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The roll out of Phase 8 of the Gold content continues, albeit a bit slower than planned. Phase 8a included Peter May’s very popular speed ratings, extra filters in Full Form Filters, a Race of the Day and Feature of the Day for non-Gold subscribers, and some small tweaks to Instant Expert.

And now in Phase 8b, we’re introducing a range of powerful new report filters.

The reports in Geegeez Gold allow users to look deeply into the habits of trainers, jockeys, horses for courses, head to head records, and hot form; as well as a couple of profiling reports called The Shortlist and Best Of.

We’ve added filters to the following reports:

  • Hot Form
  • Horses For Courses
  • Head to Head
  • Trainer Statistics
  • Jockey Statistics
  • Trainer Jockey Combo Statistics

And we’ve also introduced a scoring system to The Shortlist. Let’s take a closer look at the new filters, starting with the ‘old’ report layout and the main problem with it…

Here’s the unfiltered version of today’s Trainer Jockey Combo report. As you’ll see, it’s a loooong report.




But now we’ve added the following filter bar to the top of the reports listed:


As you can see, you can now sort by runs, wins, places, win or place percentage, and win or each way profit/loss.

The first time you use these, you’ll want to set them up. (Or maybe you won’t, but let’s assume you do!) Just choose the filters you’re interested in and the settings for each.

I’m going to filter the Trainer Jockey Combo report by Runs (10+), Win% (20+) and Win PL (10+) and I’m going to look at the Course Form 2009+ view. From an unfiltered list of 134 trainer/jockey combinations, my refined list now has just five lines on it, each of which represents a partnership that has been profitable to follow in the past:


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This ‘juice’ can now be sorted as required, and clicking on a row reveals that pairing’s entries today. Here, I’ve sorted by Win P/L and clicked on all five returned profit duos:



Once you’ve chosen some filters, those settings are stored in each report. So if you’re happy with the settings, each time you log in, you’ll just get the shortlist you want. Pretty cool, eh?

Oh, and in case you’re not yet using this report, here’s an interesting line from yesterday’s top profit pairing:



Now 25/1 winners are not everyday occurrences, but this kind of powerful insight does mean that Geegeez Gold subscribers needn’t fear backing one at a price when the stats look interesting.


The other reports listed at the top of this post have similar filters, so you’ll get the idea of how to use those from what you’ve already read. But one where we’ve employed a slightly different tack is The Shortlist. By its nature, this is normally a fairly short report anyway, but sometimes on busier racing days it can get quite extensive.

So we’ve introduce a scoring system, as follows:

GREY = 0
RED = -1

Thus a horse can appear on the report with a score between 9 and 15, with 15 being all green. Here’s an example of why you really should be looking at this report, this time from Saturday’s racing:


Now, again, this wouldn’t be a typical day. There are more qualifiers than normal for one thing. And we wouldn’t always expect the report to flag winners at 16/1, 7/1 and 6/1. But it does do that with pleasing frequency.

In my opinion, this is one of a handful of pages that time-starved Gold subscribers should check every day. It provides a perfect snapshot of those best suited by conditions each day.

The other places I’d recommend those short on time check in are Stat of the Day, a daily tip which has been hugely profitable in each year to date (since 2011), and Double Dutch, which is completing 365 days of service today and has notched 63 points profit in that time. That profit haul was helped by a fat 44.5/1 double on Saturday, and it should be noted that Double Dutch is a free service available to all geegeez users.

So that’s all for Phase 8b. As always, it’s just live meaning things might go a bit ‘quirky’. If they do, please drop me a line and I’ll get it investigated.

Phase 8c, which is almost ready, will allow users to set up email alerts for their tracked horses, trainers and jockeys – either overnight, or at the five day stage. And Phase 8d, with you before November is out, will have more customization option in your My Geegeez area.

We continue to be committed to re-investing in Gold to make it a tool that can challenge some of the major computer form books, and I’m confident that our approach – intuitive, user-focused design – will reap rewards for all users, regardless of time or experience.

If you’re not already a Gold subscriber, you can take a 10 day unlimited access trial, by clicking here.


And finally today, I’m going to run a webinar (or two) to showcase Geegeez Gold and dig down into what it can do. This will be suitable to all levels of user, and I’ll start with the basics and how to get the most out of Gold depending on your experience level and/or time availability.

To make that as tailored to viewer’s needs as possible, I want your questions and requests. So, if you have a query, or you want me to show you how I use a particular thing, just leave a comment and ask.

For instance, do you know how to use the pace tab? What things do I look for most on the Instant Expert? Which reports have the most interesting (and profitable) data? And how do I get to it? Where is the tipping content housed? How best does one use the speed ratings? And so on…

I’ll try to incorporate as many as possible into an hour long ‘show’.

I hope you like the latest Gold innovations. Have a play around and let us know what you think!

Matt (and his clever team of techie people)

Your first 30 days for just £1
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