Tipperary Mini Syndicate Wager Details

As promised, here is the basic strategy for today’s Pick 6 mini syndicate.

In the first race we’re banking on 1-3 favourite (Willie Mullins/Ruby Walsh, unbeaten). You could lay it cheaply if you wanted to insure your stake against an early bath. I will be ‘letting it ride’.

Leg 2 has the first vulnerable favourite. On his penultimate race form, he wins. On his last race form, he’s a worry. Two (8,13) taken underneath (on B), with #18 capable but maybe being saved for handicaps.
Leg 3 is a very low grade handicap, and I’ve taken a strong stand against 3rd fav, Forget And Forgive, a serial loser. If we’re still going as AA through the first two legs, you might want to have a little saver bet on it ‘just in case’.
Leg 4 could easily go to the Willie Mullins or Noel Meade entries, but it’s probably the deepest quality race of the day. So I’ve taken a couple on B, and a couple on C too.
I really don’t like the jolly in Leg 5, but I’m not brave enough to omit him! So he’s supported by The Doorman, with B’s and C’s aplenty. (Remember, C’s only count if we’ve gone all A’s so far).
And in leg 6, we have both the top of the market (A) and the best supported horses in the race (B).

Any 6 A’s; any 5 A’s with 1 B; any 4 A’s with 2 B’s; or any 5 A’s with 1 C, is what we’re after.

2.25 A 2
2.55 A 1 / B 8 13
3.25 A 1 5 10 12 / B 6 9 14
3.55 A 2 4 / B 1 6 / C 7 8
4.25 A 5 10 / B 13 14 / C 1 3 4 6 11
4.55 A 1 4 / B 6 10 12

Your first 30 days for just £1

As you can see, we’re slightly over-budget, and I’ve picked up the shortfall, and taken a commensurate percentage. That means:

Me €146 staked = 26.72% of any return
Jim, Chris, Cliff, Paul €100 staked = 18.32% each (total 73.28%) of any return

Ticket 1 below is staked for €1.50 lines; Tickets 2-6 are €1 lines; and Tickets 7-18 are €0.50 lines. The dividend is declared to €1.

Hope that all makes sense and sounds fair enough. Let’s hope to at least get through the first leg…!



Your first 30 days for just £1
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