The End Of An Era for Geegeez

With apologies for the somewhat melodramatic headline, but today marks the end of development work on geegeez for 2014. The last pieces of Phase 8 were added to the site yesterday, and those of you who log in will have already noticed a difference to your home, or ‘My Geegeez’, screen.

Free registered users now see a page that looks a bit (OK, a lot) tidier, like this one:

The new My Geegeez page for free registered members

The new My Geegeez page for free registered members

You can now Logout, Upgrade to Gold, and scout your Tipping League position from the My Geegeez area. And, as I’ve said, the whole thing is a good bit tidier than it was.

Gold subscribers have a bit more functionality on their page, with the addition of some smart Tracker options in the My Geegeez area. Click the image below to view it full size.

New Tracker options on My Geegeez

New Tracker options on My Geegeez

The grey boxes can be clicked to reveal further information, as follows:

Never miss your favourites now they're on your home screen

Never miss your favourites now they’re on your home screen

And setting up your My Tracker Options will allow you to receive emails for any or all of your tracked horses, trainers and/or jockeys. Not only that, but you can opt to receive an email for racing the next day, or for the five day entries, as shown in the image below.

Choose if, when and how you receive emails

Choose if, when and how you receive emails

When you opt in to receive emails, you’ll get something like the below sent to your box at 7pm GMT each evening (only when your tracked crew have entries).

Tracker emails look like this...

Tracker emails look like this…


Also in this last update of 2014 is an option to add and view notes against horses in your Tracker. This can be very handy if you want to keep a virtual notebook of horses. We will likely extend the notes functionality next year, but wanted to allow those users who like to annotate their tracking the facility to do that.

New: Tracker Notes

New: Tracker Notes


We’ve come a seriously long way in 2014. Gold was introduced at the turn of the year, and your subscriptions have not only supported the painfully high monthly data license costs, but also the development of a whole swathe of user-friendly winner-getting tools, including:

Phase 4 (January 2014)

Horses for Courses, Trainer Statistics, and ‘Best Of’ reports

Head to Head race card icon

Your first 30 days for just £1

Basic Tracker functionality

Phase 5 (April 2014)

Tipping League integrated into race cards

Head to Head report

Comments and Breeding icons on cards

4 x form view for trainers in slidedown on cards

Addition of five day declarations to the cards

Phase 6 (July 2014)

Addition of ‘tomorrow’ view for all reports, allowing users ‘night before’ access

Similar ‘tomorrow’ views of all next day race card functionality

Upgraded Instant Expert to include ranges

Shortlisting function added to cards

Search added to the race cards

4 x form view for jockeys in slidedown on cards

Hot trainer/jockey form indicators added to cards

Phase 7 (September 2014)

Going override for the meeting added

Improvements to inline form to display running comment and race name on hover

Clicking on inline run opens full result in new tab

Vastly improved results function, featuring:
– Today’s results all on one page in chronological order
– Recent result search covering the past fortnight with a single click
– Historical result search

Addition of ‘Then What?’, showing:
– Subsequent performance of race runners, indicating strength of form
– Horse by horse subsequent performance data on full results

‘Hot Form’ report added

Peter May speed ratings added to cards

Phase 8 (November 2014)

Overhaul of My Geegeez page to include:
– My Tracker Engagements
– My Tracker Email options
– My Tipping League
– In page upgrade option for free members

Report filters introduced for six reports

Addition of ‘trainer’ and ‘handicap’ filters to Full Form Filters

Extended shortlisting to Instant Expert, aligned with same feature on cards

Addition of Race of the Day for free members

Addition of Feature of the Day for free members

Addition of Tracker Notes

Phew. That’s quite a lot of new stuff, and it shows how far we’ve come this year. I have some exciting plans for 2015, though have to work through the feasibility of some of them before announcing anything. Suffice it to say that it remains my intention to make Geegeez Gold the most accessible and feature-rich computer form tool in Britain.

It’s my belief – and that of the the thousands of free and Gold users (over 4,000 of you and counting!) – that we already have the best race cards in Britain. Next year’s focus then will be on raising the bar in terms of the form tool and reporting aspects of Gold.

I want to sincerely thank all users of the geegeez racecards – and, of course, especially Gold users whose subscriptions have funded the above developments – for their support in 2014 so far. Please tell your racing mates about the cards, and about Gold, because we’re starting something of a velvet revolution with this content. It’s all built by punters for punters, and when compared with other offerings, I think that shines through above all else. 🙂

The dramatic headline of this post – The End Of An Era for Geegeez – was a blatant attention getter. So it’s only right that I should close with a cliff hanger… Watch out for what’s to come in 2015 – you’re going to love it!


p.s. if you’re not registered, even as a free member, yet, click here to get on board.

p.p.s. there is a revised user manual, with more info on ALL Gold (and free) features, which is downloadable from your My Geegeez page, or from here.

p.p.p.s. I didn’t even mention Stat of the Day, which is right on 100 points in profit in 2014, from just one bet a day, level stakes, Monday to Saturday. 🙂



Your first 30 days for just £1
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