Stat of the Day Update, 23rd to 28th February 2015

Stat of the Day : Update

Stat of the Day : Update

Stat of the Day Update: 23/02/15 to 28/02/15

We rounded February off with a third consecutive week of profit, enabling us to end the month in profit, which wasn’t something I was too sure of after the disastrous start to the month!

It was a week of two halves, if the truth be told. We kicked off with three winning bets, before a couple of stinkers ahead of a near miss on Saturday. I’m happy to take 2.6pts profit from any week to be honest, but Smugglers Lane and Holiday Magic both came very close to adding to the tally.

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I know it’s all supposition, but we weren’t too far away from walking off with a weekly profit of 11.6pts!

Selections & Results: 23/02/15 to 28/02/15

23/02: Nomadic Storm (adv 9/4 BOG) : WON at 3/1
24/02: Smugglers Lane (adv 7/1 E/W BOG) : 2nd at 6/1
25/02: Rascal (adv 3/1 BOG, 2.4/1 after R4) : WON at 11/8
26/02: Arabian Flight (adv 4/1 BOG) : u/p at 5/2
27/02: Rich Again (adv 9/4 BOG) : u/p at 11/4
28/02: Holiday Magic (adv 5/1 BOG) : 2nd at 11/4

23/02/15 to 28/02/15 :
3 winning bets from 6
P/L: +2.60pts

7 winners from 24 = 29.17% S.R.
P/L: +3.10pts
POI = +12.92%

302 winners from 1055 = 28.63% S.R
P/L: +239.67pts
ROI: +22.72%
plus a 12pt profit from 1 forecast => +251.67pts from a 1056pt outlay = +23.83% ROI

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