Important: Stat of the Day and Mondays

We_have_movedI’ve had a couple of questions today from avid Stat of the Day readers, which has highlighted an error in my own communications…

Stat of the Day will, from today onwards, be a part of the main blog on Mondays only.

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Geegeez has introduced a new ‘Feature of the Day’, which showcases one element of the Gold service to those not already subscribed, in order that they can get a window on what we do across the various parts of the Gold proposition.

It is now obvious to me that I should have told loyal Gold/SotD fans that the post was on the main part of the site, and I’m really sorry for the oversight.

The reason we cannot ‘simply’ place it on both the blog and in the Stat of the Day page is that the latter is ‘protected’, meaning it also won’t show up in the former.

I hope that makes sense and, again, apologies if this Monday move has caught you unawares.

Best Regards,


Your first 30 days for just £1
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