Stat of the Day Update, 24th to 29th November 2014

Stat of the Day : Update

Stat of the Day : Update

Stat of the Day Update: 24/11/14 to 29/11/14

It was, unfortunately another frustratingly disappointing week and despite entering Saturday’s action still pitching with a shout of a weekly and monthly profit, it was not to be I’m afraid.

Short-term results haven’t been good and an overall loss of 2.80pts in November, whilst not disastrous, is not what I’m after or about. It does, however need to be put into context of a much bigger picture.

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A fortnight ago, we entered Year 4 of the SotD project and the strike rate, profits and ROI are all excellent, despite a loss this month just gone. I should point out that it was our first losing month since March of this year, which in turn came on the back of six consecutive profitable months. So, we’ve had two losing months in the last 14 and every month’s figures are available via the link at the foot of this page.

Otherwise, 2014 has been very good for followers of SotD, we’ve had 80 winners this year from 282 runners; a strike rate of 28.37% and level stakes profits of 92.63pts at an ROI of 32.85%. I know many of you have enough faith in SotD to apply your own staking plans, knowing the next winner isn’t usually too far away, but even simple level stakes have meant that a stake of just £2.13 per selection would have now generated enough to cover a yearly sub to Geegeez Gold (if you want the details of the yearly subs, just ask: we don’t bite!)

Selections & Results: 24/11/14 to 29/11/14

24/11: Be Royale (adv 6/1 BOG) : 2nd at 11/4
25/11: Reach The Beach (adv 9/2 BOG) : u/p at 8/1
26/11: Dalewari (adv 5/2 BOG) : won at 7/4
27/11: Mia San Triple (adv 6/1 BOG) : u/p at 8/1
28/11: Comeonginger (adv 3/1 BOG) : 3rd at 3/1
29/11: Vif Argent (adv 5/1 BOG) : PU at 8/1

24/11 to 29/11:
1 winning bet from 6
P/L: -2.50pts

5 winners from 23 = 21.74% S.R.
P/L: -2.80pts
POI = -12.17%

284 winners from 985 = 28.83% S.R
P/L: +231.94pts
ROI: +23.55%
plus a 12pt profit from 1 forecast => +243.94pts from a 986pt outlay = +24.74% ROI

P.S. The full month by month SotD story can be found right here.
P.P.S The review of SotD’s 2012 performance is here.

Whilst the details for 2013 are now online here.

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Your first 30 days for just £1
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