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An eye-catching headline today, because I suspect if you’re not a Gold subscriber you might not be getting all you can from geegeez. And I don’t mean all you can get if you subscribe: you’ve probably seen some of the posts about the cool time-saving, big-priced-winner-getting stuff inside of Gold.

But geegeez has always been for everyone, regardless of the amount of time you have for your racing, or the amount of money you have for the same. That’s why, as well as the bundles of goodness inside Gold, there is plenty of goodness outside too. In other words, for free.

Let me help you get to grips with that, if I may.

1. Great news, tips, and blogs (all subscribers, free registration not required)

We cover all the major meetings in some depth on geegeez, and rarely charge a penny for our thoughts. There’s also a news feed which can be found here – – where new geegeez news writer, Nige Keeling, has really taken to his role of snooping around for interesting stories/people not covered in the syndicated mainstream media.

In the last couple of days, for instance, you’ll find deep insight from our man on the Irish point to point scene; a word on the upcoming sales at Cheltenham where big money will be splashed on ex-pointers; and ex-Telegraph racing editor, Tony Stafford’s take on racing’s numbers game.

There’s something at that link – just look at the middle column on the page – every day, so do check in as often as you’re able and willing.

2. Double Dutch (all subscribers, free registration not required)

Our second tipping service (Stat of the Day is our first), Double Dutch runs from Monday to Saturday and highlights two horses in each of two races. We make 4 x 0.5 point bets – two points in total – and since inception 365 betting days ago, the service is in profit to the tune of 61.42 points.

That’s a live service up over sixty points, and absolutely free to all visitors, without the need to even register as a free user!

3. Race of the Day (all free registered subscribers)

For those who want to dabble with the Gold content, our Race of the Day, is a great place to start. Highlighted on the card in yellow if you’re signed in and not a Gold subscriber, it is usually the second most valuable race of the day. Today’s race is the 2.40 Huntingdon:

Race of the Day is highlighted in yellow

Race of the Day is highlighted in yellow

Clicking on that race will bring up all the tabs that Gold subscribers see, including the brilliant Instant Expert and Pace Analysis tabs. You’ll also have access to extra icons and information on the Card tab for that race, as follows:

All this free on Race of the Day

All this free on Race of the Day

Click the image to enlarge if you need/want to. I’ll also walk you through the bonus content featured in Race of the Day. It includes:

Your first 30 days for just £1

– 3 additional inline form components: full head to head records against today’s rivals; the Racing Post horse comment; sales and breeding information

– Trainer and jockey form indicators: 14 – in form last 14 days; 30 – in form last 30 days; C1 – in form at the course in the last year; C09+ – in form at the course since 2009

– Peter May’s excellent and profitable speed ratings (SR column)

– Instant Expert and Pace tabs

Of course, Gold subscribers have access to all of that for all races. But there’s a bit of everything for everyone on geegeez 🙂

4. Feature of the Day (all free registered subscribers)

If Race of the Day offers all race card features for one race, then Feature of the Day offers one feature covering all races. The weekly sequence is as follows:

Monday – Stat of the Day
Tuesday – The Shortlist report
Wednesday – Trainer Statistics report
Thursday – Instant Expert tab
Friday – Horses for Courses report
Saturday – Trainer/Jockey combo report
Sunday – Pace tab

So today, Tuesday, is The Shortlist report. When you’re logged in as a free user, you’ll see this at the top of the cards:


I can tell you that there’s a very interesting runner on that report today with a ‘line of green’ profile (meaning it’s very well suited to today’s going, class, course, distance and field size). You’ll have to log in and click the report link to find out which horse it is though!

5. Tipping League (all free or Gold registered subscribers)

Use the cards, find horses you fancy, click the TIP icon (see the yellow icon in the image above), and place your bet. Simple as that. Every month, I send a cheque for £100 to the top tipster in that period.

And this month, I’ve got an extra prize for the winner. I’m throwing in race programmes from Irish Champions Weekend, Future Champions Day, British Champions Day (that one featuring the race card debut of Instant Expert as well!), and both days of the Breeders Cup.

A globe-trotting racing fan's prize for November's Tip League winner

A globe-trotting racing fan’s prize for November’s Tip League winner

That’s a pretty sweet bonus, no?

There are still two-thirds of the month left, and the leader, sirmickjagger, is on an eminently catchable £622.50 profit currently. So get involved. Once you’ve found the horse(s) you fancy on the cards, just click the TIP icon, enter your stake and tick each way if you want to bet that way. Then click the big red ‘Tip’ button and you’ll have fired your fancy into the melting pot.

So that’s £100 and a bundle of championship programmes for the November winner. Get involved! Click the Racecards link in the menu at the top of this page.


My dear dad – who is Italian – picked up a saying when he first came over to Britain in the early sixties, that went something like this:

“You get nothing for nothing, and very little for sixpence”

That phrase has always stuck with me, and I’ve generally tried to disprove it (for all that I think it’s a truism in the main) in my business life. That’s why I’m delighted to be able to share these tasty pieces of the Gold pie to all who want to use them. Who knows? Some of you might even join us on the inside one day.

For those who need to register a free account on the site, use this link:

Good luck! (And thanks for continuing to be a visitor to


Your first 30 days for just £1
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