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After a taxing evening where not everything went strictly to plan with the upgrade, we now have a new and improved architecture, and some new features inside Gold.

I’ll quickly skirt over the boring ‘architecture’ bit. In a nutshell, Gold has grown significantly since its humble beginnings, and we needed to take stock of the way we do things. That meant rationalizing the common elements, such as getting report data from the database and publishing it on site. (See, I told you it was boring!).

The good news from this, and the reason I mentioned it at all, is because it means that going forwards we have the capability to do more stuff in terms of report generation. I’ll stop short of committing to anything without thinking it through, but I think it means (further) exciting times ahead.

Of immediate interest, we’ve added some new features and functions.


New Report: Trainer 2yo First Run

The latest addition to the reporting suite is the Trainer 2yo First Run report which, you’ll not be surprised to learn, outlines how those trainers with 2yo debutants running today have fared with such types in the past.

Here’s an example (as with all images, click to enlarge it in another window):

NEW: Trainer - 2yo First Run Report

NEW: Trainer – 2yo First Run Report


As with most of the trainer reports, we have views for one year, two year, five year and course five year form; and there is a selection of filters which can be applied to the data to focus on specifically the parameter set in which you are interested.

As can be seen from the Dermot Weld line, clicking on the trainer name reveals inline that trainer’s entries on the day in question. Weld’s runner is competing against Chasing Tomorrow, a horse in which I own a share! His 11.76% win strike rate suggests that we shouldn’t be overly worried about Caribbean Spring.

However, the top entry on the report, Ger Lyons, also has a runner in our race, and he has an impressive 23% win rate with first time up juveniles, and a significant 71 unit profit. His runner (Argentero, to save you trawling) is feared, as are a number of others in what looks a very good race.

You can find this report on the Reports page; in the reports sub-menu of Racecards in the website main menu; and, in the Report Dropdown on the actual race cards pages.


Horse/Trainer/Jockey Form Enhancements

There are also some enhancements on the Full Form Filter tab, and on the horse/trainer/jockey form popout, which are both available to free registered users of Geegeez as well as Gold subscribers. Both are long overdue in truth. Let’s start with Race Entries.

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From now, if you click on the name of a horse, trainer or jockey; or if you’re in the Full Form Filter tab, you will see a new title Row called Race Entries.

Clicking on that reveals, as the name suggests, those entries for the horse/trainer/jockey in question. Here’s an example:

New Race Entries feature

New Race Entries feature


The Race Entries area works in ‘accordian’ style with the Race Form, which means that when one is open, the other is shut. Just click the title bar to switch the view to that which you want.

[Also notice how a trainer’s (or jockey’s or horse’s) historical form can be filtered using the check boxes in the blue ‘Filters’ area, and how the overall Race Record updates to reflect your selections. I contend that this is the most powerful free form tool in Britain today.]

The other new elements that keen eyes may have already spotted are the LOR/HiOR columns. I fear this might confuse a few people over time, because logically LOR would stand for Low Official Rating when set next to HiOR, which does stand for High Official Rating. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The new columns only apply to horses, naturally enough, and showcase the LAST Official Rating (LOR) as well as the highest official rating (HiOR) for each race code. This helps to see how well a horse might be handicapped, all other things being equal. Note, importantly, that this is different from the last winning rating which displays on Instant Expert.

Here’s an example for Persepolis:




I’ve highlighted a couple of turf elements. Firstly, in the Race Form, his last and highest winning rating on turf was 86 (Sandown, 25th July 2013). The handicapper pushed him up two pounds to 88 after that victory in a maiden, and that figure – 88 – is the number that occupies the Flat Turf HiOR.

The LOR – Last Official Rating – for Flat Turf is 79, which is the rating off which Persepolis last ran on grass – on the 3rd July 2014 at Epsom.

What’s the point of all this? The point is, quite simply, to demonstrate where a horse is perched – roughly – against the handicapper’s highest estimation of its ability.

One important point to note is that the Last Official Rating (LOR) is NOT today’s mark, but rather the figure the horse last ran off in today’s code (i.e. Persepolis last ran off 79 in a turf flat race).


Today’s Racing

We’ve added a helpful reminder of which day’s racing you’re actually looking at now, too. If you’re like me and you skip ahead to check various future entries, this is a great instant visual reminder of which day you’re on.

xxxday's Racing - now inline for the absent-minded (i.e. me!)

xxxday’s Racing – now inline for the absent-minded (i.e. me!)


Future Proofing

As I mentioned, this upgrade required simultaneous changes to both back end database code, and front end website code. In short, it was pretty messy.

The upside is that we are now well placed to deliver further enhancements which you’ll see in the coming weeks. And we have a configuration which is much closer to the good coding standards that I insisted on in my old ‘day job’ as a software development project and programme manager (seems a lifetime ago, I left to do this in 2006. Hang on, that was a lifetime ago…)

However, this future proofing has come at a small temporary cost, namely…


Known Issues

We have worked through a range of ‘handshake’ issues this evening, i.e. where the data and the website weren’t communicating as they used to/should do. And there are still a couple outstanding. So, if you experience any of the following, we’re aware of it and working on fixing in the next couple of days:

FIXED – H4C Report: No data being displayed at all
FIXED – All Reports: ‘Tomorrow’ button not working
FIXED – Tracker: Notes not working
FIXED – Full Form popout: No vertical scroll bar, or window resizing available (Internet Explorer)
FIXED – Green Trainer/Jockey form indicators: Were displaying incorrectly (currently hidden on until fixed)
FIXED – Search box on cards: Returns no results for searches

We believe everything is now fixed and back to normal. But, if you spot anything else, please do let me know.



Your first 30 days for just £1
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