10 Ways (8 Free) That Geegeez Gold Can Help Your Betting

Reports: #8 and #9

Reports: #8 and #9

10 Ways (8 Free) That Gold Can Help Your Betting

GeegeezGold has come a long way in its relatively short time in existence, and continues to develop new and innovative ways of ‘short cutting’ the form reading process.

In this post, I’d like to outline ten ways in which Gold can help your horse racing betting. And the cool part is that eight of them are free at least some of the time, so this really is a post for everyone, Gold subscriber or not.

1. Stat of the Day (Gold, free to all on Mondays)

Latest Weekly Update for SotD

Latest Weekly Update for SotD

Stat of the Day is geegeez.co.uk’s flagship tipping service. As the name suggests, it comprises of a single selection each day (Monday to Saturday), which is arrived at via statistical analysis.

A core component of the Gold service, Stat of the Day is available to all registered geegeez.co.uk users on Mondays.

Since Stat of the Day was incepted in November 2011, it has produced over 275 points of profit, at an ROI of 23.58% (as of 6th June 2015).

Stat of the Day is available as a daily members only post, and can be found here. The free Monday selection is found from the home page.

You can read more about Stat of the Day’s long-term performance here.


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2. The Shortlist (Gold, free to registered users on Tuesdays)

One of eleven reports inside Geegeez Gold, The Shortlist identifies the pick of the day’s runners according to their suitability to today’s race conditions. It is a sort of form profiling tool, and can be very effective at sifting through moderate recent form to find horses wheeling back to their preferred setup. Here’s an example of the report in action:

The Shortlist, sorted by race time...

The Shortlist, sorted by race time…


That was by no means an exceptional day, and you can see the results of a larger piece of research I did into The Shortlist’s performance here.

Although many people use The Shortlist successfully ‘as is’, my recommendation is to use it as a starting point before looking in a bit more detail at the race in question. Clicking the race time on the left hand side will take Gold users to the Instant Expert for that race. Here, we can compare our favoured horse with the other runners in the race.

The best combination is a horse off The Shortlist running in a race where no other horse has a compelling profile on Instant Expert. More on that in a moment (see #7 below)…

The Shortlist report can be found here.


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3. Race of the Day (free to all)

Each day, from Monday to Friday, we showcase some of the Gold racecard wonders in our Race of the Day. RotD is a walkthrough of a particular race, honing in on such as Instant Expert, pace, trainer patterns and more. An example segment from Race of the Day is below, and you can get this every weekday, for free, here.

Race of the Day example

Race of the Day example


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4. “Then What?” (free to all)

So far, so normal (except, of course, that we publicly track our results and can prove that our tips are every bit as good as they look). But geegeez.co.uk is also about innovation, and ‘filling in the blanks’. The first example of this is our “Then What?” feature.

Have you ever looked at a field full of maidens or novice hurdlers, with no more than a couple of runs each, and thought, “How am I supposed to unravel this?”

“Then What?” is your caped crusader in such scenarios.

Sitting right in the racecard and located behind the horse icon, at the end of each recent formline – and also in the full form found by clicking the horse’s name – is a series of columns, headed ‘Then What?’, as per the image below.

Form working out very well, as seen in the 'Then What?' section

Form working out very well, as seen in the ‘Then What?’ section

In this example, we can see in the ‘Form’ column to the left of the horse’s name that Liquid Gold was second on his only start to date. We can also see from the right hand column that he’s 15/8 to win today. How can we have any idea whether that’s a good price, or even the right price?

This is where clicking the horse icon (under the horse’s name, with a red border indicating it has been selected) to review the ‘Then What?’ data can help.

In this case, horses from Liquid Gold’s debut race have run five times subsequently (R), winning twice (W), and another two placing (P). That’s a win percentage (W%) of 40% and a place percentage (P%) of 80%.

Clicking on the form line opens up that race’s result, and shows the subsequent form of each runner. Let’s do that:

We can see which horses have run, and how they have fared, from Then What? on the full result

We can see which horses have run, and how they have fared, from Then What? on the full result


We can see from the highlighted area that the third and fifth-placed horses have won since, and that the winner has placed since. In other words, the form looks good.

‘Then What?’ is a useful ally for finding potentially under-priced horses for both win and place bets, and for combination players (exactas, trifectas, placepots) too. You’ll find it in the racecards themselves.


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5. Trainer / Jockey Form Indicators (Gold, free to registered users on Races of the Day)

One of the main objectives of the Gold race card service is to provide as much information without clicking as is possible. The problem with this is that there is a danger of overloading the view with too much data. We hope we’ve struck a balance to provide what we consider to be the most intuitive and user-friendly race card in Britain right now. (What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know!)

