Beaumont’s Bets: A Reader’s Experiences (Warts and all)

Beaumont's Bets Review

Beaumont’s Bets Review

Hi, my name is Dave Slatter. I have been following the GeeGeez website closely for over 4 years. Back in 2010 I joined the ‘GeeGeesz Racing Club’ with a share in a small part of Khajaaly, who won three races for us.

A couple of months ago, on 6th April to be exact, I received a very long email from Matt with the subject line of “How To Make A Full-Time Living From Horse Racing Betting”.

I don’t normally read these long emails but something told me that this one was different and I ‘took action’ in the form of an investigation into the package that was on offer with a 33% discount.

This investigation resulted in my purchase of the package and I would like to tell the story of the past two months, starting with this article about how the purchase process worked out..

I will follow up with further articles covering the package itself and what I learned from its contents,  my paper trading experience during April, and finally my ‘tweaks to the system’ and experiences in May.

The purchase experience

I must firstly say that Matt’s email made it very easy to find out all about ‘Beaumonts Bets’, the DVD package that Paul Beaumont and Graham of CashMaster were selling.

He provided a direct link to the payment page and also to the ‘Beaumonts Bets website’.

That was the easy bit. The purchase process turned out to be a bit of a pain, although it worked out fine in the end.

I paid using PayPal and waited for instructions, expecting to have to fill in my address so that they could send me the DVD….nothing happened. I got my receipt from PayPal but nothing from the vendors.

After a couple of hours I was a little concerned, having just spent almost £300, so I emailed Matt who forwarded my mail to Graham, who promptly responded that I would receive the DVD at the address on my PayPal account…Phew…I thought that’s OK.

I was expecting to have to wait a few days for the postman to bring my DVD, so imagine my surprise when I received an email from Graham the following afternoon containing a link to a direct download page.

A small zip file containing the setup file and install instructions in word 2007 format was downloaded and installed onto my PC without issue.

However, I did have to wait before I could get into the contents of the ‘DVD’. The installation required the sending of my email address for verification of the purchase, and then I had to wait for the return of the activation code which was to take approximately 24 hours (according to the message at the end of the installation process). Fortunately this code arrived in an email just a couple of hours later that same day (7th April).

And so I was then ready to learn how to make a full time living from horse race betting.

Not the slickest process for the purchase and receipt of a product I have ever been through, and I’ve been through quite a few in the last few years, but we got there in the end and it was still much faster than waiting for the postman to bring a DVD.

What I learned from the Beaumont Bets ‘DVD’

As I said in my previous article I received my ‘DVD’ via a direct download link and an emailed activation code a couple of hours later.

After installation and activation I found a ‘program’ on my computer which is effectively the contents of the DVD and Paul Beaumont’s training. On double clicking the desktop icon, the program appears in the form of an eBook with videos embedded into it with a full text description of each section.

The contents include…

An introduction and a ‘setting up’ video along with the full text description of each of Paul’s set up process.

Videos and full text descriptions, with many screenshots, of every aspect of how the selections are found, the timing of ‘selection runs’ to get the optimum results, and how the selections were passed to his subscribers.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Paul describes how he uses a specific program to set up his automated bets for his 75% Back Lay system. The full description of the 75% Back/Lay system is freely available in videos on the current Beaumont Bets website. You can find the details and watch a video by clicking either of these links:

As you will see on these pages, Paul uses a program called The Bet Engine (TBE) to set up bets to lay selections and reduce overall risk, meaning that your starting bank can be reduced.

Paul’s training goes into all the details of how he sets up this program and also how to utilise spreadsheets and csv files to make life easier. Paul supplies sample / template spreadsheet(s).

He finished this section off with a video (and text details) of how to work out the profitability (or otherwise) from the results.

Several pages go into a lot of detail relating to banks and staking plans and the amount you should have in your bank to start with depending on your circumstances and which of the ‘methods’ you will utilise.

For example, he suggests a bank of 200 points if just backing to win, or 80 points if using the original 75% back/lay system or just 50 points with the revised version.

The ‘DVD’ finishes off with a summary of all the different aspects covered in detail earlier, plus there are some ideas of how to go about preventing your account(s) being closed by bookmakers. This section includes many extracts of mail from Paul’s subscribers on how they have managed to circumnavigate this problem.

What did I learn?

