Stat of the Day Update, 1st to 6th December 2014

Stat of the Day : Update

Stat of the Day : Update

Stat of the Day Update: 01/12/14 to 06/12/14

Not the best of starts to the new month, but a winner and two placers in the final four days of the week suggest some consistency has returned and that generally means that the next batch of winners is just around the corner.

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As it was, we hit just the one winner from six picks this week, but with New Rich being highlighted at 9/2 BOG, our losses were minimal at 0.5pts and I’ll be looking to clear those this coming week, along with adding some profit to the bottom line.

Selections & Results: 01/12/14 to 06/12/14

01/12: Divine Rule (adv 4/1 BOG) : u/p at 8/1
02/12: Duchess of Gazeley (adv 4/1 BOG) : u/p at 11/4
03/12: New Rich (adv 9/2 BOG) : won at 7/2
04/12: Chauvelin (adv 3/1 BOG) : u/p at 7/2
05/12: Ballyallia Man (adv 3/1 BOG) : 3rd at 9/2
06/12: Dunraven Storm (adv 9/2 BOG) : 2nd at 5/1

01/12 to 06/12:
1 winning bet from 6
P/L: -0.50pts

1 winner from 6 = 16.67% S.R.
P/L: -0.50pts
POI = -8.33%

285 winners from 991 = 28.76% S.R
P/L: +231.44pts
ROI: +23.35%
plus a 12pt profit from 1 forecast => +243.44pts from a 992pt outlay = +24.54% ROI

P.S. The full month by month SotD story can be found right here.
P.P.S The review of SotD’s 2012 performance is here.

Whilst the details for 2013 are now online here.

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Your first 30 days for just £1
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