Geegeez Gold Overview: February 2015

Just the six winners and two second's...

Just the six winners and two second’s…

This week, we’ve welcomed over 700 new trial subscribers to the Geegeez Gold community. They join a similar number of existing Gold subscribers, and over 5,000 free registered users here at

So, firstly, a very warm welcome to all, new and old!

Now, the purpose of this video post is to offer an overview of what’s inside Geegeez Gold. If you’ve taken a trial this week, I hope this will answer a lot of questions for you. And even if you’ve been a Gold subscriber since the beginning (hard to believe we’ve not even been going fifteen months!), do see what might  have changed or been added that you’ve missed.

Beneath the video are some timings, in case you want to look at something specific; and also some quick links to help you get more information on various aspects.

Your first 30 days for just £1

[HINT: Click the [SQUARE] bottom right of the video box to make it full screen]


00:00 Introduction/welcome
00:20 Login
02:15 Tips
04:47 Cards Overview
10:08 Full Form Filter
11:35 Instant Expert
12:43 Pace Analysis
13:57 Reports
17:26 Tracker
21:00 Prize Tipping League
21:52 Forum

Useful Stuff

Quick Start Guide

User Guide (on My Geegeez page)

Video Tutorials (see section on My Geegeez page)

The Shortlist

The full development story so far

Your first 30 days for just £1
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