VIDEO PROOF: Geegeez Gold can help you win more!

Winning more with Geegeez Gold reports

Winning more with Geegeez Gold reports

Regular readers will have heard me banging the drum for a different way of betting espoused by the brilliant tools within Geegeez Gold. You will also have seen me publish various images of winning selections from the reports, racecards, and of course from Stat of the Day and Double Dutch.

Those who have been following this site for a little longer – or looked through Monday’s ‘from the archive’ post, originally published at the end of 2013 – will know that I’ve been a profitable bettor for a number of years.

But today, I want to do something that – as far as I’m aware – nobody has ever done before. It’s time to showcase exactly what Geegeez Gold has done for my bottom line in graphic ‘bank account’ detail!

Quite apart from the daily joy I get from scanning through the various reports and card views, I get a sense of satisfaction more than anything else from the profits I’ve consistently generated from my betting. And, while that’s obviously not meant to be a gloat, it will hopefully highlight the power of Gold. Keep in mind that this is a tool kit which has made hundreds of bettors profitable, or more profitable… in many cases for the very first time.

The video is quarter of an hour long, but if you don’t want to watch me deleting the irrelevant entries from my statement – like council tax and the mortgage – you can watch the intro, and then skip to 10:35 in the vid, at which point the entry removal is complete. I’ve left the entire editing process in there for the purposes of total transparency.

Hope you find it interesting…


Your first 30 days for just £1


As I say, that’s what Gold has done for me in 2015. As an example of some of the selections I’ve publicly shared, here are a couple of forum posts from this week, highlighting winners at 16/1 (Rule 4 applied), and a 19/1 double (image incorrectly says 20/1, forgive me!)











This is all pretty standard drill: a handful of picks, mostly at big (speculative) prices; all with something to recommend them which the market has hitherto failed to connect to the horse’s price.

Most nominated horses go off shorter, but plenty of the ‘drifters’ still win or run well.

What Gold does is give users the confidence to back at big prices, even when a horse has no form. Indeed, especially when a horse has no form!

Can your form tool imbue you with that ‘everyday superpower’?


In the video above, I promised links to some of the videos showcasing what Gold can do. If you’re still unfamiliar with Geegeez Gold (whaaaat?!! 😉 ), check these out:

Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned our in house tipping service, which is MILES IN FRONT!
Apologies for the advertorial nature of this post, but I hope you gleaned something from the candid ‘warts and all’ inside line on my personal betting habits, which are completely underpinned by Geegeez Gold.
And if you have any questions about Gold, leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to reply.
p.s. you can register for a free account here. This gives you full access to one race a day, some great tools (like ‘Then What?’ and ‘Full Form Filters’) for all races every day, and a Feature of the Day which changes daily.
Your first 30 days for just £1
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