One thing I always agreed with is a statement that many ‘experts’ seem to make and agree on, and that is “if you continue to back horses at odds that seem to offer a ‘value bet’, you will make a profit in the long term”.

The only problem I found with that is…how do you identify what are ‘value bets’?

That is my main take away from Paul’s system…he shows you a very simple way to identify a value bet. By following a couple of very simple rules and checking the race cards systematically, many value bets can be found on a daily basis.

OK, it takes a bit of time and effort, but the results speak for themselves. Paul’s profit of over 2,800 points in 24 months have been born out by my own paper trading and actual results over the past 2 months.

I also learned that it is not too difficult to set up a service that can provide fellow punters a reasonable system with a great profit potential, and offer it at a reasonable price. Paul’s training shows very clearly how he managed to run his service for over 2 years with lots of happy subscribers making lots of lovely profits from our bookies.

Having been through the training a couple of times, I decided to paper trade for a while. The results of my paper trading days follow.

Paper Trading

Having gone through Paul’s training videos, I decided that a ‘paper trade’ period was required to see how things went and to make sure that it (the training and the system) was not ‘too good to be true’.

Due to other commitments I could not trade or bet every day and Paul’s training also suggests that Friday is a good day to ‘take a break’.

I started paper trading on April 8th and found it quite difficult to keep up with the schedule that Paul’s training suggests. I’m not sure if I did anything wrong on that first day but ended up with a loss of 4.25 points (£42.50 on win bets to £10 stakes) and 6.65 (£66.50 on each way bets to £10 each way stakes).

I thought to myself – typical…but one day does not a system make (or break).

Was I glad I persisted! The next 5 betting days saw profits of  over 36, over 21, 18, 20, and 10 points on win bets, and over 49, 26, over 13, over 22, and 4.5 on each way bets.

All told the 17 paper trading days up to the end of April produced 11 profitable days and 6 losing days and an overall profit of 110.99 points on win bets (£1109.90 to £10 win) or 148.43 points for EW bets (£1484.30 to £10 EW).

One noticeable part of Paul’s system is the number of selections that can be found on a daily basis and the number of times more than one horse is selected in the same race. But, the fact is, that a total of 440 selections were found giving us 70 winners (strike rate15.9%) with a couple of 20/1 winners found. Also I found 110 placed horses, on top of the winners (strike rate for EW bets 40.9%).

Although this trial run was over a relatively short period, these results suggested that the results Paul’s system achieved over the 28 months to Nov 2013 can still be achieved on a regular ongoing basis.

Please not that the selections and results are not ‘proofed’ to any of the official (or unofficial) agencies or web sites (including GeeGeez), but they were recorded daily on my own website here:

Although the system has proven without doubt to be profitable, it does have issues that some people may find problematic.

For instance:

–          the size of the bank required and the ‘spare cash’ needed to be able to cover bets with any of the dozen or so bookies that can be used…

–          the timing and the time required to make the selections will not suit every punter…

–          the number of selections / bets to be placed using online bookmakers…

–          the fact that you may have your bookmaker(s) close your account(s) because you are winning too much…


I thought long and hard about these ‘issues’ and also looked at the results from the paper trading in April and came to the conclusion that this was too good an opportunity to miss.

The cost of the training included the ‘license’ to provide a similar service to that which Paul had provided until Nov 2013. So I set about working out how to provide such a service and started betting at the same time. The results were as follows.

Live Betting

During May 2014, I had 19 betting days and, like most systems, had losing days (8) as well as winning days (11) and once again the winners came out on top and produced a 129.16 points profit from win only bets and 152.89 points profit from each way bets.

Adding these results to the paper trading days gave us a total of 891 selections over 36 days and provided 140 winners (15.7%) and 205 placed (38.7%). Win bets profit of over 240 points and each way bets profit of over 301 points.

That’s over £2,400 win profit and £3,010 each way profit.

I must add again, these results were not verified anywhere but recorded on the website mentioned above.

Looking back at Paul’s results, and the fact that the last couple of months testing / betting have borne out Paul’s figures, I believe that this is the best ‘betting system’ that I have ever purchased (and I’ve bought a few in my time).

So, if you like lots of action on your betting days, and if you have the time and the bank to give this a try, you can read all about the Beaumont’s Bets method – along with results, and so forth – here.

If you think any of the issues may be problematic, then fear not….stay tuned to GeeGeez, as we may have the answer for you very soon.

Dave S

Your first 30 days for just £1
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