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A slightly more attractive option... (!)

A slightly more attractive option than this…

Very occasionally I come across an opportunity in the sports betting world that is a genuine chance for a few people to make a serious annual income.

These opportunities almost always have one thing in common: they’re not form-based.

That is, how much you can make does not depend on how much midnight oil you burn poring over Geegeez Gold form tools, or how many hours of race replays you’ve watched.

No, they use accountancy principles as their cornerstone. Examples are Beaumont’s Bets, Profit Maximizer, and AllBy TheBook back in the day.

And what I discovered when chatting with a respected colleague over a beer a couple of weeks ago takes this to a whole new level. Basically, my mate Graham Laurie, who you might know from his highly regarded Cash Master blog, was raving about a bloke from central Europe who was essentially a ‘money magician’.

Now, just like real magicians don’t actually ‘magic things up’, neither does this fellow use smoke and mirrors. Rather, he uses a series of cute loopholes to secure tens of thousands of pounds in pure profit each year. Tens. Of thousands.

Not only that, but he does it with as close to zero risk as doesn’t matter. And, best of all, his European ‘money magician’ is going to be in London at the end of this month for a private meeting with a few motivated individuals looking to heavily supplement – or, more likely, replace – their current income.

I was so intrigued that I signed up right away to find out everything about it, and I said to Graham that if there was any way I could tell my readers about it, he should give me a shout urgently. Well, Graham rang me last night. He said he’d almost sold out but had a couple of seats left, that are available on a first come first served basis. Rather than me relate what Graham told me, let me hand you over to him. Here’s what he told his own readers:

Graham writes

At the beginning of the summer last year I was contacted by a man in Austria called Rene who said he wanted to meet me in London and show me something which might interest me. Now, Rene has been one of my readers for a few years and I was aware that he made his full time income from risk free betting but wasn’t aware quite how much money he was making, and how long it took him to make it.

If you’re anything like me, you may have dabbled in risk free betting a bit, maybe exploited a few bookie offers or account opening offers etc. but never really made enough from it to get excited about. Most of it seemed like only a few quid here and there and not really worth the bother.

Well, Rene sounded very excited about showing me what he had so I agreed to meet him one Wednesday afternoon in sunny Hammersmith in west London. When I turned up I found Rene sitting in a pub, with a laptop open and a pint of beer. What happened over the next three hours will be lodged in my memory forever.

Rene explained that he made £40,000 per year doing this and that he only spends around two hours a day, sometimes three, to achieve this level of income. To be honest I never thought this was possible with risk free betting. Risk free betting, by its very nature, usually means you are making very small amounts as you are covering all angles of a bet and pocketing the difference. So to make £3000+ a month, or £750+ a week without actually risking your bank just didn’t seem feasible to me.

I was wrong.

Right there and then Rene showed me one of his methods that makes around £50 a day, every day, completely risk free and within one hour.

That’s right. In just one hour a day, he makes £50, risk free, and he repeats that every single day. If he did nothing else at all, that amounts to £18,000 a year for one hour’s ‘work’ a day, and without ever risking his bank. No losing days.

Imagine that? And, being tax free, that’s the equivalent of earning something like £24,000 a year in a job where you have to pay tax. That’s somewhere along the lines of the average UK salary, but most people have to work a 40 hour week for that.

This was very interesting indeed. Just armed with the knowledge of this one technique, I knew that I could always earn the equivalent of a full time average wage in one hour a day, from the comfort of my own home, without risking a penny.

But Rene hadn’t even warmed up yet.

‘We’re just getting started Graham…’ he said. ‘Many people worry about getting bookie accounts closed or restricted. Well, let me show you something here…‘.

He then logged onto a specific website on his laptop, jotted down a few figures, got up and said ‘Follow me‘ as he walked out of the pub.

As I’m sure you’re aware, most UK towns have an abundance of high street bookmakers, and Hammersmith is no exception. Directly across the road from the pub there was a Ladbrokes and next door to the pub was a Corals and a Paddy Power.

We walked into Paddy Power and Rene placed a bet in cash. We then crossed the road and placed another in Ladbrokes and then went back to the pub. Rene then showed me the website he used, explained what the figures meant and how much he will win… guaranteed.

I was amazed. This is the closest thing I’ve seen to printing money. But looking at the website, I spotted another opportunity. Off we went to the bookies again, and we placed another round of bets.

Back to the pub again and Rene then started to explain other techniques, showing me his betting accounts, betting history etc. to explain how it works. It was at this point I knew he had really nailed it. He was so excited it was like watching a kid in a sweet shop who could have anything, and everything, he wanted. It was incredible.

In what seemed like no time at all, three hours had gone by and it was time to collect on the bets. We went back to the bookies, collected the winnings and I couldn’t believe it… £420 profit!

“Ah, this was a good day” said Rene. He wasn’t kidding! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it.

When it came time for Rene to go, he gave me a spare bet slip. “Here’s one I placed earlier..” he said, “If it’s a winner, you can keep the profit, just forward the stake back to my account if you wouldn’t mind!”.

Your first 30 days for just £1

And so off he went, back to Austria.

The next day I called Rene with a proposition. I knew I was going to be away a lot over the summer and therefore wouldn’t have a lot of time to test these techniques for myself, so I asked Rene how he would feel about trading a couple of my own bookmaker accounts over the summer so that I could monitor them and see how he does. He agreed and so I opened two new accounts, funded them, and gave Rene the logins.

That was at the beginning of the summer.

By the end of the summer, Rene had made me a total profit of £7,850, without risking any of my seed money.

Obviously I am delighted with this, but that’s not all. Rene told me he will trade these accounts until he has made me £10,000 and then call it quits.

The man is a genius. Generous too!

