Geegeez Racecards: Now Free for Everyone

Geegeez Racecards now FREE to ALL

Geegeez Racecards now FREE to ALL

Some background…

For two years now, we here at have been working on providing the most insightful and intuitive racecards in Britain. Our Gold provision stakes a credible claim to that aspiration, and we have hundreds of evangelical users.

But it has always been important to me to offer something to everyone, and not just paying subscribers. Naturally, as that fine body of men and women fund everything that happen here, the very best content is reserved for them. But not exclusively so…

Free registered users get several weekly windows on the Gold world, courtesy of our Race of the Day and Feature of the Day components. That is a pretty awesome daily free bonus, and of course it helps us to showcase what happens inside Gold for those who are thinking about ‘moving up’. To make it even easier, we also offer a two week £5 trial of the full Gold service.

Until now, though, there hasn’t really been much for casual visitors to – those people who stumbled on the site, or who visit frequently but simply don’t want to register. And that’s been vexing me for a little while.


The all new ‘Free For All’…

Hitherto, casual visitors could only see one race meeting a day on the racecards page, and that would often be an Irish meeting in which many are simply not interested.

Not any more…

I’ve decided it’s time offered more to everyone, registered user or not. So here’s what we’ve done…

For the first time, site visitors who are either not logged in or not registered (amounts to the same thing) will be able to view ALL race meetings for that day.

View all cards whether you're registered or logged in or not

View all cards whether you’re registered or logged in or not


Now, at this stage, you’d be forgiven for thinking “so far, so what?”.

I mean, there are loads of other places one can go to view all racecards for free, right?

That’s perfectly true, which is why we’ve not just displayed all meetings for all visitors, but we’ve included some of our unique (and, we think, very cool) features as well. Here are three reasons we believe our cards should be your daily port of call, registered user or not:


1. “Then What?”

You’re looking at the form in a race using our inline form tool (which is very similar to another popular free racecard, and displays up to the last six runs). But how can you tell what the form is worth, especially in maiden or novice company, or when the horses have had very few career starts?

We designed “Then What?” to show users exactly that: what happened to the runners in a race after that race. It shows, at a glance, the strength of the races in which today’s runners have previously run.

See the value of a horse's form in seconds

See the value of a horse’s form in seconds

[Click the image above to view full size]


In the example above, a maiden at Hamilton today, we can see that St George’s Cross‘s form has been franked with a winner from three runners out of his sole race so far.

Compare that with Avenue Of Stars, from whose two runs so far fourteen runners have emerged, with none of them winning and only three placing. This horse was also beaten nearly ten lengths last time.

Now, of course, Avenue Of Stars could leave that form behind and win this afternoon. But we can see almost instantly that it is probably less likely than odds of 17/2 (eight-and-a-half to one) imply. He’d not be for me!

By knowing this information, you are ahead of almost all casual punters who can only guess at the relative merit of a horse finishing second, or fifth, or wherever, in its recent runs.

Your first 30 days for just £1

“Then What?” can be found by clicking on the horse icon below the runner’s name. Or, if you want to open it for all runners in a race, just click the horse icon in the title row (as in the image above – you can do this for any/all inline form elements).


As I say, this feature is available for every runner in every race, every day, whether you’re a Gold user, registered free user, or you just landed on the site for the first time. And as you can see, it’s a very useful free feature indeed.


2. Trainer Form x 4

Clicking the trainer icon, either below the horse in which you’re interested or in the header row, will open up that view right in the race you’re looking at. (No navigational to’ing and fro’ing required).

You’ll immediately see the trainer’s form in the last two weeks, the last month, at this track in the past year, and at this track since 2009.

4 x trainer form views for ALL users

4 x trainer form views for ALL users

[Click the image above to view full size]


As well as runs, wins, and win and place percentages, there is a very useful profit and loss calculation. This tells you whether the trainer’s horses have been profitable to back win and/or each way under each of the four criteria.

