternoon. If you missed my Grand National preview, it’s here.

I’ll have full coverage of the meeting, including in depth previews and some trends, plus of course tips for each day, and the best bookmaker offers. And I might even offer a placepot perm too, if there’s time.

The Thursday is a brilliant day’s racing, with FOUR Grade 1 events! And Gold subscribers can see the five day declarations, as well as Race Analysis Reports, on the racecards page already. So if you want to get a head start, you can.


So, why am I telling you all this stuff about the geegeez racecards? Two reasons, I guess. First, you might already be a subscriber and not be aware of all the very cool stuff they do – check out the comments from people below on what they’ve done for them!




Those comments all came within a few days of each other. I really should start keeping a proper log of them. There have been literally scores of similar comments!

And secondly, subscription prices are going up in the near future. Now, if you’re an existing subscriber, don’t worry. I’m very grateful to you for supporting geegeez from the start, and you’re locked in at the almost give away price of £12 a month for as long as you remain a subscriber. (And thank you).

But think about it. Geegeez offers THREE tipping services, each of which could be a premium service in its own right. Let’s say those services were only charged at £20 a month each, which is less than most other offerings, despite the fact ours are proven to a) be more profitable and b) more accessible and fun.

Then there’s the Race Analysis Report, surely the most descriptive single view of a race available anywhere in Britain. If you think I’m being grandiose, take a look at the below, and tell me which horse you’d back. It might well not win, but these standouts ARE winning, time and time and time again.


[Incidentally, using the Full Form Filter tab, I clicked on the ‘course’ filter, and could see that Dingo Bay was 4th of 5 on his sole run at Hexham. On good to firm ground and as a 50/1 shot. Looking at his form on heavy, is it any wonder good to firm didn’t suit?! No!]

Let’s try and put a price on these Race Analysis Reports and Full Form Filters. The Racing Post – which has something called Postdata, a clunky ‘black box’ method for doing something vaguely similar – charges £26 a month, or £260 a year, for that plus its other offerings.

But it doesn’t have anything as accessible as the Race Analysis Report. And it doesn’t have a means of filtering form like the Full Form Filters. As for pace, seriously? Here’s what you do: you go through each run from each runner and you make a note of their in-running comments, and then you work out which might front run and which might not. Erm… no thanks.

So, conservatively, with three profitable tipping pieces, and all those tools, what do you reckon? £90 a month? Some tipping services charge more than that for a single tipster, and don’t have our profit track record.

Let’s look at some of the computer formbooks out there. Now, Proform is excellent. A really good tool, and it has pace analysis and some (less readable) profiling tools. And you get those for £20.

A week!

No tipping services, etc. You can get a monthly pass for £50, in fairness… or you can pay £12 at geegeez. Are you starting to see why I’m planning to raise the price for new subscribers?!

What about Computer Timeform? That costs £1,230 per year for both flat and jumps, which is £102.50 a month. Now, again, Computer Timeform is a great tool. But… if you want to use their ratings, you need to know that they’re massively factored into the market which means it’s nigh on impossible to get value. Timeform will NEVER quote profit figures for their overall performance. Because they can’t.

Hundred quid a month.

Then there’s Raceform Interactive. A tool with excellent functionality, but the clunkiest most out-of-date interface you’ll ever see. And boy, is it slow! That’ll set you back £72 a month. No tipping elements. No traffic light simple race analysis.

Look, if you’re already using the geegeez cards, good on you, you know they’re the best! (Feel free to comment below, by the way, and help persuade some others to take a trial).

Ah yes, that reminds me. At the moment, you get a free 17 day trial of the FULL Gold service. That’s two and a half weeks, enough to use everything for the Grand National and Newmarket’s Craven meeting, as well as all of the other racing happening during that time.

Again, I’m going to be reducing the trial period to around ten days in the near future. Why? Because I think it’s possible to grasp the value of this content in a day or two, and to really understand it well within a week to ten days, even if you only have half an hour or so a day.

Obviously, they’re not for everyone. But actually, at £12 a month (40p a day), they are for most people. 40p a day.

I am very proud of these tools and I’m delighted to read of the power they’re bringing to users… and the profits. And that’s why they are going to at least double in price before the end of April. It’s April tomorrow.

80p a day is still a bargain and, when I offer this racing profit toolkit to non-geegeez readers, they’ll see that.

So, if you’ve not already taken the geegeez cards for a test drive, now is a very good time. If you end up paying £24 or £30 a month later on, you’ll still love them. But it would feel a bit daft if you could have enjoyed and benefited from them for less than half that ad infinitum, wouldn’t it?

Here’s the link to upgrade

I’ll be back tomorrow with a preliminary look at this year’s Aintree Festival and some overall facts and figures to keep in mind. In the meantime, do leave a comment if you’re currently a Gold subscriber and use the cards, tools and racing tips, to share your experiences. What do you like most? Anything you’re less keen on?

Happy Monday!


Your first 30 days for just £1
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