I had an amazing afternoon learning some of his secrets. I came away armed with the knowledge to make an impressive income from risk free betting, one technique alone taking just an hour a day and making £18,000 a year.

But Rene would like to teach you how to do this too. With this knowledge you will be able to make a great income from both online and high street bookies without ever losing money again. And you can do it in your own time, whenever suits you. If you are in a full time job earning less than £24,000 a year, you might want to consider a career change where you work from home for an hour a day (in your underpants if you like!) to earn the same amount of money. Or perhaps you like the idea of working an extra hour after work for an extra £18k a year? Tax free.

Or if you have a bit more time to spare, how does working two to three hours a day, for £40,000 a year sound?

If you would like to learn how to do this, Rene is hosting a one day seminar on 26th July. He is taking 35 delegates on a first come, first served basis, and will spend a whole day teaching all his techniques. By the end of the day you will be able to make between £2500-£3500 a month tax free from betting without ever losing a bet again. You will be able to recover the cost of the seminar within a few weeks and then have an income for the rest of your life.

Imagine the freedom to be able to earn money from the bookies whenever you like without risking anything. Imagine being able to check a website for a few details and then walking into a couple of high street bookies placing bets knowing you will make a profit regardless of the outcome. You could pay for your Christmas this year at the expense of the bookies! You could pay for Christmas EVERY year at the expense of the bookies… plus your holidays and anything else you fancy.


Well, there are only 35 places going and, as I’m sure you can imagine, they are going to fill up fast.

Full details can be found here:

P.S. That bet slip Rene gave me… It won.


Following on from my post about this upcoming seminar, I’ve had a lot of questions about it so below is a list of the FAQ’s answered by Rene himself.

Also, you might be interested to hear that I’ve now hit £9,000 profit! That’s right, in just one summer I’ve made nine grand, tax free, without risking any of my betting bank, and this is only using the techniques Rene will show you on the seminar.

Rene makes a full time living using these techniques for around three hours a day, making him on average £40,000 a year. This is tax free income too. If you’d like to learn how to do it yourself, book onto the seminar before it fills up. Rene has no plans to repeat this event. Seats are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Full details here:

Q: Is this something to do with Arbitrage?

Yes, the first two modules of the course involve Arbitrage betting. While this theme is covered on many sites, most people still make some blatant schoolboy errors which easily flags them up as shrewd punters whose business isn’t very welcome with most Bookies.

Furthermore there are an awful lot of dedicated Software Packages on the market. I will show you which two of them I use and why.

Q: Will you get restricted or limited?

Yes, unfortunately this will be the Case. I will show you WHY you get really restricted. The average lifespan of most of my Bookie Accounts (Soft Bookies) is anything between 3 months and in some cases over a year.

Q: Do I have to open Accounts in different people’s names?

Well, yes and no. If you don’t feel comfortable with opening another account then simply don’t do it. There are a lot other options for you if you don’t want to choose this route.

However, if you really want to take this business to the next level then you will choose this path. Let a real professional in this field share with you all his knowledge in this minefield. Please don’t forget though, this issue only applies to one Module.

Q: How much money do I need in order to make £50 a day?

The most frequent question and a very tricky one to answer. I like to think that £1000 should be enough to achieve this on most days. There will be days where I make considerably more than £50.

UK Attendees will love this, especially ONE part of the seminar. It’s a part I personally use EVERY TIME I’m in the UK to make £500 in a Week completely risk free.

Q: I’m already restricted with most online bookies, can I still use this information?

I haven’t been able to place bets in my own name with most UK Bookies since 2007. Do I still make money? You bet it I do! There are always Ways around this (and some very smart ones too!). Be prepared to put a little effort into it in order to make this module worthwile.

I don’t let the likes of Will Hills, Paddy, Ladbrokes,etc. tell me when I have to stop milking them. I know many of you have been restricted with most of the common bookmakers. Give me any bookmaker account and I will show you in ONE day what this industry is made of. I will show you how I have got around this problem for many years now. I’ve made so many mistakes in this business in the past that I’ve lost count. However, if you are a driven person like me, then you will ALWAYS find an edge.

Q: If it’s so good then why are you selling it, do I have to worry that it won’t work after the seminar?

I’ve been doing this business for quite a time now and I know that many like minded people are doing the same having been taught by me. They have made a considerable chunk of money since then with only ONE of the modules from the seminar.

There isn’t a way for the bookies to stop us. There are simply too many opportunities available. It’s highly unlikely that most people, even me, are taking FULL advantage of the very FIRST Method alone and you will see why.

If I haven’t addressed your question or you wish to talk with me directly then feel free to give me a call on Skype under: insidertipps99 (No fishing please!)Approved2

Looking forward to meeting you!

Full details here:


Matt here again…

Wow. So there you are. Clearly, this won’t be for everyone.

Firstly, it’s not for gamblers. This is a risk-free opportunity.

Secondly, it’s not for people who cannot make a little effort (like, an hour a day!) to generate a nice (actually, a very nice) return on that effort (like £1,500 a month).

Third, it could be argued that it’s a bit ‘boring’ (as boring as making lumps of risk-free tax-free money can ever be, anyway!)

But if you have a little seed capital, in line with the above, and a few hours spare a week, then you should be making an easy grand a month just playing at this. Do it seriously, and you can be putting more than £3,000 a month tax-free into your bank account.

I only mention this because I believe it is a truly life-changing project for a few people who are prepared to take the principles and run with them. I intend, like Graham, to chip away when I have time and grab an extra £500 or £1,000 a month. I mean, why the hell not?!

Full details here:

p.s. The registration process is a bit ‘third world’ (if you’ll excuse the phrase), as you’ll see when you click the link above. But I’d urge you not to let that get in the way of registering if you think this might be right for you.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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