Introducing… Oc-Tote-ber

Welcome to Oc-tote-ber!

Welcome to Oc-tote-ber

It’s the last day of September, which means that tomorrow is the first day of October. Or, as it will become known here at, Oc-Tote-ber.

Yes, throughout October we’ll have a range of features and specials dedicated to the noble art of the pool bet. I’ll be covering the best pools in which to ‘fish’; pool bet strategies; there will be notifications of where the rollovers and guarantees (i.e. value betting opportunities) are; and, I’ll be running some small syndicates as well.

The main focus will be on three different totes:

– UK totepool (horse racing)

– Tote Ireland (horse racing)

– Colossus Bets (football pool betting)


And I’ll be covering in more depth:

– Placepot strategy

– Intra-race multiples strategy (i.e. exactas, trifectas)

– Staking strategy

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– Value-seeking strategy


But what is strategy without tactics? It’s mere ivory-towered academia. So I’ll be taking those strategic concepts and applying them to real world pools into which I’ll be making bets, and encouraging you to do likewise.

Now, the very nature of pool betting is that the player has to “win twice”. Clearly, players have to identify the correct outcomes for the events in question. But also, it is important to try to find a correct outcome that others will have missed. In other words, if you like all six favourites, it may not be especially worthwhile making a placepot bet. (There are occasional exceptions even to this guideline!)

The reason I mention this is because I’ll probably have to show examples in hindsight in order to protect some of the intrinsic value in the wagers. After all, if just nine readers make the same wager as me, and there are nineteen winning tickets, I will have halved my payout by having to share with those readers.

I am all for sharing, but that will be via knowledge transfer and/or syndicates, which I’m planning to arrange throughout Oct-tote-ber. The pools I like to play, and will be looking to play, are:

– Big meeting placepots

– Irish Jackpot (four races) when there’s a rollover

– Irish Pick 6 (six races) when there’s a rollover or attractive pool size guarantee

– Irish Super Trifecta (pick the 1-2-3 in race 6 on Sundays)

– Colossus Bets Pick 4 (four correct scores) when there’s a rollover

– Colossus Bets HDA8 (home/draw/away in eight matches) when there’s a rollover

Each of the above, with the possible exception of the Pick 6 on its trickier days, is a clear value opportunity. I’ll explain why another day (unless it’s obvious to you that a pool seeded with OPM – Other People’s Money – must be a good thing in which to be involved!).

Juicy rollover on the Pick 4 tonight....

Juicy rollover on the Pick 4 tonight….

There is an excellent rollover for tonight’s Colossus Bets Pick 4, and I was tempted to form a syndicate for it. But, I’m afraid, it’s date night for me and Mrs Matt, and she wouldn’t appreciate me managing our position midway through the main course!!!

That said, I will be having a crack at it, albeit that I’ll be taking a fixed position on tonight’s pair of games. As you can see from the above, the pool is already up to £88,000, and it should rise to at least £100,000 before kick off. You can play for as little as 20p lines, and here’s a link to my review of Colossus Bets, a pool I LOVE! That link also outlines how to play this particular bet, so do take a look.

And if you haven’t got an account with them already, they’ll match your played through deposits in your first 72 hours after signing up, up to £100. In other words, if you deposit and bet £100 (or £5, or whatever amount you play) within the first 72 hours, they’ll match that with free credit of £100 (or £5, or whatever amount you play). Pretty neat!

For those of you prepared to tilt at windmills a bit, there’s a borderline playable Pick 6 at Fairyhouse this afternoon. It’s got a €25,000 guaranteed pool (which is €17,500 net), and there are a couple or three races where bankers might reward brave play. I’m in two minds about limping in, as it could be easier than it looks… and, of course, it might not be!

If you need to know more about Tote Ireland, including why they’re one of my most played pools, click here.

Yes, Oc-tote-ber promises to be a LOT of fun, so do get warmed up for it on this last day of September. 🙂


p.s. the new racecard content will soon be live, so click refresh on the cards and enjoy, whichever level of registered user you are. Hint, if you’re a free registered user, you’ll see Race of the Day marked by a yellow bar when it’s been uploaded. If you can’t see it, it’s not there yet! If you’re a Gold subscriber, you’ll see red x’s on Instant Expert. Again, if they’re not there, it’s not uploaded yet.

p.p.s. if you’re a tote pool bettor, don’t be afraid to chip in with your own best tricks and tips – and thanks.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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