In the example above, we can see that Mark Johnston is in excellent form, with 22 of his 100(!) runners in the past fortnight winning. He also has a 25% win strike rate at the track in the last year, which is very good.

Trainer Inline Form is a great tool for seeing whether a trainer is in form right now, whether they have a solid long-term track record, and whether they’re profitable to follow or not.

Again, this information is available to all users for all runners in all races, every single day. You’re welcome 😉


3. Jockey Form x 4

You’ll be ahead of me on this one, no doubt!

Clicking on the little jockey icon (in’s own racing colours, of course!) displays four form views for that jockey – or for all jockeys if the header row icon is clicked.

4 x jockey form views for all runners in all races, every day

4 x jockey form views for all runners in all races, every day

[Click the image above to view full size]


In the above example, we can see that Joe Fanning (aboard Highly Sprung) is in great recent form (15 wins from 50 rides in the last two weeks, for a profit of 21.16 points), and has a very good long term record at the course too. In percentage terms, his one year course form is in line with longer term strike rates, but has been less profitable to follow.

P J McDonald on the other hand has been in moderate form in recent days – just three winners from 51 rides – and his longer term form leaves a fair bit to be desired as well. Again, that certainly doesn’t mean his mount, Fast And Furious, can’t win. But I’d be loathe to back that one at shy of 2/1.

Regardless of what I think, the key here is that you – and all users – have information right at hand which is not available to readily (and for free!) anywhere else.


I hope these features may tempt some readers who have as yet not engaged with the racecards to give them a whirl. I believe that they’re now the best of their kind. That is, without a login or a penny spent, geegeez cards offer more power – delivered more intuitively – to the punter than any other site out there.

As I said at the outset, that has always been very important to me, drummed into me by my father actually. And I’m proud that we’re able to do this.

Geegeez Racecards can be found here, or from the RACECARDS menu item


But you really should register if you haven’t already…

Of course, the challenge is to offer something for all levels, and to balance that offering such that it remains fair to all. That’s why when you register for a free account, you’ll get more cool free features.

You’ll have access to:

Full Form Filter – A brilliant means of dissecting a horse’s (or trainer’s or jockey’s) form to see what’s relevant to you in the context of today’s race.

Race of the Day – Full Gold access to one race a day, including Head to Head records; form, sales and breeding comments; the awesome Instant Expert; and, our Pace Analysis.

Feature of the Day – One Gold feature per day, accessible to free registered users. Today (Tuesday) it’s The Shortlist report. Tomorrow (Wednesday), it’s the Trainer Stats report. And look out for Thursday, when you can view the Instant Expert for ALL races.

£100 Monthly Tipping League – Registered users can enter tips into our tipping league, with the winner scooping £100 in cash! It’s the last day of June today, so a new monthly prize will be up for grabs from tomorrow. Get involved!

You can read more about the benefits of upgrading to a free account here.


And then there’s Gold…

Naturally, the very best, most comprehensive service is offered to our valued Gold subscribers. This group of punters – many of whom are making their racing pay for the very first time – come from all walks of life and all levels of experience. They also have varying time available to find their bets.

Gold offers profitable tips: its Stat of the Day service is now at the 300 points profit mark, and is over 64 points up in 2015 as we reach halfway through the year today. That came courtesy of yet another winner yesterday – a third in a row – this time backed from 7/2 into even money (no non-runners or Rule 4’s!!)

It also has extensive reports that shine a bright light on trainer habits, horse form profiles, and other key data. There’s a Tracker, where you can add notes to horses, trainers and jockeys (and get emailed about any runners/rides each day). There are form indicators on the racecards, and Instant Expert, Pace Analysis and all the other goodness mentioned above, for every race, every day.

And this can be secured for as little as £16.42 a month (when taking out an annual subscription).

Find out more about Gold here:





What users say


Geegeez Gold is still evolving, and we’ve got plenty more planned for the second half of 2015. But, for today, I’m delighted to be able to offer a full racecard service – with some of the very best free form tools around – to ALL visitors. Enjoy!


Your first 30 days for just £1
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