Colossus Bets Rollover / Syndicate

Colossus Bets syndicate

Colossus Bets syndicate

Earlier this week, I told you about a brilliant new pool betting opportunity called Colossus Bets. I am convinced that this will be the biggest betting pool by the end of the year, eclipsing the Scoop 6.

The bet involves selecting the correct score in three, four, six or seven matches, with consolations for the hardest of those wagers. Tonight there is a rollover of £143,433 going into the Pick 4, and I suspect the final pool will be around £300,000 (though there’s a bit of guesswork on my part there).

As regular readers will know, I like to play racing pool bets (placepots, jackpots, etc) using a tool called the ABCX ticket builder. Well, $22 and a very smart man in China have enabled me to tailor the ticket builder for the Colossus Bets, with what I strongly suspect is the world’s first ticket builder for this football pool.

It’s dead simple to operate.

1. Choose your bet type, base stake, and budget

2. Click create

3. Drag the scores you want to either A (strongest fancy), B (possible), or C (value outsider), and let the ticket builder calculate your total stakes.

Your first 30 days for just £1

4. Tick the multipliers to ‘max up’ your main tickets.

Here’s an example:

Colossus Bets ticket builder

Colossus Bets ticket builder – click image to enlarge


Pretty cool, huh? The ticket builder can be found here.

So, tonight I’m going to have a go at this big pool. And I was thinking of putting a little syndicate (emphasis on little) together.

The games are Brazil-Chile, Colombia-Uruguay, Netherlands-Mexico, and Costa Rica-Greece.

Here’s what I’m thinking: EIGHT people (myself included) at £50 each. That gives us a bankroll of £400, which won’t go too far at full stake £2 lines, so we’d be aiming to take a fractional piece of the action. Even a winning 20p line (the minimum stake) could net 10% of £300k, which would be well, you know, nice.

Of course, the balance of probabilities is that we’ll lose our stakes, and anyone joining me has to be totally comfortable with that outcome. In fact, anyone making any bet ever needs to be totally comfortable with the probability of losing! (In the immediate term, at least).

Don’t forget that we’ll have ‘cash out’ options at half time and in between games throughout. I will welcome your thoughts on these, but until I can set in place a full ‘syndicate rules’ sheet, it will ultimately be my decision what to do, and to manage your expectations, I’m likely to sit tight for as long as possible. 😉

So, if you fancy joining this ‘flash syndicate’, leave a comment below saying ‘yes please’ or words to that effect, and I’ll get back to you offline. I’ll leave a comment when I’ve got enough people, assuming that happens.

All right, that could be fun!

Whether you fancy the syndicate idea or not, do have a look at the ticket builder; and definitely have a look at Colossus Bets. I think this is going to be huge!



Your first 30 days for just £1
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