A Glut of G’s on Geegeez…

Don't back a Giraffe at Galway or Goodwood!

Don’t bet Giraffes at Galway/ Goodwood!

It’s GG season here on geegeez. In fact, it’s G/GG season. Perhaps even KG/G/GG season. Yes, the end of July and beginning of August sees a star-studded triptych of G-related race meetings, beginning this afternoon at, erm, Ascot.

Ascot’s meeting, which runs to three days, is highlighted by the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, generally abbreviated to King George. Following on almost immediately from the King George meeting’s closing furlongs on Sunday afternoon, is the marathon Galway Festival, which begins on Monday – and runs right through to next Sunday.

And, concertinaed ‘twixt Galway’s alpha and omega triumphs of quantity over quality, is the majestic mid-summer serenity that accompanies Glorious Goodwood, probably my favourite of all the summer race meetings.

Although we try to bring you deep insights into as many of the big meetings as possible, this confluence of Festivals has come at a tricky time for the workers at geegeez.

Essentially, Chris is off sunning himself in North Africa, leaving me to try not to mess up his fine work with Stat of the Day and Double Dutch. And, as if that wasn’t a big enough stretch, I’m also undertaking Racemaker duties at Goodwood on Wednesday and Thursday next week, meaning I’ll be at the track three days (drinking on Friday!).

The number of remaining hours into which I can cram race analysis and consequent scribbles are clearly numbered few. But I’ll do my best to at least cover a couple of races a day from Goodwood, and at least one a day from Galway, especially as there are some very fat ‘pot guarantees both sides of the Irish Sea next week.

Goodwood’s placepot pools should get up and over £250,000 each day, and Galway will have some fat rollovers and guarantees to go at, as follows:


Pick 6
Monday 28th July €100,000 €30,000 €30,000
Tuesday 29th July €100,000 €30,000 €30,000
Wednesday 30th July €100,000 €30,000 €40,000
Thursday 31st July €100,000 €30,000 €40,000
Friday 1st August €100,000 €30,000 €30,000
Saturday 2nd August €100,000 €30,000 €15,000
Sunday 3rd August €100,000 €30,000 €15,000
Your first 30 days for just £1


The jackpot bet – find the winners of four races – is one I’m especially fond of, and will be playing it every day. If you’re not already a Tote Ireland account holder, you can find out more about why they’re a great value opportunity here.

Yum Yum!

I loves me some guaranteed ‘pottage. 😉


You may also have noticed things have been a little quieter on geegeez this week. Far from resting on our laurels, we’ve been looking at what next for the site. We believe, and more importantly hundreds of you agree, that we’ve put together the best set of racecards and form tools available in Britain today.

I don’t say that lightly, because I spend plenty of time rummaging around other sites for things we could maybe find inspiration in or improve upon.

And now we want to share this goodness more widely. So I’ve recruited someone to help me ‘improve my conversion’. No, he’s not a drop goal specialist, nor is he the lead missionary for the South Pacific Pentecostal Brotherhood. Rather, he knows about making nice web pages and faster websites, and that sort of jiggery-wizardry. (I, as you can tell, do not!)

On top of that, I’m in the early stages of planning a launch, where I’ll be inviting readers of other websites to join Geegeez Gold. That should hopefully go ahead in September some time.

And on top of that, I’ve been working on the ‘wish list’ for the next phase – Phase 8 – of Geegeez Gold. I’ll save the contents of that wishlist for after I’ve spoken to my techies and understood the cost implications for such bold aspirations! Suffice it to say, as always, we’re innovating and raising the bar in terms of providing more/better information in a much easier to use way. That, I think, is what sets the Geegeez cards apart.


Now then, with regards to Chris’ duties, he sloped off into the sun yesterday afternoon, so I’ve written Stat of the Day and Double Dutch today. Stat of the Day‘s race looks competitive, and my selection has drifted from its early price, meaning potentially more value (to my eye, at least).

Double Dutch, meanwhile, is on the cusp of a historical double. We started this concept 275 betting days ago and, in that time, we’ve recorded 99 winning doubles and 298 individual winners. That means that two race winners today would give us 100 winning doubles, and 300 individual winners… on the same day!

That would be pretty freaking awesome, as they say on the other shore of the pond, and I’m hopeful rather than confident of hitting the big Double Dutch double whammy. Whereas Stat of the Day is part of the Gold service, Double Dutch is free – and very pleasantly profitable. It’s also a really fun little bet, in my opinion.

Double Dutch, like Stat of the Day, can be found from the Horse Racing Tips menu item (where else?!), or by clicking this link: Double Dutch

That’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with a view on the big TV races. While it will be (extremely) difficult to repeat the big-priced hat-tricks of the past two Saturdays, that doesn’t mean I won’t be trying!


p.s. check out the racecards if you’ve not done so for a while. They really are something very useful indeed.

p.p.s. Can you help? I’m looking for a quality, reliable, consistent ratings service that might be receptive to a licensing deal. In plain English, do you know any great ratings people that I could speak to about publishing their numbers on geegeez cards? Please leave a comment and let me know! Thanks

Your first 30 days for just £1
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