A key element in considering a bet for a lot of people is whether or not a trainer or jockey is in form. Gold flags four ‘quadrants’ of form right on the card, as follows:

14 – Trainer / jockey is in form in the last 14 days
30 – Trainer / jockey is in form in the last 30 days
C1 – Trainer / jockey is in form at this course in the last year
C09+ – Trainer / jockey is in form at this course since 2009

More detail regarding how we calculate ‘in form’ can be found by hovering over the respective symbol on the card. Here’s how they look on an average race card:

Trainers and jockeys in form, just like that...
Your first 30 days for just £1

Trainers and jockeys in form, just like that…

Whatever else we’re looking at on the Gold card – be it horse form, ‘Then What?’, head to head records, breeding/sales information, or speed ratings – we can instantly see whether the trainer and/or jockey are in form, or have a good historical record at the track.

In the above example, we can see that Messrs Morrison and Mackay are both in form in the last 30 days, and trainer Hughie Morrison has a good record at the track in the last year.

Below him, trainer Ed Walker has been in great recent form and also has a fine one year course record. Further up, we can see jockey George Baker appears to ride Salisbury well.

In and of itself, it’s unlikely to be a wager-determining snippet; but as ballast to a prospective bet’s rationale, the TJ Form Indicators are, well, golden.


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6. Full Form Filter (basic filters free to all users)

Although requiring a bit more time to use than some features, I believe that Full Form Filter (FFF) is the best free form tool in Britain today (again, if you know of a better one, let us know in the comments below, and we’ll up our game!).

It has always been my intention to create a state of the art race card for Gold subscribers; but I’ve been keen to offer as strong a free provision as is possible without undermining the value of the upgrade to Gold. FFF is a great tool, and one I personally use every day.

Its beauty is in its flexibility, allowing the user to ‘slice and dice’ the relevant form in any way they choose. Only want to look at flat turf runs? No problem. Want to look at class and distance in combination? Sure thing. Handicap form only? You bet. Runs for this jockey? One click, job done. Just want to look at winning (or placed, or unplaced) form? Easy.

For every filter you select (or de-select), you’ll see revised summary form, and only the relevant past performances. Here’s an example of a horse running today, with a filter applied:

Full Form Filter, in Full Effect...

Full Form Filter, in Full Effect…


As you can see (click on any/all images to enlarge to full size), I’ve selected the course and going filters for Hi Note in the 2.10 Fontwell. We can see from both the blue Race Record area and the red Race Form area that Hi Note finds it hard to win. But she’s got a very solid place record, including in higher class, under similar conditions. And she’s 16/1. Maybe she’ll run into a place. Maybe she’s a good exacta/placepot bet.

[UPDATE: Hi Note ran on into 3rd – placed again – at the somewhat skinnier price of 10/1]

[The eagle eyed amongst you will also have noticed that ‘Then What?’ appears on the right hand side of the Race Form on this view as well. Very helpful it is, too…]

Full Form Filter can be used to analyse trainer and jockey performance as well, by changing the radio buttons top right. It can be found within the racecards, under its own tab.

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7. Instant Expert (Gold, free on Race of the Day and for registered users every Thursday)

For many people, the best thing about Geegeez Gold is Instant Expert. Formerly known as Race Analysis Report, that rather drab nomenclature got a celebrity makeover more befitting of this view’s Hollywood appeal.

Instant Expert is simple, but brilliant. It showcases the entire relevant form history of every runner in a race in a single view. Disregarding runs on different ground, in different class, over different trips, and so on, Instant Expert hones in on what we know to be true about a horse’s liking – or otherwise – for the job in hand this day.

It is, in truth, a blunt instrument. It lacks the peripheral focus of a wider angled lens across a horse’s entire form panorama. But that is deliberate. And, in any case, if users want to look more broadly at the form, they may change the dropdowns at the top of the grid to take in, say, the class above, or a slightly bigger distance range. Whatever.

But straight off the peg, this is the simplest way of finding horses suited by today’s config. And if you think that’s only going to flag obvious contenders already subsumed in the market, think again. Here’s old Master Of The Hall, a Market Rasen stalwart:

Master Of The Hall's green status in contrast to his rivals

Master Of The Hall, nice!


Instant Expert can be sorted by win or place (which includes wins), and uses a traffic light rating system. Green is good, amber is all right, and red is not so good (grey means there is no data for that condition). Looking at the grid above, how long would it have taken you to get interested in the chance of Master Of The Hall?

It didn’t take me long either:

Huge price for a horse with his profile

Huge price for a horse with his profile


Now, obviously, they don’t all win; and even when they do win, they’re not all 25/1. But there are similar contenders at similarly big prices flagged on a regular basis, and they’re almost always value propositions. [By the way, that’s a fairly average bet for me, £20. I don’t bet lumps but, using Gold, I’ve won over six grand this year so far (proof here). I mention that only to illustrate how Gold unearths massive value on an almost daily basis].

Oh, I almost forgot, Instant Expert was featured in the British Champions’ Day racecard at Ascot recently. It’s a very useful tool which is easy to access for all levels of time and racing experience.


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8. Trainer / Jockey Combination Report (Gold, free to registered users every Saturday)

Some days this is my favourite report. Some days it is my second favourite report (see #9 below). Everyday it gets checked by me, and I bet on the basis of its content. It is, quite simply, a winner-finding machine!

It has four different views, which may sound familiar if you’ve read from the top – 14 Day, 30 Day, Course 1 Year, and Course Form 2009+. I tend to focus on the first three, and especially the first two.

Here’s what it looks like, example taken from last week:

More chicken dinners, courtesy of TJ Combo's conveyor belt...

More chicken dinners, courtesy of TJ Combo’s conveyor belt…


Such is the ‘hidden’ value of TJ Combo that I’ve received two emails in the past week from people who have been in Gold from the start – one of them who is on the staff!! – extolling its virtues.

Here’s Stuart F, a stalwart of Stat of the Day and Double Dutch, on his new discover:

TJ Combo, making people happy for a lot longer than since last week...

TJ Combo, making people happy for a lot longer than since last week…


And here’s Chris, a man of few words, but always able to get his point over (I could learn a thing or two from that!)

More fun and profit with TJ Combo...

More fun and profit with TJ Combo…


I thought it was interesting to note that Chris is using a different view – Course 2009+ – from the one I personally favour. And that’s the thing: it’s each to their own. There’s no right or wrong way. Though if you want to follow me loosely, I’ve put my baseline parameters in the User Guide.

Here’s where to find the TJ Combo Report (also from the dropdown on the cards page, or in the main menu under Racecards)


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9. Trainer Handicap 1st Run Report (Gold only)

Like I say, until recently, I was happily married to TJ Combo, #8 above. But the world turns, and so does the head; and I’ve been smitten in recent months with a new foxy little number called Trainer Handicap 1st Run report.

I’ve written extensively about the rise and rise of the handicap race in Britain – perhaps this piece is the most eye-opening – and I’ve also (in that post) flagged the importance to owners and trainers of that first run in a handicap.

The more a horse runs, the more the handicapper, and the betting public, know about the horse. In its early performances, however, trainer habits are far more enlightening. Thus, a report which shows the historical performance of trainers with their horses running for the first time in a handicap today. I, and more importantly lots of Gold subscribers, have backed a bundle of winners using this new report.

Here’s yesterday’s report – just two horses on it:

One of the pair, Jan Van Hoof, won at 8/1.

This is the sort of information that is not available in such a digestible, easy to access, format anywhere else. Sure, you can dig it out in horseracebase.com or on Proform by trawling through. And those are both excellent tools, by the way, if you have plenty of time.

But you won’t find anything like it on Racing Post, or Attheraces, or Sporting Life; nor even on Timeform, as far as I’m aware.

And if you want something largely ‘done for you’, which is cost effective, and cuts to the chase, welcome home, friend. 😉

You can find this report in the same generic places as the one in #8 above, or click here for the direct link.


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10. Pace Analysis tab (Gold users, free on Races of the Day)

Slightly more geeky, though not much in truth, the Pace tab on the Geegeez racecard, attempts to show how a race might be run before it has been run.

By scoring each horse’s last four UK/Irish runs, we can build a picture of how the race is likely to pan out today. The scores are derived from a horse’s race position in the early part of its previous races, as follows:

4 – Led, pressed leader, disputed
3 – Close up, prominent, chased/tracked leader
2 – In touch, Midfield
1 – Held up

Like Instant Expert, it is a basic projection, but is remarkably effective in predicting the ways things will pan out. And, used in conjunction with our Speed Ratings (SR in the image below), and the draw, it can be highly effective. It is something I always look to before placing a bet on the flat or over jumps, and I have made (winning) bets on the basis of this tab alone.

Here’s an example for this afternoon at Salisbury. This time, a horse who is a perennial front-runner with a competitive speed rating. Somedaysrdiamonds looks interesting at least, at 16/1, despite a wider than ideal draw.

Has the pace tab found a diamond in the rough?

Has the pace tab found a diamond in the rough?

More information on pace and how it can be used in your betting can be found in the video at the very bottom of this page.


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In this post, I’ve highlighted ten ways that geegeez.co.uk, and the Gold service, can help your betting. Three of them are free every day, another five are available to free registered users at least once a week, and a couple are the preserve of Gold subscribers only.

Geegeez Gold has moved the marker forward for how a race card should be presented, and I’m extremely proud of the way our small tech team have brought my (and your – this is a collaborative effort) ideas to life.

At £24 a month, Gold offers huge value for money – most monthly tipping services cost more than that (and perform worse than Stat of the Day). And these ten elements are just a subset of what users can access within Gold.

Everything has been built to save time, and to present data as knowledge: packaged and ready to use as you see fit.

We are always moving forwards with Gold, so it continues to be a work in progress. But, even if we never added a single further feature, I believe it would stand apart from the competition for a good few years yet.

But enough of my bluster – if you haven’t already, or if you haven’t for some time, take a look for yourself. For just £1, you can get a month unlimited access to Gold.


If you’ve not yet sampled the amazing winner-getting tools and tips inside Geegeez Gold, you can take a 30 day £1 trial by clicking this link.

Or, if you’re not ready to take that step just yet, register for a free account here.


p.s. If you’re a Gold user, leave a comment to let others know what you like best. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below. Thanks again for reading.


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